19 October 2011

An aggressive Russia – War or something else?

Daily Mail: World is on the brink of a nuclear 9/11

For the Russians to be poisoning a dissident agent with
polonium 210 in London potentially causing a major Nuclear incident in the UK’s Capital City was a "serious-credible" incident but we only know of one death that has come from it and that is Litvinenko’s.

How and why did Litvinenko get so close to someone carrying such a substance?

Im sure the Russians could have done a much cleaner job than contaminate London with one of the most hazardous nuclear substances known to man. The only way of obtaining such grade is from a State Nuclear Industrial source. That source led all the way back to Russia (Literally).

What is the greater significance?

The Russian finger prints all over it.


Was it a Russian sponsored terrorist act upon British soil in peace time?

Or was Litvinenko attempting to buy the substance on-behalf of the Chechens from what he thought was a reliable rogue KGB source, who then turned around and assassinated him?

It is noted that Litvinenko became a converted Chechen moslem.

Why would Chechen moslem converts living in Britain linked to Russia be on the black market looking to buy the chemical needed for the trigger mechanisms inside suitcase nuclear bombs. And why London?

Russians killed 2 birds with one stone.

Exposed the nature of the threat now within the UK and killed one of the direct threats in the process, not just to the UK but America and Russia too, and then showed you everything that was carried out and why, that’s why poisoning him with the chemical he wanted to purchase couldn’t leave anyone in any doubt, especially not because Russia knows the whole game and the threat that we all face because those missing suitcase nukes are ultimately theirs from a by-gone era.

The Russians know about the Chechens in the UK raising funds for their Islamic war against Russia.

The Chechens are like wild dogs with no sense of humanity when it comes to war that’s why they targeted a school in Russia and set bombs off and killed as many children as possible for the shock tactic within terrorism against the Russian State.

Anders Breivik carried out an almost identical style attack which was carried out for sheer shock tactic against the Norwegian State just like the Chechens.

If you blow up what could be perceived as a legitimate target i.e a government building, then those inside would be viewed as collateral damage for being in the building in the first place.

To hunt down and kill 69 innocent kids on their summer camp whilst dressed as a police officer to lure them out into a false sense of security as an act of political terrorism, was not what could be perceived as a legitimate target in most sane people’s minds.

Except of course, the extreme far-right who despise the European Marxist Elites.

The only other type of terrorist groups out there who carry out such attacks as acts of terrorism are the Chechens. They have form for it.

There is talk of Breivik being trained in Belerus by an ex-Soviet Colonel who it is stated is a Chechen moslem convert after marrying the daughter of a Chechen leader.

Is Russia a friend or foe for spreading
polonium 210 around London and killing a rouge Russian moslem dissident in the process?

Relations over the Nuclear incident cant be that bad after the British PM just visited the Country.

Russians, Chechens, British/foreign Jihadi’s and suitcase nuclear bombs.

What if?

Who would be the first person you go too if you were a defeated Soviet Colonel who had suitcase nukes to trade?

Osama Bin Laden.

How many of those missing Soviet made suitcase nuclear bombs have been retrieved?

I should imagine a few in Afghanistan where their Pakistani nuclear engineers worked on them, with a few scrap ones laying about, probably retrieved by Coalition forces, and the rest, primed and sent out into the world pre-911.

Then Bin Laden declared war against a Nuclear Nation (America) with the threat of nuclear terrorism as the ultimate weighing balance within the war. America is the only Super Power left for Islam to conquer before having military dominance across the whole earth based upon the military wing of the ‘Ummah’ now waging Jihad against the West. That is the ultimate aim of Islam based upon the Koran, and Bin Laden’s call for a global jihad against America and the West is to assert Islam’s dominance upon the earth globally through terrorism until Islam eventually rules the earth religiously and politically - The Caliphate

Holy War in the chemical nuclear and biological age...

The military wing of the ‘Ummah’ in Afghanistan destroyed the Soviets and now believe it is their destiny to destroy America. They are religious fanatics who do not believe anything other than their war in gods name against America and the West and dying in the process waging that war and there can only be one winner at the end of a war.

Who was in the market to buy and sell Polonium 210 to Litvinenko the moslem? Or is there a bigger meaning.

All Foreign governments know that it is only a matter of time until a large scale chemical, nuclear or biological weapon goes off somewhere in the World, in the name of the global Jihad.

There are millions of crazed lunatics around the world even living in Britain who want to kill us in the name of their religion and in the process think they are doing god a favour by ridding the earth of us unbelieving infidel scum so that Islam can cover the whole earth.

Its just when and where, and what protective preventative measures are in place to track those suitcase nukes in their possession before they set them off. Or what procedures are in place for the day after?

21st Century warfare in the Nuclear age with Iran now the Worlds No.1 State sponsor of terror along with a wealth of nuclear knowledge after its own highly publicised programme.

The coming Islamic terrorism in the nuclear age.

Launch pad UK to the greatest battlefield of the 21st Century - The American homeland

Docum drama: Dirty bomb in London - Part 2

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