27 July 2011


I would like to firstly send my deepest heartfelt sympathies and condolences to the people of Norway over this National tragedy that has affected the whole of Europe, and especially to the families involved personally who have lost love ones who might be reading this blog page now.

No words can describe the magnitude of the horror of the cold blooded murder of nearly 100 innocent children in the name of domestic politics, and there are no words that can condone it either.

My mind cannot comprehend the mass murder inflicted upon the people of Norway, even though I am forced to confront the reality of it due to the fact that I have been implicated in the story surrounding it.

Only time will now unravel the truth behind Anders Breivik and the European psyche adjust to this trauma inflicted upon its people by this one event.

I have been implicated by this man (and by others claiming I was his mentor), through his 1,500 page manifesto and the labels he claims over his life of Christianity and Templarism. I do not shy away from the truth of my beliefs which is why this blog stands, and why I now sit in this position which is clear for everyone to see.

My only question is why? What was the motivation behind him directing the attention towards me and others, after his atrocity? Is it all just a big coincidence?

I have never met the man, have never spoken to the man, and knew nothing about the man until the day news started flowing in reporting on the tragedy and the acts he had committed. Then a day later the finger pointing started and has resulted in my direct implication in one of the worst mass murders in European history during peace time.

As I hope you can imagine that is quite a big thing to comprehend and understand, and places me in a direct position with the people of Norway and all those affected by this event. I am not the only one who is now implicated in this dreadful situation, and I am not even spoken of to my knowledge in the manifesto, but because of my beliefs and opinions the fingers have started pointing and I have been placed in the same category as Anders Breivik even though we are polar opposites of each other.

He claims to be a Christian, and the news reports have now branded him a Christian fundamentalist, but no sane minded Christian or anyone one else for that matter would ever commit such acts of inhumane barbarity. I will accept that I am a Christian fundamentalist, but to me that means I believe in the fundamentals of the Holy Bible, and especially the New Testament where I base my life on Jesus’ teachings about repenting of my sins, living my life according to His word and awaiting His coming kingdom upon the Earth or my place in heaven.

He has dressed himself up in the cloak of Templarism but no Templar past or present or one with a Templar heart who stands under the blood Cross of Jesus Christ would murder innocent children under any circumstances. A Templar’s ideals are to defend the weak, the innocent and the vulnerable within society no matter what creed or colour they come from, and above all defend the faith to which they belong.

Anders Breivik acts are antithesis to Christianity and Templarism which means the man is completely insane and has used these garments to cover himself up in as he seeks to justify his actions and promote his own form of political ideas and action. But his actions are a complete contradiction to these garments which means he is a wolf in sheeps clothing just like being dressed as a police man to lure his victims into a false sense of security before gunning them down in cold blood.

For some reason as a Norwegian he has based much of his attention on England which is strange, and there has been talk of his English mentor ‘Richard’. It is this name that has been linked to me through the nom de plume ‘Lionheart’ that I use to write my anti-jihad, anti-EDL leadership writings in. I personally believe he must have strong links to England and inparticularily someone who he has been in contact with over the years which is what the news reports are saying, but I can categorically say that I am not ‘Richard’ so the question is; who is this ‘Richard’?

I have given my belief here: Norway - English mentor ‘Richard’

I know each and every person he talks of within his manifesto who have been his influence over the years within the anti-jihad movement, and over the past 18 months pretty much all of them have become my opponents within the movement due to their unswerving support of the English Defence League leadership of Steven Yaxley-Lennon aka “Tommy” and his uncle Kevin Carroll, and the direction of the movement upon English soil.

He talks highly of the EDL, has attended demonstrations and boasted of having many EDL followers as friends on the social networking site Facebook. For anyone who knows the internal politics of the English Defence League, and has been following the movement for the past 18 months they will know that I am one of the leaderships (“Tommy” )most ardent critics which has put me in direct opposition to the leadership and membership and has resulted in much unsavoury behavior from them directed towards me and my family. Not only that you can read several anti-Paul Ray posts on their main Facebook page.

