27 July 2007

Assault of off duty Police officer

UPDATE (25/04/09): 4 guilty of assaulting off duty police officer

Update (1/05/09): Gang of Moslem wolves

Pakistani Moslem violence In my community

Someone's Father or Grandfather beaten by gang of Moslem men

A man in his 50's was dragged from his taxi cab that he was getting into after a night out by a group of Moslem men and severely beaten, leaving him with a fractured eye socket.

Story can be read here:-
Dunstable News

This is what is happening on the ground within the streets of Dunstable that the people of the community face on a daily basis. Gangs of Pakistani Moslem men from Fortress Bury Park coming into the town, pumping our community with their Class A drugs, and threatening, intimidating and violently assaulting innocent members of the community.

This leaves the rest of the community in fear of them which is forced Dhimmitude (subservience)

I know of many incidents against the local community of Pakistani Moslem violence and intimidation. There has been gang beatings of local people, kidnappings and rape. This is the type of behaviour we are faced with and does intimidate the community into silence.

The police cannot protect the community on the ground, or stop this savage Moslem behaviour so we are left and forced into a position of silence and inaction because of the consequences of stepping forward. This is the reality of life on the streets within my community and it is a disgrace that the British people should be forced to live like this within their own country by Moslem terrorists.

If members of the public do step forward to help the police against this savage Moslem behaviour, then look at my life and what has happened to it as a prime example as to the consequences!

Let us just hope and pray that these Pakistani Moslem men from fortress Bury Park who carried out this vicious attack are caught.

Moslem men within our British society have absolutely no regard or respect for the older non-Moslem generation in our society, take a look at the picture below of Mr Chamberlain who was beaten similarly to the local man in my community.

Imagine if that was your father of grandfather?

Article can be read here:-
76 year old man battered



A Knight of St. Michael said...

This is happening all over the world.
My blog carried a similar story about a WWII veteran being beaten senseless by thugs in the Detroit, Michigan, USA, area recently. I also included thoughts about what a group like the Knights of St. Michael would do in such a situation. Apparently there were witnesses that stood by and did nothing to help, like in the Detroit mugging. This has to stop and people have to step up and help when they witness something like this! You can read about it here.
under the title 'What would a Knight of St. Michael Do?'

Stay safe and be strong,

Obob said...

this will go on until while you Brownie in office. When is the next general election? And is Cameron the man?

Anonymous said...

Reading this through your link in the "Dunstable news" I see that although there is provision for reader's comments nobody has done so.

Had this article appeared in my own local newspaper there would have been pages of opinions of the story, albeit some irrational and consequently removed by the moderator, but many people sickened by the attack would have voiced their concern and disgust.

This leads me to think that the white population of Dunstable are either apathetic or very afraid.

The Green Arrow said...

Well done Lionheart. Whilst we might have differences we are still fighting the same enemy.

When the war is won, we will have a beer and talk about those differences. Until then keep fighting.

Perhaps it is a case of "Deus vult"

Lionheart said...

Hi Obob, i personally dont think Cameron is the man, he is a wet back Moslem appeaser.

Hi Anonymous, the community is both apathetic because if it is not knocking on their door then it is not their problem and those who do know what is going on are afraid.

My writings are not an exageration of the ttuth, my writings are a clear and consise expose of what is happening where i live. Why do you think Al Qaeda declared war on Great Britain from Luton, the Pakistani Moslems control the streets and they control the local council, they are in charge and the police can do nothing about it.

The man on the streets if he knows what is going on has to turn a blind eye because of the consequences to his personal life, he cannot go home at the end of the day like the police or security services and the rest live in their false bubble of 'peace and security' and do not want to get involved.

Like i keep saying; what is the consequnces for the future if this is how bad it is now?

Time to walk away.

God bless you


Lionheart said...

Deus Vult Green Arrow..

God bless you


Anonymous said...

Lionheart, this is absolutely appalling. I've posted on these stories over here and linked back to you.
I'm a fellow Christian and I'm praying for you. It's a tough battle you English have over there with your government selling you out in this way.