17 July 2007

Nuclear Terror in London

Things are not always as they seem or what we are told!

Most people live in Eastenders, Big brother or MTV world when others live in the real world and experience some of the horrors facing reality in the world that is so far away from normality to the Big Brother, Eastenders and MTV world that those in it reject it as madness.

But they do say that - One persons madness is anothers reality!

I mentioned last Friday in my post: What God showed me! about the murder in our Capital City – London - of the Ex KGB officer and Russian dissident Litvinenko with the most deadly nuclear chemical known to man, polonium 210. If this was a murder which we are led to believe then this is the first ever publicised case of Nuclear terrorism within the United Kingdom.

Yesterday it has was reported that our Government has now expelled four Russian diplomats over this affair due to the Russian government’s refusal to extradite the main suspect in this murder, Andrei Lugovoi, who is said to have left traces of this nuclear chemical throughout London and then back to Russia.

It is said that Litvinenko’s cup of tea was poisoned with the polonium 210 whilst he was meeting his fellow Russian ex KGB officer Andrei Lugovoi in London. It has now been reported that the person in the London restaurant who washed up the tea cup, that was used in the poisoning of Litvinenko noticed a strange yellow gooie substance in the cup when he washed it.

Polonium 210 is only
obtainable through large nuclear industrial complexes, with this batch being traced back to Russia’s nuclear facilities, so there can be no doubt that the Russian Nation is the background for this picture of nuclear terrorism within Great Britain.

The question is; What are the different pieces to add to the picture to make it complete?

If as we are led to believe the Russian establishment just wanted to kill Litvinenko to remove him or silence him do you not think that there is an easier way of doing this other than polluting London with nuclear chemicals that is traceable back to Moscow and causing a massive major international incident in the process?

Would it not have been easier to shoot him or put cyanide or another lethal chemical into his drink rather than polonium 210, the most hazardous chemical known to man?

Litvinenko was an ex KGB officer and Colonel in the Russian army, would he not have been highly trained and wise to the possible threats against his life?

Yet he was supposedly poisoned in the simplest way – poison in the tea cup – the stuff of Hollywood movies.

If the tea boy who washed the cup up could see a yellow substance in the remainder of the tea left by Litvinenko would Litvinenko not have seen this yellow goo too, and would this nuclear chemical that is the most hazardous substance known to man not have tasted a little sweet to Litvinenko’s taste buds?

The official picture is that the Russian establishment released their trained killers to meet Litvinenko in London, poison his tea with the polonium 210 and then return home - job done.

If you look a little deeper another picture emerges!

If this was just a simple targeted assassination of an outspoken Russian dissident then you would in no way use polonium 210 unless you was completely stupid, which I am sure the Russian establishment are not. You would shoot him or poison him with another substance, not cause a major international incident and potentially kill many innocent people throughout London with traces of this nuclear chemical with the trail leading back to the source and your front door.

To my knowledge before this incident we were not in a state of Cold War with Russia so there can be absolutely no reason to openly use this substance in an assassination and cause a major international, diplomatic fallout. It does not take much working out to know that the British government would have instantly found out what was used in the killing of Litvinenko.

In my mind a targeted assassination of a Russian dissident with plutonium 210 does not add up.

So what adds up?

The global political scene around the world is going through a major upheaval in modern times, with Nation States moving and aligning themselves into a new diplomatic and political world order, similar to during the times of the Cold War.

The whole of the Islamic World is at war with America, Israel and the Western world, working towards the complete destruction of our countries and our free democratic way of life. This is an immovable fact of our times, with Osama Bin Laden sitting at the helm of a global Islamic army that is spread throughout the whole world, which are actively and daily conducting an Islamic war – Jihad – against the Western world.

Osama Bin Laden has successfully united the Islamic world in this pursuit with Moslems throughout the world chanting death to America, death to Israel and death to the West in one accord. This is an extremely large proportion of the world’s population with their murderous suicidal aims and intentions turned completely towards us, believing they are at war with us for Allah and who want nothing less than the complete destruction of our way of life and the enforcement of Islam upon our Nations and its people.

This is the modern World War in our generation – The Islamic World against America, Israel and the West.

At this moment in time the major frontlines in this modern war are in Iraq and Afghanistan, but there is another Nation now in on the mix of things – Iran.

An open War with Iran at some time in the future is an inevitability because of the Iranian nuclear programme and the apocalyptic aims and ambitions that it has planned once the Islamic Religious leaders of the Nation acquire the capability to build the A - bomb. The free world cannot sit back and allow Iran to go nuclear because of the consequences to planet Earth, so will have no other option but to take open military action to prevent this Islamic Nation going nuclear.