The main focus of my critisicm has been that the EDL was hijacked at the beginning by the extreme neo-nazi far-right of the political spectrum and other interest groups wanting to use a justifiable patriotic cause that I helped set up (implementing the Christian Templar banner), along with its unwitting followers, for their own political agendas, which is exactly what has happened. My ardent anti-EDL stance put me in direct opposition with those people Anders Breivik talks very highly about within his manifesto because they are the EDL’s most high profile online support. I took this severe anti-EDL leadership stance from the beginning, even though it might have seemed contrary to my anti-jihad beliefs because they were wolves in sheep’s clothing, wearing the cloak of Christianity and Templarism and abusing the name and image to promote themselves in others people’s eyes. Not only that, further along the line “Tommy” & his uncle Kevin committed acts far worse and much more personal that if I was the same as Anders Breivik then I would have hunted them down. I am not like him though and took the same approach as the Grandmaster of the Knights Templar Jacques de Molay who when being burnt at the stake, said to the Pope and king of France that they would be dead within a year, and they were. So I have left judgement and justice in the hands of the Lord over them and their actions.

There is nothing Christian about the EDL and neither do they uphold the ideals and integrity of Templarism that has come through history and carries a rich heritage for those who proclaim the name to live up to today. Yet they run around England and Europe in the name of anti-jihad, drunk and drugged up on their marching powder under “Tommy” & Co’s direction wearing the garment of Christianity along with the blood Red Cross, exactly like Anders Breivik who has gone on to commit this unimaginable act of mass murder against innocent children in the name of those garments and using the anti-jihad movement as his vehicle.

They are no different, and are the same part of the extreme neo-nazi far-right of the political spectrum that has resulted in the horrors of Norway in the name of domestic politics, although the leadership of the English Defence League and their supporters like to lie to everyone and promote the mask of being a peaceful respectful organisation.

Throughout pretty much all of the last year that Ander’s Breivik was intoxicated with the EDL and boasting about his 600 odd friends within the movement, I had absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with the movement, and had no hardcore EDL supporters or followers on my facebook friends list either. Their online community is definitely something I wanted no part of and actively sought to avoid them like the plague.

I have not had any real public involvement within the anti-jihad movement in any way for nearly 2 years since leaving the UK, and the majority of stuff posted on this blog has been against the EDL leadership. So any die hard supporter of “Tommy” & Co and the EDL movement as a whole like Anders Breivik would hate me, like many do.

The EDL leadership is now telling the media that they booted me from the movement because I was too extreme for them, which is a complete lie and hypocrisy of the highest order, especially when you look at the extreme mindset of their political controller Alan Lake.

I have never once called for violence, condoned acts of violence or spoke of committing acts of violence, and have not been arrested for any acts of violence. “Tommy” the EDL leader has just been before the court and sentenced for his part in a pub brawl in the name of the EDL against an opposing football team’s supporters, and at an EDL demo he could have had someone killed when he started an affray on camera: Blackburn disgrace

Anyone who knows anything knows the truth behind his money laundering charge too.

Not only these, but after the disruption of the Anglian Regiments homecoming in Luton a mosque was firebombed in the Town and whoever did it sent letters with Templar/Crusader iconography to the mosque making it look like I was the one who had committed the act. The Times and Daily Mail at the time both in-directly linked me to the attack, the same as the Telegraph and other papers are now doing with this Anders Breivik story because of his promotion of Templarism and anti-Islam. I know who it was who firebombed the mosque on Irish “Tommy’s” orders though, and it was the English community who got the blame for it in the end - Me

So when you read their official statement over this Norway tragedy about being peaceful and against terrorism, remember that the firebombing of mosques which is a place of worship, regardless of whether you agree with them or not, is an act of terrorism, and it goes right to the top of the EDL leadership who want you to believe they are peaceful and non-violent – Liars and hypocrites

