17 July 2007

British Appeasment

(Ring leader of the failed NHS Doctors car bombing plot)

If we cannot call the Moslem Doctors who failed in their attempt to kill many innocent people throughout Great Britian - Moslem - and say that they are a part of the Islamic faith then what can we call them and where do they come from?

The Truth behind the lie now facing the innocent people of Great Britain.

Where does this now leave us?

This too me makes Gordon Brown and his government look completely and utterly stupid in the eyes of the British people, completely and utterly weak and prime examples of Dhimmi's serving the interests of the Islamic kingdom rather than that of his own people.

Please click this link: The Great British lie



Always On Watch said...

Our leader's and media's collective heads are buried deep in the sand. We the people are left incredibly vulnerable.

Obob said...

AOW is correct. The collective leadership of our House and Oval Office with Brown, are causing me concern. It would be nice if more citizens in both countries cared, but our media will keep them muzzled in a polite passive manner. Is Brown afraid on being busted on an anti-social rap?

Anonymous said...


Hopefully this will be well attended...by people from all parts of Europe.

Anonymous said...

i notice my england forever link is gone, but im keeping yours on my blog, also am spreading your luton links through as many appropriate sites as possible as i see it as regardless where our view stems from and what road motivates us to travel,.. all crusaders Christian or not end up at the same point,.. islam and muzzies destroying our land with the governments help,.... 3 children who where i live feel i am a lone soldier for my battle on the front line for their future,... so the way you write on your blog is truly inspiring,.. so hope you dont mind me adding your site to help in all our struggles to make the army of England and Britian stronger,... to remove the islamic mongrels and the government helping them to help take back our land,... For queen and country,.. God bless the day shes sends out her guards to dissolve government not just from europe's meddling, but our main enemy the muzzies,..... Sir Knight, i applaud and stand beside you,.. as like you feel a one man army in my east ham district,.. but my crusade like yours in a different avenue is to unite and then together we can conquer our mother land.

Anonymous said...


In the final paragraphs of this piece, Sejad Mekic, imam at Cambridge mosque is in denial of the motives of the Glasgow bombers...thinking it could have been an accident and the petrol in the jeep might have been there because the chaps sold it!

He is still deliberating!