30 July 2011

Alan Lake's denial broken down

Further reading: 'Richard' the mentor

I do not know this man, I have never met him, and I am not his mentor
Would he say anything else, I wonder what his facial expressions would be having to deny on camera and not behind a computer screen?

I did not even get involved with any political issues until the end of 2007
Dates are debatable with Breivik and could all point to subtle clues in the linking of the 'mentor' that only him and his 'mentor' know, as a subtle personal gesture between the 2, that only they know. Thats what secret groups do, leave clues and symblos everywhere.

He is not a member of 4Freedoms, as far as I can see, and does not appear to be a member of the Norwegian Room either.
If you were involved in a group and had a Norwegian pawn willing to commit the acts that Breivik did, you would make sure he didnt ever sign up to your website. Basic fact when planning a terrorist attack against a Government.

With 600 EDL facebook friends, I am sure he would have known of the 4Freedoms site, so why did he not join the Norway group? He was active online after all.

I have no interest in the Knights Templar movement, and in fact, strongly resisted any attempts to get me involved in the promotion of such a movement, as I see it as a waste of time.

So why is the financial and political controller of the EDL going around the Country with the EDL using a Templar Cross as their emblem? Complete contradiction
"I strongly resisted any attempts to get me involved in the promotion of such a movement"

Distancing himself from Templarism when its staring you in the face, with him wearing the clothes via the EDL. He might not wear the t-shirts on the streets, but his drunken drugged up street thugs, under the command of "Tommy" do.

I categorically condemn his actions, which have also killed friends of a friend of mine - one in Oslo and two on Utoya island.
So Alan Lake is linked directly to Norway and Oslo. How many of you reading this are linked directly to Norway and Oslo, and have you ever been there? Definitely not me.

Ouch, would be very damaging for Alan Lake if he has ever been to Norway considering he is DIRECTLY linked to Norway.

In hundreds of pages of online comment over 3 years, I only made one injudicious statement which I withdrew within 1 day. 1 day exposure to your mindest was enough, and I do believe there is more. That statement has been kept alive by leftist websites eager to cause damage to society. Maybe because its only Leftist websites that are tracking your crazy mind to see who you are.

They should be held responsible for perpetuating that statement, and any damage it may cause. Not my fault your honour...I said it but its them now telling everyone that i said it, thats the problem, its their fault everyone now wants to talk to me about what I said.

There are numerous totally false and fabricated stories circulating about me in the media at the moment. Those who are doing this should reflect on the effect this latent dishonesty has on the community discourse. Shoe on other foot comes to mind, but thats no suprise with the EDL leadership.

Anyway, you just supported my claims about you posted on this blog, with hard facts linking you to Norway, and you now threatening institutions of State in the name of Breivik's, using his act to further your political agenda against the State.

By using a succession of lies and dirty tricks to discredit any messenger they disagree with, they also succeed in shutting up those people who are weak in discourse, who then lose faith in the democratic process and the institutions of government. A political statement to his enemies.

Does Breivik look like someone weak in his ability to conduct meaningful discourse?

He looks more like a willing sacrifice for a political agenda.

It is not unreasonable to think that, it is precisely this suppression which causes people like Anders Breivik to seek other outlets for their anger. For this reason, I hold those sections of the media, which use dirty tricks and dishonesty, partly responsible for this tragedy. Another political statement.

There can be absolutely justification for the cold blooded murder of nearly 100 innocent children, that is a new form of nazism, so his act should never be used to justify a political agenda.

He committed a crime against humanity, and those behind him are complicit, and believe me when I tell you I do not fear any of you, today, tomorrow, next week, or ever!

Innocent children are not legitimate targets in anything!

I am not the type of person to have that communication problem. I am fully engaged in, and committed to, the process of discourse in secular democracy. But those media that are now circulating totally false and scurrilous speculation about this sad event, should reflect on the implications of their behaviour, and the further harm they cause.

Quote: "I am not the type of person to have that communication problem" Why dont you come out and face the cameras and refute the claims then Mr Lake?

Because your scared of something, but it doesnt matter now, its too late, so only a matter of time until they bust your proverbial if they havent already.

I reckon you are fully under surveillance now, but I suppose you have been well prepared for this day over the coming months when you knew something was coming.

Why did Pamella Geller and Robert Spencer recently jump from your ship at the orders of your EDL darling Roberta Moore who said the EDL had been taken over by nazi's?

Your well and truly implicated...even worse for you if you have ever visited Norway itself which looks very likely.


And to conclude, not one single message of condolances to those caught up in the Norwegian tragedy that he is now directly implemented in. Nor a public message of support or condolance for those he said he knew who were caught up in the event (How coincidental he knew victims, whats the statistics and possibility of that one?)

Places him directly in Norway.

If I was a psychiatrist alarm bells would be ringing at that statement of denial above.

Wouldnt it be a turn up for the books if the chickens came home to roost on you and your group Mr Lake, if you are linked to this mass murder. If you are then its only a matter of time, and I would do whatever I can to help get to the truth of who was behind the act that I have been falsely implicated in, for those murdered children who no longer have a voice and their grieving families. I think there is overwhelming circumstantial evidence to have you arrested, your whole life turned upside down and you interrogated to the max.

Thats Templarism!

Under no circumstances is the murder of nearly 100 children justifiable in a civilised world, and our forfathers fought that kind of evil in Hitler to make our world civilised.

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