Read through the Expose: Website

If people want to commit acts of sectarian violence/terrorism using iconography that draws other people and other sections of the community into the fray, at least have the guts to do it properly and issue an official statement accepting responsibility for your actions rather than apportioning blame upon others. “Tommy” didn’t even have the guts to show his own face at the start of the EDL until he was outed: “Tommy” unmasked

When the people of Norway look to England and the English Defence League when looking to try and make sense of your National tragedy in the name of extreme neo-nazi right-wing politics, please take note that the EDL do not represent anyone but themselves which is a very small minority of the population. The extreme neo-nazi far-right of the political spectrum in the UK and Europe, the same as what Anders Breivik comes from. The leadership is not even English and neither are the majority of their ideological supporters who Anders spoke so highly about. And to see how vile a person the leader of the English Defence League Steven Yaxley-Lennon is, he has been cashing in by charging journalists 50 pounds each to attend an interview with him over your National tragedy because his organisation has been implemented in it, thus giving him more media exposure. Not only is he cashing in on the tragedy but in interview, he is not stating that no words can describe or condone what has happened against innocent children, his line is “this is coming to England unless people listen to him” (The same type of statement that Islamic fundamentalists he professes to be protesting against threaten the government and British people with).

“Tommy” justifying Anders Breivik and his bloody inhumane actions, and using them for his own warped political gain against the British government and Country, and people in the media are pointing the finger at me as being one and the same as this Norwegian psycopth?

My plea to the people of Norway is please do not place me or any other person who promotes Templarism in the same category as these people because they are completely different to me and the polar opposites which is why they are my enemies and not my allies. Ander’s Breivik might have clothed himself in the same garments as me and others but our hearts and minds are definitely not the same although the witch hunt for someone to blame has started and is now heading in my direction because of the garments I wear whilst promoting my beliefs and opinions.

What the mainstream media also fails to tell you about the leadership of the English Defence League whilst giving “Tommy” a platform is that they are all linked to the right-wing British National Party which was spoken of highly by this man. I am indifferent to the BNP, I have naively written stuff in support of them in the past but that’s how far my support has ever gone. “Tommy” was a family member and pictured at a BNP meeting with the leadership of a hardcore neo-nazi group November 9 society, his uncle Kevin elected his local BNP councilor so that he could enter for a chance to become a local MP, Hel Gower their PA is a hardcore C18 supporter and BNP member, their Brazilian Jewish leader is a hardcore neo-nazi, and Chris Renton one of the initial people who was used against me to remove my influence over the EDL at the beginning was a Gold member. Not to mention all the divisional leaders linked to the BNP.

Video: Another Pinocchio moment

Is it any wonder Ander’s Breivik with his neo-nazi ideals gravitated to these people and their movement in England? That’s not even taking into consideration the racist nazi ideology behind their political controller Alan Lake.

If it is true and Anders Breivik is connected to someone in England then it can only be someone involved within the ideological political side of the European anti-jihad movement, which then narrows down who the person is considerably because there is not that many active, and who are connected to the EDL. Then take into account the people who he writes positively about who have influenced him and in my opinion it only leaves one or 2 people.

That is for the police to now find out as they delve into the life and mind of one of the worst mass murderers in peace time Europe to find out who else out there is a danger to society.

Why this man could have based key bits of his manifesto on myself and others I am connected with is something I am sure the police are now trying to work out as they wonder whether we are involved with any of these ‘figment of his imagination’ cells based upon our belief in true Templarism and our political beliefs.

One thing is for certain though, is that his friends and influences in the anti-jihad movement are definitely not my friends and influences, and that is well documented.

My prayers go out to the people of Norway and the families grieving the loss of their loved ones at this sad time, that the Lord will help with the healing process and bring to light the things that are hidden.


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