Iran knows this; we know this, which is why there is an undeclared war with Iran in Iraq and Afghanistan. Iran is the invisible Nation state ‘hand’ that is behind the Islamic enemy we face within these two conflict zones.

The countdown to War with Iran is on the table now as you are reading this!

Which Nation state is behind Iran going nuclear? Russia

Russia is the Nation with the ‘capability’ and ‘know how’ that is actively supporting and helping the Iranian nuclear programme under the guise of peaceful energy.

Russia supporting Iran is playing a Cold War game and is exactly the same scenario that the world faced during the Cold War where Russia and America were at war with each other but being played out through different smaller conflicts, just not open war with each other.

The Key Nation state military strategists, like China and Russia are reading the global picture of what is unfolding upon the Earth, especially what is happening to America and are aligning themselves politically and diplomatically for the coming days, and it is clear that Russia has aligned itself behind Iran.

Russia, the Nation that lost the Cold War, would like to see its arch nemesis that it lost the first Cold War too destroyed. Then Russia can seek to take the throne of global power, international influence and become the world’s only super power with a destroyed America and Western world - This then leaves Israel open for the Islamic world to seek to destroy.

Getting back to the nuclear terrorism in London with polonium 210.

The nuclear chemical polonium 210 is the chemical used in the trigger mechanism of nuclear weapons. Due to the nature of nuclear weapons and what they are made up from, they only have a short life span unless maintained correctly, so to maintain any weapons with nuclear capability you will need a quantity of plutonium 210 for the trigger mechanism.

For some strange reason we have had Russian military personnel running around London leaving traces of the nuclear chemical polonium 210 all the way back to Moscow, with one of the Russians eventually dying from exposure to this highly toxic nuclear chemical.

It is a known fact that during the Cold War Russia had hidden nuclear weapons plotted up throughout America just in case the unthinkable happened, and then they could be detonated upon American soil. What are the chances of the Russians also plotting nuclear bombs up in Great Britain, just in case?

There is evidence that Al Qaeda have been actively seeking to recruit the Russian knowledge of where these bombs are located upon U.S soil, making their job of destroying the common enemy – The Great Satan - that much easier.

It is also a known fact that when the former Soviet Union collapsed after the Cold War, the nuclear scientists and know how of this former nuclear power went to the highest bidder which at that time was the Islamic world. The birth of the A Q Khan nuclear programme and the first Islamic Nation state went nuclear – Pakistan.

Under the surface though there was also the rogue hidden programmes like in Iraq under Saddam Hussein, North Korea and Iran for instance and also with Osama Bin Laden and his Al Qaeda network. It is a known fact that Osama Bin Laden traded suitcase nuclear bombs with the Russian mafia in exchange for Afghani Heroin.

There is upwards of 40 - 50 mini suitcase nukes that are unaccounted for from the Russian militaries nuclear store cupboard.

The birth of a nuclear Bin Laden and the new global distributors of Heroin direct from the poppy fields of Afghanistan – the Russian mafia.

After the fall of the Soviet Union, the Russian mafia which comprised of ex KGB and military officers became the biggest proliferators of nuclear technology on the black market, selling their know how and stolen technology to the highest bidder and Al Qaeda were the owners of the number one global source of Heroin – A match made in hell – the renegade ex KGB and military officers who then became the Russian mafia, then helped Osama Bin Laden build his nuclear capability before he could declare war on their mutual enemy - America.

Whatever nuclear capabilities our enemies have within their arsenal they are going to need maintaining due to the short life span of the bombs, so the nuclear triggers are going to need the plutonium 210 to make them active again.

Why was there Russian agents in London with polonium 210?

The only one that can answer that question is the prime suspect in the murder of Litvinenko, Andrei Lugovoi who the British government want to extradite to the U.K, with Russia refusing to cooperate.

What is going on that we do not know?

Have nuclear bombs that Russia hid in the United Kingdom just in case of the unthinkable ever happening passed their shelf life, with Russian agents now having re-activate them just in case, using the plutonium 210, because the world we are now living in has changed so dramatically, with a major war raging upon the Earth involving the worlds only Super power?

Drastic times calls for drastic measures.

Or was the polonium 210 smuggled into the country and sold on the black market to Islamic extremists so that they can maintain their nuclear arsenal in the UK, activating their bombs ready for an attack?

We already know from the information that is in the public domain that our intelligence services have gathered, that Al Qaeda operatives have been seeking to obtain and detonate a dirty bomb upon our streets, so the threat is very real and present. Those who have sought the capability to detonate a nuclear device already are amateurs though which is why they never succeeded. It is a known fact that Al Qaeda has the capability so if they really wanted too then they could make it happen.

