9 July 2007

Moslem's urged to snitch on their neighbours

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This is the word on the street to that response.

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Anonymous said...

DNA story;

Daily Mail, "t is widely feared that "long-term" Al Qaeda sleepers are trying to infiltrate other public sector organisations in the UK."
You don't say! duurrgh! Police Intelligence and especially Town Halls, Social Security, NHS, Public Transport, Civil Service, communications providers, Schools and Universities, and financial institutions are deeply infiltrated by sympathisers and an unknown number of activists. This represents a severe threat to Democratic standards and National Security, but our politicians with their own agendas fail to take positive action. Fools and sycophantics.
This reinforces what another has said about the NHS database. Your personal data in the hands of cheats thieves and racist jihadi British-haters.
Suddenly, it seems that it's worth finding a private doctor for everything other than emergencies.
To mi5 reading this, you too have been infiltrated. You too must decide which side you are on. (if you aren't already a "plant.")
And if you think that ONLY 14 coppers in London are "Trojan horses" then you are residing in the land of the cuckoos.

Mr. Lionhearted, your hope that Gordy Brown is any different to Blair is another false hope.
He is very much in the hands of the globalist hound-pack and will continue to sell us down the river to support the Saudi paymasters, just as Jorge Bush* does to the patriots of America.
As a Christian you can hope for God to intervene, but the horned one and his acolytes are very much in charge. That is why no old school masons or Templars are likely to step from the shadows.
They will use you, and the Islamists, and the "moderate muslims" to further their cause.
They may use the Iran issue to engineer the destruction of Israel, when it suits them.
We will be taken to the brink to fulfil their master plans.
All religion will be subservient to further Global government.
Muslims are as much a tool of these shadows as the next man.
The "dark forces" to quote our dear Queen, are beyond even her control, so too, Brown, Blair, Bush, Clinton, United Nations, Ahmenedjad, are mere puppets. The hook Hamsa, Dirot, and all the silly jihadis, along with Archbishops, and probably the Pope, are tools, reacting in partial knowledge to events they cannot control.
We have only faith left, that "then we shall see clearly" what the dark glass cannot reveal.

Why do you think that the BNP is slagged and slandered by ALL other politicians?
It is because they have not been bought yet.
The one thing that could spanner the works is a grass roots movement that could actually motivate a mass of people to think for themselves. Unfortunately, when the stakes are
high enough, they too may have a price. Be ever vigilant against the enemy, but take care to evaluate what else may be operating in the shadows.
You are young and brave, you have much support, your cause is just, but remember "Don Quixote."
Remember, the bearers of ill tidings are rarely thanked, and those who sleep soundly do not like being shaken from their slumber, and will only jump from their beds when the bursting river's waters are rising through their own floor boards, and the turds are bobbing under their noses.
I know you are a man of resolve and you grow wiser, nothing I have said can change the course of your arrows flight, so I wish you God speed, "for Harry and Saint George."

Lionheart said...

Thank you for your encouraging words anonymous.

When looking at the reality and gravity of the situation our world faces, i feel a sense of hopelessness, but then Gods word does state the things that will happen, and the darkness that will engulf us at the coming of the end. It makes you question why, what is your individual purpose, what can you do if you cannot change the things that have been ordained before the creation of the world. You have to work out your part and place in the unravelling of the future.

I have my personal answer.

What you say about the 'dark forces' and the global puppets are what i am beginning to see and understand, orchestrating a global agenda with each of us playing our parts big or small in the scheme of things, the evolution of creation, the Alpha & Omega.

My hope for Gordon Brown is exactly that, 'hope', hope that the message in the bottle might by some chance reach his distant shore and reveal some truth from Almighty mighty God to him, before it is too late for him and all of us. We who are on the receiving end of his power and authority.

We can only hope that his father taught him well and that he will recognise the Living God rather than ignore him.

We must continue to hope for the best and prepare for the worst.

Our country and our world is sinking, the main job now is saving as many people from the ‘eternal hell’ as possible.

Have you answered that one yourself yet?

As the Bible clearly states, the prince of darkness does rule this age as we can clearly see with the madness all around us, but those who can see through that dark glass know how this story ends.

As I pass through the swamp being guided by the light from above with the Islamic enemy wanting me dead, I call out to the shadows to see if there is anyone or any help there, but as you say and what is clear, those in the shadows have their own agenda and that is not for the innocent, weak and the vulnerable who need their help and Gods eternal message.

You cannot serve God and mammon, either you love the one and hate the other.

Thankfully I have God's Angles to protect me until my time comes, and until that time I am walking the path that He has chosen for me.

I am just seeking others who are further down the path then me or those to join me on the path.

‘The Gatekeeper with the keys to the Kingdom’

I hope that as Don Quixote my imagination does not turn to madness, but they do say that one person’s madness is another’s reality.

God bless you In Jesus name


Anonymous said...

I have come home from the hospital feeling very upset. All the radiation sources have disappeared from the oncology department - probably those Buddhists up to their tricks again.

The kaffir hospital management (Inshallah may they soon die of strange, undiagnosable ailments and be replaced by Islamic brothers) called an emergency meeting addressed by a kaffir police officer .

This institutionally-racist representative of the oppressive Zionist-Crusader alliance said that the radiation sources could be "Used by terrorists to make a dirty bomb".

I was extremely hurt and distressed by this statement. I forcefully pointed out that there is no such thing as a terrorist - Gordon Brown (pbuh) has said so. The word 'terrorist' is hate speech - it is a racist term of abuse used by bigots, Islamophobes and BNP supporters (Inshallah may they find themselves upon our operating tables tended by Muslim anaesthetists) to vilify peaceful Muslims.

I have written to Sir Ian B.Liar demanding the officer's dismissal and prosecution for racist verbal assault. I intend to sue the Metropolitan Police for the post-traumatic emotional stress this appalling incident has caused me, and will continue to cause me for the next fifty years. I have been examined by four independent Muslim psychiatrists who will vouch for my mental suffering (I'll accept an out of court settlement of £500, 000 in a five-way split, Inshallah)

I just hope I've recovered enough by next week to be able to attend the annual dinner of the Muslim Medical Malpractitioners' Association. My colleague Dr Aggun I. Singh-Deth will be receiving the Dr Josef Mengele (pbuh) Prize for innovation in surgical procedures, and I am due to give a presentation on performance evaluation for our new Dr Harold Shipman (pbuh) Award for meeting mortality rate targets (One point for a standard kaffir, two for a dancing slag, three for a Jew, four for an Islamophobic blogger, five for an apostate and 100 for Sir Salman Rushdie).

I must finish now, as night has fallen and I have noticed a strange green light in the back of my car. Probably glowworms.

Dr C. Riyal Kilah
Muslim Medical Malpractitioners Association
'You'll need more than an apple a day to keep us away' TM