17 July 2007

Your Future if you ignore the Warnings

Please take a quick look at the Beautiful Religion of Islam in pictures.

"The so called Religion of Peace"

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Why do our politicians appease these people and their beautiful Religion?

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Stand up and be counted!



Anonymous said...

Well once again you have hit the nail on the head, Lionheart. Islamic beliefs will NEVER alow for peace with anyone, let alone we christians...

Steve Harkonnen said...

It's certainly not my future.

Let me put it bluntly. If my government fails to protect me and my family from radical Islam, I will become a terrorist myself, and I will butcher as many of those sons of bitches that God wills me to.

Anonymous said...

The government appeases these savages because most of them vote labour. The opposition doesn't speak out because they dont want to appear racist and think they might even get the muslim block vote somehow. They wont get thier vote though, because the muslims will vote for the party that doles out the most benefits. Simple really . What this country needs is an Enoch Powell or a Winston Churchill to lead the conservatives, not the wimp they have saddled themselves with.
Failing that, a military coup.

Anonymous said...


Lionheart said...

Good to see you back Steve.

God bless you

Anonymous said...

Islam will never mean peace with no infidels left the sects within will turn on each other the ROCK needs to bathe in blood.It is the way of the moon rock.It never was and never will be the english way,what next in the dhimmi eastablishments efforts to re write history.Ah of course muslims were here in england thousands of years ago,the stones of stonehenge are really a temple to the arabian rock god,and king arthur was a pakistani who came here in a merchant ship one of those same ships that all through history brought the west all the inventions of science and learning from those geniuss in Islamic lands.You know the same inventions and learning they claim we in the ignorant west stole and claimed credit for the from the enlightened world of Arabic islam.The islamic issue is the most important question in the world today however if any one wants to wind down a bit and have a good laugh please go to you tube and type in miracles of islam[I KNOW WE KNOW THERE ISNT ANY BUT JUST WATCH PLEASE] so who says there is no humour in islam?????????????Look out for the talking lion?

Anonymous said...

Muslims call for ban on "croissants!"
It is said that this tasty pastry was first made to commemorate the defeat of the Islamic Turkish armies at Vienna.
The "gingerbread-man" is really a disgusting nude representation of the human body and should also be banned.
Labour Councils are considering prosecuting anyone who deviates from the non-religious festival of winter lights.
Christians to be especially targeted if any representation of the Angels be placed on their Winter-trees.
Any Fairies on the top of the trees will be deemed a pagan insult to the religion of peace, and that means war! on the Infidels, to save them from hell-fire.
Whistling of "Jingle-Bells" in a taxi will result in flagellation.
Singing Christmas Carols in a public place will be a stoning offence.
Christmas in Britain, 2015?

Anonymous said...

I have had a look on the you tube section on so called miracles of islam there is one with a burst pipe spouting what looks like dirty water or possibly sand can anyone please explain what this is supposed to mean.Come on now muslims what does this burst pipe in the desert mean.'Paul I think your knowledge of the religion of peace is greater than what I have studied so far what do they mean with this video.Now if as done through Christ people are healed of incurable disease and can walk after being paralised along with all the miracles documented in the New Testament then these are things I can understand.What then does the burst pipe represent.Please enlighten me