In my estimation Al Qaeda already have nuclear devices in this country that will be deeply hidden by highly trained and trusted sleeper agents (you do not go to war with a nuclear Nation unless you have matching nuclear capability). Moslems in deep cover, blending into our British society just like the NHS doctors who tried blowing up London recently. It is very unlikely that these sleepers will be on any security services radar screens, it is the perfect war plan to hold our Country to ransom by threat of nuclear terrorism.

Was this polonium 210 destined for Al Qaeda’s arsenal?

Litvinenko was a supporter of the Chechen cause and on his death bed his father said that he converted to Islam. This shows where his loyalties lye and who his life was aligned with, and it was with the most feared and ruthless Islamic terrorists the modern world knows. The Chechens are the number one traffickers in black market nuclear technology due to their direct links with ex KGB officers in Russia like Litvinenko and the army of global Islamic extremists around the world.

Was Litvinenko poisoned on purpose by the Russians who left a trail back to their front door or was it by Gods grace, similar to the failed London car bombings, a catastrophic accident by Russian secret agents, with their fingerprints all over it, that has exposed the grave and serious threat that Great Britain faces?

Running around London with polonium 210, murdering someone with it and then leaving traces of the stuff all the way back to your front door is not the wisest thing to do if you do not want to get caught.

Did he help activate the triggers for the Russians or did he help the Chechens and other Islamic groups in Britain?

Did he obtain the polonium 210 from his Russian contacts for a third party here in the UK and was exposed in the process?

Was he an expendable asset by a third party who could remove him the weak link in the chain and at the same time send a clear message to the intelligence community in Great Britain that there are armed nuclear devices here?

No matter what, the military leaders of our country now know that for some reason polonium 210 has been here in our country and whatever the answer is of why it was here lye’s with Andrei Lugovoi who Great Britain are seeking to extradite from Russia.

We only know about this polonium 210 being here in our country because Litvinenko died from being exposed to it. The Russian agent Andrei Lugovoi who brought it into our country and met with Litvinenko was able to smuggle this nuclear chemical into the country and then leave without anyone knowing anything about it, until Litvinenko lay dieing in hospital of nuclear radiation poisoning.

The question is; You dread to think, but how much more of this type of stuff has been smuggled into our country that we do not know about and is now in the hands of our Islamic enemies?

In my post: What God showed me! I tried explaining what He showed me and this scenario and type of stuff fits perfectly, there was no bomb detonated yet there was such high levels of radiation coming off this stuff that even through the packaging that it was carried in, it was giving off enough radioactive particles that it could be traced at ever location back to the source.

Imagine if this nuclear chemical was released into the atmosphere by Islamic extremists as an act of war.

You dread to think of what threats we face from the Islamic enemies we have living amongst us, who are feeding from our land and planning and plotting to murder us.

One thing for sure is that this polonium 210 was here in our country, and the possibilities are not nice thoughts to think about.

We are no longer fighting an enemy with sticks and stones or swords and spears. We are fighting an enemy with nuclear, chemical and biological capabilities who have no problem with using them against innocent people.

We cannot ignore the present as we move into the future.

As you are reading this there is a War raging upon this Earth and there can only be one winner in War, it is either going to be them or it is going to be us. One thing is certain is that Nation states around the World are aligning themselves ready for the coming days.

God bless you



Anonymous said...

I stumbled on to your site and I have been enjoying it very much. I am a fellow Christian living in western Canada. I lived in England in the 1960s and went to prep school in Brighton. The England I knew and loved has since disappeared. It's good to know there is yet a remnant who stand and resist the enemy of our souls and of our beloved country.

Anonymous said...

Great post Lionheart,

As an everyday blog reader on multiple sites, I remember following this story closely when it broke. After a few days however it faded in memory to the backround. This post reinforces the notion that nafarious intentions (such as reactivating nukes or supplying radioactive material) HAD TO BE THE INTENTION because as you so promptly pointed out, Polonimu 210 is both an expensive and traceable method to poison someone. There is no way the official gov story of a simple assasination was at play here. The Moslem beasts may be barbaric and ruthless but the Russians are just as dangerous because they would sell their soul to the highest bidder.

A Canadian

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure I agree with everything he says, but this
guy has certainly got style.


Lionheart said...

Hi Tim, lets hope we can turn that remnant into an army.

Anonymous: The weapons of warfare are no longer sticks and stones, swords and spears, they are nuclear, chemical and biological, this is the modern age we are living in and war has travveled with us throughout the ages.

Thanks Najistani