28 July 2007

Russia's Cold War Stance towards the West

I posted an article last week titled: Nuclear terror in London

In this post I wrote about Russia positioning itself into a Cold War stance towards the West by aligning itself with Iran, who we are engaged in an undeclared war with in Iraq, Afghanistan and throughout the World.

You can only wonder if modern Russian weaponry somewhere out deep in the Oceans was the cause of the floods throughout Great Britain recently that has caused huge economic damage to our country.

The Russians are arming our Islamic enemy who we walking towards a full military conforntation with to the teeth with modern weaponry.

Now why would they be doing that?

Read the article here: Iran's military shopping list

I wonder what part Russia plays towards Israel in End Time Biblical prophecy.


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Avi said...

I doubt that Russia will be around to see the End of Days. It has a birthrate of 1, the majority of babied there are aborted and its population halves every 50 years.

Lionheart said...

In my view Bar Kochba based on the present facts of global government and global affairs, we are in the End times now, so the clock is now ticking and the pieces are all moving into place.

God bless you