18 July 2007

Al Qaeda’s Luton & Dunstable ‘low-level’ Civil War

Where I live.

Part 1. Low-level Civil War
Part 2. Fortress Bury Park
Part 3. Al Qaeda links to Bury Park
Part 4.
Allah’s Luton militia
Part 5. The Luton & Dunstable taxi cartel
Part 6.
Dunstable – Royal Town
Part 7. Chemical warfare - "street drugs"
Part 8. Islamic Kingdom building
Part 9.
Threats, intimidation & Inaction
Part 10.
Terror attacks – The Potential
Part 11. What God showed me!
Part 12.
A Message to God’s Church
All 12 parts - printable

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Anonymous said...

i have long realized the massive threat of jihad within nhs. i witnessed the callous bodged catheterisation of elderly white man by mus doctor.
doc should have been sacked. nothing was done. managers fudged the issue, mus doc did not give a f---.
Watch any relatives back, if in hospital.
When avian flu breaks out,who do you think the Dr. Jihad will give the Tamiflu to? Not you infidels!

Some advice,--- Write to your NHS DOCTORS SURGERY AND TELL THEM YOU WANT TO BE KEPT OFF THE ONLINE NHS DATABASE. You have this democratic right.
Any NHS staff will have access to your personal data, 24/7.
Think about it.
If you need emergency treatment, then drive to another town with less jihad Docs, and say you got ill there, if possible.
The reckoning is coming, believe me, most Brits know what is happening.
All change needs a critical mass.

A Free Man said...

you have this government to thank for your plight! It has unleashed the third world on you and I, it desires this so as to keep wages in check for their friends the corporates who bung them lots of money at election time.

It is, in my oppinion responsible for the terror on our streets, the rampant crime and the collapse of our once great nation.

The state has declared you and I their enemy, it hates us, our morals, our beleifs and our love of kith and kin.

It seeks to change us and cow us into submission. it is the state that has done this, and it alone.

If you can, dont pay taxes, dont pay your TV licence, avoid the state, disrupt where you can for it is our enemy, it has betrayed us and our kind, it has become a criminal regime deserving only contempt.

Steve Harkonnen said...

I am aiming to write a bit of background to myself

Be careful with this one, LH.

Avi said...

Keep fighting the good fight, LH!

The Green Arrow said...

Lionheart. I salute you.

I have know perhaps we disagree over the leadership of the BNP but there is a job I think you would be brilliant at. The Christian Council of Great Britain was left to wither on the vine.

I was wondering if we could get together a group of preachers, lay preachers and the like to form a real Church Militant to speak for all the disenfranchised Christians in Our Country.

I have tried debating on a couple of religious forums but knowledge of our Bible is Just not good enough.

We have seen how those two brothers from MPACUK get national press coverage from a room above a Kebab shop.

Think about it. Perhaps Mr Smith could also help.

What do you think.

God be with you.

Lionheart said...


Yes i have known about the CCOGB but i have been so consumed with trying to get out of my personal pit that i am in that i could not focus or concentrate on anything as important as that at the moment.

Once my life is back on track in some sort of normality then i would definately like to help and be involved.

It seems that the press prefer promoting those in the Kebab shops rather than the plight of their own people.

Ill keep things in mind on my travels.

God bless


Anonymous said...

Secret report brands Muslim police corrupt

A secret high-level Metropolitan police report has concluded that Muslim officers are more likely to become corrupt than white officers because of their cultural and family backgrounds.
The document, which has been seen by the Guardian, has caused outrage among ethnic minorities within the force, who have labelled it racist and proof that there is a gulf in understanding between the police force and the wider Muslim community. The document was written as an attempt to investigate why complaints of misconduct and corruption against Asian officers are 10 times higher than against their white colleagues.

The main conclusions of the study, commissioned by the Directorate of Professional Standards and written by an Asian detective chief inspector, stated: "Asian officers and in particular Pakistani Muslim officers are under greater pressure from the family, the extended family ... and their community against that of their white colleagues to engage in activity that might lead to misconduct or criminality."

From http://www.guardian.co.uk/race/story/0,,1794445,00.html

So we've got rabidly homicidal doctors and moonloon al-Quaida policemen. I feel so enriched by this increased diversity.

Lionheart said...

Thanks najistani, more proof of the threat we face from the Islamification of our Nation.

God bless you


Anonymous said...

I read alot of these blogs and think some sort of organisation is definately needed with a public front and maybe some sort of premesis I think there are alot more silent christians in the country who feel that the present church is letting them down through inactivity. I fear the present church has a short life ahead of it all through it's own inactivity and lack of drive to address real problems

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
"I read alot of these blogs and think some sort of organisation is definately needed..."

There is an immense amount of information on Islam on the internet, but none of it is systematically ordered. An attempt to put things together was made at http://bfbwwiii.blogspot.com/2006/10/silence-of-imams.html but this was not systematically indexed and is far from concise.

One possibilty for educating our fellow kaffirs would be to set up an online one-stop-shop for information on Islam - an ISLAMIC INDEX consisting of an alphabetically arranged single webpage of topics, cross referenced as synonyms where necessary. Each topic could be linked to a concise second level page which gives a brief introduction to the topic and links to offsite detailed information.

The site could be mirrored by counter-jihadist bloggers to guard against censorship or denial of service, and be kept up to date as a communal enterprise. Anyone coming to the top level home page in search of a particular topic would no doubt also find much else to interest them which they never imagined existed.

For example - a skeleton layout of topics:

- Mohammed's child sex slave

- Moslem Spain - fact and fiction

- why it won't work with Muslims

- death penalty for leaving Islam

Ayatollah Khomeini
- sex with children
- sex with animals
- Salman Rushdie Satanic verses (cr.)

Ayesha (cr. Aisha)

- persecution of

Barbary pirates
-white slave trade

Bin Laden
- 911

- persecution of
- Buddhas of Bamiyan

- modern Christian dhimmis
- persecution of

- removal of clitoris and outer vagina

- Jihadist fanatics

Dhimmis and Dhimmitude
- subjugation of non-Muslims

- as terrorists
- why the Hippocratic oath does not apply to treatment of Kaffirs



- genital mutilation of

- cruelty to animals

- of Kaffir
- of women

- penalty for

Honour killings

- Arab imperialism
- Western imperial guilt

- thighing of (cr. mufa khathat)

- bloody history

- worthlessness of non-Muslim cultures (cr Buddhas of Bamiyan)

- persecution of

- a fundamental obligation

etc etc

Unknown said...

Keep up the great work..........love reading your blog and hearing whats happening in londonstan and the rest of islamic england. I know first hand what these animals are like.Its not just islamisation of england they are after, its the whole world.

Always On Watch said...

Just because you personally cannot see what is happening around you does not mean that it is not there and not happening, or that it will not affect you.

Until the West recognizes the truth of your statement, this war (and I don't mean the war in Iraq) will not even be properly addressed.

The monsters are making so much progress on so many fronts. But I will not surrender! And I know you won't either.

Dinah Lord said...

Hi Lionheart-

I was so happy (and surprised) to hear your excellent interview over at the Gathering Storm radio show. I used to lurk frequently at your last site and hope this finds you doing better.

Can't wait to catch up with all that you've been up to. Looks like I've got my reading cut out for me.

Cheers and best wishes - Dinah

Always On Watch said...

Is this because young people are more likely to get their news and opinions from the internet than from the MSM?

I think so.

I'm not so young any more (cough), but I know that once I found the Internet I found the sites telling the truth about Islam.

Young people had better use the Internet! The history texts are now revisionist and full of the whitewash of Islam and of Leftism.