21 July 2011

Newcastle anti-Islamisation demo 2010

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I thought I would re-post this as a matter of discourse and for future reference as I close this blog because I believe it carries an important message about the current English Defence League anti-Islamisation street protest movement that I helped set up, and what has now become of it.

The current direction and course of the EDL movement has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with me, I am not involved in any way whatsoever with it and in my personal opinion it is a complete affront to the English community of which they profess to represent. That should come as no surprise when looking at the actual facts at the core of the EDL leadership which makes up the heart and soul of the movement, when the leadership and the majority of their political anti-jihad supporters are not even English.

The Newcastle EDL demonstration is a bench mark in the history of the movement, and the local leadership amongst the common man that goes right up to the top locally is a beacon for the rest of the Country when it comes to standing in the gap for the silent English majority on such an important social issue that has consequences for our children and grandchildren.

When looking at the English Defence League you will see that the movement is dressed in clothes promoting a righteous cause, but when you delve a little deeper from the surface and you start to see a very different story emerge which is projected from the top down and results in the smashing up of English Town’s and City centre’s, with innocent people being attacked for being in the wrong place at the wrong time by a bunch of drunken drug fuelled people professing to be English patriots, and all done whilst standing under the blood red Cross.

Is it any wonder that the silent majority beginning to awaken to the threat to our future way of life from Islamic fundamentalists, who are descendents of our Second World War heroes who defeated the Nazi’s say “Not in my name” when it comes to the charlatans of the EDL. This completely destroys the original aims and intentions of the current anti-Islamisation street protest movement that emanates from the United British Alliance group (UBA) in London.

Only those inside the cult of the EDL are blind to the truth now, which is the case with any cult.

Before the Newcastle demo I was speaking to one of the main EDL leaders in Newcastle and I asked him if he wanted me to support their organised protest and put out a promo video for it, and it was agreed. This promo video was put out under the name STGD (St George division) supporting our loyal comrades in Newcastle as we no longer wanted any association with the central EDL leadership. The name of the protest the Newcastle leadership gave the demo was ‘Tolerance & Unity’ which can be seen from watching the video below.

So before the demo that was their declaration over the EDL event in their City centre and the promo video was put out before the day supporting and promoting this declaration from the Newcastle leadership along with a message contained in the video about ‘Tolerance & Unity’ within today’s British society. At the end of the video the statement reads: If you want your country back and want to peacefully protest against Islam’s attempted conquest then Newcastle is your opportunity - A time to show ‘Tolerance and Unity’ amongst the English community.

The reason why I say this demonstration is a bench mark within the modern anti-Islamisation street protest movement is because the EDL members in attendance that day, showed just what it means to represent their country folk with not one single arrest on the day which corresponded with the title of the demonstration the leadership gave about showing ‘Tolerance & Unity’ amongst the English community. What other EDL event can boast about such a thing when declaring to stand in the gap for the silent English majority?

Not one, all others descend into irrelevant violence, the smashing up of local communities, the targeting of innocent people which includes women and children, plus the closing down of local trade which completely defeats the whole object of the movement because who on earth wants to listen to the grievances of such people in a modern civilised Western society?

After the Newcastle demonstration you would have thought that the leadership had earned their place at the top table within the core leadership of the EDL, but in fact, contrary to this, the Newcastle leadership had their characters and reputations smeared by “Tommy” the little tit, and were then forced out of the EDL movement by him and his sycophants across the Country.

Not only did the Newcastle leadership contact I was communicating with successfully help pull off a large scale EDL event in one of England’s major Cities, he also played a central role in negotiating terms with the police regarding Snowy’s roof top protest in Dudley. This resulted in the plans for the mega mosque building being re-evaluated, only for all this hard work and sacrifice to then be destroyed by “Tommy” the little tit directing the EDL back to Dudley because of the high volume of merchandise sales to fill his pockets with due to the interest generated by Snowy’s actions up on the roof.

For anyone who doesn’t know, Snowy was also targeted for a character assassination by “Tommy” when he publicly smeared him in the eyes of the EDL membership and called for his removal which his English cult followers adhered too. You could say there is a pattern here when all English patriots who have a positive influence over a social movement within their own country, achieve very positive things for their Country in the public eye, are then targeted for removal by Irish Catholics? Sadly the so-called English patriots who make up the broad base of EDL’s membership are too blinkered to see this from their cult leader though and prefer being told what to do by a couple of Irishmen, a Jewish Nazi and an American Rabbi rather than taking back control of an English social movement within their country.

It was also the Newcastle demonstration that started the chain reaction that resulted in the very public hostilities between me, Nick and “Tommy” along with his bodyguard “uncle Kev” that can be viewed here. This resulted in big “uncle Kev” threatening to petrol bomb my mother’s home, and then him and “Tommy” entering her home under false pretences and threatening me with kidnapping her unless I stepped back from challenging his leadership over the EDL.

This will all be explained in greater detail later.

(We were the ones who unmasked “Tommy” as Irish Steven Yaxley-Lennon from Luton because before this point he was running around the country wearing a mask, too afraid to show his real identity – Video: “Tommy” unmasked)

Threats against peoples families from “Tommy” and big “uncle Kev” to keep control of the EDL is now common place. Even Snowy had a couple of Luton heavies visit his family home on behalf of “Tommy” and try roughing him up in-front of his little daughter over something that had nothing to do with him. They were swiftly arrested by the police though with their names now in the possession of other people. One can only wonder what karma is coming "Tommy" and big "uncle Kev's" way?

So in-parting, respect to the English community of Newcastle who are a beacon for the rest of the Country when willing to stand up and protest against the current injustices within society and the threat to our future way of life from Islamic fundamentalists, and respect to the leadership who have shown everyone else across the Country how it should be done when seeking to represent the silent English majority. Newcastle have always been represented from the very beginning when the movement was starting out as far back as Whitechapel London when a contingent travelled down before the English Defence League was born as a National movement.

Respect to our sister Charlotte too, who is a Geordie lass and part of the English leadership in Newcastle and across the Country who helped pull of the most successful EDL event to date.

She too was threatened by Irish “Tommy” & Co and told in no uncertain terms not to attend EDL demos, but they had no control over the Newcastle event, although they commandeered the stage on the day, which is where and when the snake Alan Lake publicly declared “Tommy” the founder of the EDL, which is in sharp contrast to the truth.

As the promo video states in closing: May God bless the people of the North East and your allies as you shore up your defences for the sake of your children.

“No surrender”

Quis Separabit

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