29 July 2011

British Al Qaeda wanting to murder me

I have just received a call from West Midlands police to inform me that Bilal Ahmad has today been given a 12 year sentence for inciting murder against British MP's. Bilal Ahmad is the same person who the police investigated without my knowledge for inciting death threats against myself.

BBC: Blogger inciting murder

They did not pursue this case due to the case against the MP's for which he received the 12 years.

I was supplied information by an intelligence source about the threat against MP's and wrote a warning that can be read here: Al Qaeda target British MP's

The Conservative MP Steven Timms was then almost murdered by a crazed moslem woman: Steven Timms

The threats against my life by Bilal Ahmed of Islam4uk can be seen here: moslem threats

My official Osman warning: An act of war

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