29 July 2011

The man who wanted me killed like Theo Van Goth in Amsterdam

The man below is a member of the banned group Islam4uk, he was investigated as part of this same enquiry for which he has just received 12 years, for his calls to have me murdered. He compared his idea for my murder with Theo Van Goth's. Theo Van Goth who is a grandson of the late great Vincent Van Goth was brutally murdered in Amsterdam for producing a film about the supression of women in Islam with Ayaan Hirsi Ali.

A British MP was almost murdered because of him.

I question why has this happened and come to light now when I am in the middle of being accused of being the mentor of a mass murderer.

"Tommy Robinson's" use of Van Goth's memory in Newcastle and Alan Lake's public declaration at the same time was what sparked the very public confrontation with him that resulted in him and his uncle crossing the line of human decency into an act of war, whilst coked out of their brains.

So moslems aligned to Al Qaeda in Britain wanting to kill me, Irish Catholics targeting my family, and now being accused of being the mentor of a mass murderer, with the Times doing a proper smear job on me using the pictures from
this to imply I am a terrorist.


Am I the mentor or do I have some extreme right wing enemies with money and secrecy stitching me up as they seek to dictate to the European political debate through terrorism? If so nearly 100 innocent children murdered in cold blood doesnt get any worse and shows the world their capability.

I know what they all have to lose and the levels they would go but do you?

The enemy of Templar's is Islamic fundamentalists, and the enemy of the Right wing is the Left wing. Who was murdered in cold blood? Please read my posts over the last couple of days.

They had no option but to remove me because it was only a matter of time for them and then they would have lost everything.

Was Ander's Breivik their willing pawn?

By the way, who was coaching "Tommy" to do Freemason hand signs in some of his speeches on camera?

If a man (Alan Lake) would talk about executing people on mainstream Swedish/Norwegian TV, it doesnt take much to imagine what he would say behind closed doors, or what he would plan with those people behind closed doors.

Why has no one spoken to Alan Lake about these accusations?

Instead blame has been conveniently levelled at me.

Who was the very first person who publicly claimed that I was 'Richard' the mentor that the worlds media have run with? Who was the one using this tragedy to further his political cause in Britain through the media, and smear me at the same time?

How serious are my enemies behind the puppets, and how high do they go? I can link them to the very top of the European anti-jihad movement.

Look at Alan Lakes final solution to see his ideals of having political figures murdered. Talking about executing people on TV and passing a plan to his followers of what to do to political figures seen as Left wing or Marxist.

What is their position on the Monarchy?

War is War and have they just declared it?

Breivik has passed a manifesto for others to follow in his footsteps, and pointed everyone to the mindest of his people which includes Alan Lake and many among the EDL. I am not one of them because he never mentioned me in the manifesto, nor sent it to me.

I have been conveniently fingered by him for arrest which takes the heat off everyone else mentioned in the manifesto, and removes me from being a threat to them.

If I was not writing this line then you would not be thinking it, and the public would be happy to see me take the blame because they know nothing else because they dont know the inner workings of the European anti-jihad movement and the people involved.

Killing innocent children because they are left wing is definitely not part of my mindest, which means it is not part of this blog, which means this blog could not have influenced such an act, so where did the influence for his act come from? Fjordman & Co

You only need a couple of people with intent to carry out such an attack.

This blog has been analysed by the Security Services, and the CPS when I was under arrest for 18 months, and they know the truth.

It is easy to point the finger of blame at me.

Theres another 2 cells out there? Bit convenient if you wanted to have me arrested and taken out of the game, based upon our openess on this blog. Not very polite if I was his mentor is it? Stitch me up like a kipper?

A conspiracy to commit a terrorist attack in the name of extreme right wing domestic politics.

The truth will come out believe me!

Below is the man sentenced today who was actively engaged in encouraging others to murder me in the name of Islam4uk.

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