4 July 2007

The blood-thirsty Islamic beast in Great Britain

Londonistan – Melanie Philips

This book is a must read for anyone who is concerned about the most recent horrific failed Islamic terrorist attacks against the innocent people of Great Britain and the murderous Islamic beast that is living here in our midst, that these Islamic monsters are a part of.

All concerned British citizens who care about what is happening in this their country should use this book as a root source of education to the Islamic Terrorist threat we now face and the reasons why we are facing it.

The book should also act as a wake up call to those British leaders it exposes within its pages to what they have personally ‘allowed’ to be birthed within our Nation and upon our land. This murderous blood thirsty Islamic beast, that they have actively encouraged and helped create. We can only hope that it will prevent the ‘new’ leadership making the same mistakes.

We the British people now face the consequences of these our modern leader’s actions, inactions and failings in relation to this, the military wing of Islam (The Beast) living amongst us and their Jihad (Holy War) against us. Miss Philips book is an alarming warning to all non-Moslems that should be heeded and listened too. It explains accurately and in fine detail, the full truth, to the why and how’s, to the present horror facing Great Britain in the 21st Century.

Miss Philips voice through the book is a resounding wake up call from a British Patriot who sees very clearly that our country is sinking from within.

All I would say is that it is our children’s futures and the future of this Nation that is now at stake - This book reveals why!

Melanie Philips cuts through the lies and propaganda that the leaders of our country have used to veil the eyes of the British public to the truth of the Islamic beast we have living here within our midst. The Elite who run our country have created a false reality and perception of the ‘internal Islamic Terrorist threat’ facing Great Britain that has left the innocent British public blind and duped into a terrifying false sense of security (like we see from the recent horrendous failed bombing campaign), which in turn has ultimately left the murderous blood thirsty Islamic beast to grow.

Our country is now one of the most severe threats to the international community because of what is happening on the ground here, under the surface of every day life within the Islamic Kingdom. The day to day Islamic way of life upon our streets that is out of sight and out of mind from the innocent non-Moslem population.

The murderous blood thirsty Islamic beast is here, it is in a community near you, it is growing and its aims and intentions are very real and very clear!

Londonistan breaks down and explains this ‘internal Islamic beast’, communicating to you and me the reader, a revealing, shocking and repulsive explanation of it and the future threat and consequences we now face.

Buy this book for your collection or loan it from your local library, it will form a truthful basis in which to view the present threat now facing our country from, and the threat to our very existence we now face. Then join those of us who are awake to this Islamic beast that is threatening our way of life and very existence and help sound the ‘alarm’ of this sinking ship that is Great Britain before it is too late.

Please click to view Miss Philips website:

Shocking video of Melanie Philips explaining the threat: Jihad in Europe

I pray that God will continue to protect Miss Philips from the murderous Islamic beast in Great Britain as she continues to use her platform to warn and educate others to the truth.

In Jesus name – Amen



Avi said...

Melanie Phillips is a lone voice of reason in a sea of fools. G-d bless her.

felix said...

Have read Londonistan. The threat is very real. Good luck.

Always On Watch said...

I've read excerpts of Londonistan. I couldn't find time to read the entire book because of work responsibilities.

But I've read enough of the book and Ms. Philips's web site to know that the UK is in dire trouble with the sons of allah.

Beach Girl said...

Lion, just started reading Londonistan. OMG - please find The Twenty-Year Plan: Islam targets America. I have linked to it many times. You can find it at Stop the Project www.stoptheproject.com. I don't recall if it is .org, .com You'll find it. It is a MUST read. It is the plan to overthrow the West.

I do likewise, John 3:30 said...

I have some research about Mecca here (this is NOT spam). I hope you get a chance to see it. it is VERY serious, this is not spam. Mecca could be the woman that rides the scarlet beast, and the Mystery Babylon the great might be uncovered in the research too. it is all speculation, i am not trying to say this is it or anything, but please add to your knowledge so that you are aware: