20 October 2011

Breivik - Sane or Insane

The Norwegian criminal psychologists have extended their evaluation period on Breivik to determine if he is sane or insane which determines how he will be tried and the punishment he receives.

Firstly, if he created parts of his manifesto around myself and Nick+ which has put us directly in the spotlight with me falsely alleged to be his English ‘mentor’ then he is insane because his mind is in some warped un-real fantasy world because neither or us know him or have had any dealings with him.

Or have we been subtly implicated by a third party to remove us as a threat?

Thus meaning Breivik is sane on this point.

If I was supposed to be his English ‘mentor’ he did not do a very good job at hiding the fact by putting intelligent pointers in my direction and claiming there are other cells out there ready to strike. Bit of a no brainer towards me who he is supposed to protect at all costs isn't it?.

All the Templar iconography and then subtly pointing the finger in my direction with the help of his EDL buddies?

Not a very nice thing to do if I was really his English ‘mentor’ is it?

Id be locked up nice and tight right about now, under the same evaluation as himself.

Who stood to gain from having me removed, so helped type the manifesto to create the illusion that I was to blame and a direct threat to the ‘peace and security’ of Europe so should be arrested immediately?

Thus deflecting blame from the real perpetrators.

If he is not insane and those pointers were placed in the manifesto to have the desired outcome, then the third party must have put them in there.

It all hinges on whether or not he is living in a fantasy world and that’s why he believed we were a part of his fantasy. That’s a job for the investigators with his sanity resting on this point, amongst others.

If he is sane then I would say that the pointers surrounding the English ‘mentor’ are true, just tweaked a little bit to deflect the blame from the real person, like with putting ‘Richard the Lionhearted’ into the manifesto because that was always going to shine the spotlight on me, even though I have never ever used that name. It was close enough but not true. I would think on something like this, a “declaration of war” from an extreme right-wing group, it’s always best to use the facts so your taken seriously and tweak them a little so that it adds up to a truthful account when investigated - Like the 2002 meeting in London

Breivik & Co knew this is a verifiable fact, so unless he is insane and it’s a lie, he was in London in 2002 with an English man he calls his ‘mentor’, so is sane on this point.

The Norwegian and British police know whether this is fact or fiction?

I say fact otherwise he would not have said it, which means he is sane on this point, which means his real English ‘mentor’ is still walking the streets watching everything unfold.

Breivik believes that he is the one who will start the War in Europe against the Marxist Elite’s and drive Islam and moslems from Europe.

Did he come up with the idea of being the savior of our Western world on his own in his bedroom watching youtube videos and reading blogs, or did someone fill his head (brainwashing) with a vision that Breivik was an integral part of, that’s why he committed his acts with no remorse and continually declares he is in a state of war and that it was an act of war.

He is definitely insane with the mind of a mad man if he came up with that idea and carried out his acts based upon watching youtube videos and reading blogs – That’s the Lone wolf scenario so he should be certified if that's the case.

Or are there people behind him so he knows he is sane and working towards a bigger plan which is a war against European Marxist Elites, and Islam, with his co-conspirators still free in the outside world to continue the work he has started?

He named his blood soaked manifesto after one of his Norwegian counterparts Fraudman’s essay “A European Declaration of Independence” which sounds war like on the back of Breivik’s actions; with the whole world now having a compendium of Fraudman’s essays to read which supports and justifies Breivik’s acts ideologically and politically.

If he is completely insane then he has done a very good job as a delusional mad man sitting at home on his computer.

If he is sane then he is a part of a wider conspiracy involving other people, and what do they gain?

There is a whole right-wing political movement surrounding Fraudman that emanates from the U.S involving ultimately Frank Gaffney, and spreads across into Europe through his SIO groups and their online presence like with the GoV and Atlas Shrugs blogs, and they are all gathered around the same view and belief about Europe (Fraudman). Marxists and Islam are the death of Europe. (I am not saying Frank Gaffney is involved but that links go back to his frontdoor and bank account).

They were all mentioned inside the manifesto.

I agree in part about Islam and the Marxist's allowing the problem to fester out of control, but not at the cost of 69 innocent kids murdered by someone dressed as a policeman whilst on their summer camp and then blaming me as being complicit in the crime.

All of those political die hard Fraudman supporters are the same die hard political EDL supporters who have been my direct enemies over the past 18 months due to their unswerving support of “tommy” boy.

You all know who you are.

Next thing Breivik the one that bites commits his acts, elevates Fraudman & Co to his “2083” followers and then attempts to set me up as his English ‘mentor’ which could have resulted in my arrest and false imprisonment and removal from being an obstacle to their political agenda. Catching my drift? Breivik knows it’s not true; me being his ‘mentor’ so could not come out right and say it because it is a provable lie and would have undermined everything else he has said in the manifesto and it would have looked a little suspicious. He kept it as close to the truth as possible so that the cloud of suspicion rested clearly on my shoulders as being guilty which is exactly what happened.

Did he subtly point towards me in the manifesto as part of a fantasy dreamed up in his bedroom or is he completely sane and working with others involved in a conspiracy based around a "declaration of war" against the Norwegian people, who have a long term political agenda based around Fraudman & Co’s writings?

Ones who wanted me removed: Alan Lakes talks of murdering me

They are all finished now anyway, it’s only a matter of time and they knew this that’s why they have done everything in their power so far to have me removed, like using Breivik, in my own opinion. Fancy using and backing IRA supporters to lead an English movement – Clowns – but they made their bed, spent their money, and backed their horse so they have had no alternative but to lay in it and see it through to the bitter end.

(God knew everything and it goes much deeper about the IRA in Luton and why Al Qaeda declared war against the UK from there on 7/7, but that will be explained another time.)

We are still alive, free, and we know who our enemies are from amongst our own people and you don’t even realise whilst sitting back with your money and political influence. That will not save you from the truth and the truth is staring you in the face.

That’s a different ball game; let’s get Breivik out of the way first.

Now is the time to show your true colours if you know I was set up, and we will call it water under the bridge, for the sake of those dead kids and their families. The Norwegian police have my witness statement anyway, so now is the time to show people where you stand. They are coming anyway.

If you are going to commit such an act of war then at least own up to it so everyone knows who they face at the table and not try blaming others for your actions. Or maybe they have except the Norwegian police do not want to accept it, especially after it’s named after one of their own’s work “Fraudman”. So they claim lone wolf who "declared war" on Norway from his bedroom based upon watching youtube videos and reading right-wing blogs so as to not accept the facts staring them in the face. Or I am completely wrong.

Everyone is watching the credibility of Norway as a Nation State now because of Breivik’s criminal acts and how they conclude it.

Lone wolf doesn’t wash and even Fraudman himself admitted he was in direct email communication with Breivik, then his superiority complex kicked in when he coined Breivik who is a mass murderer as no different from a vacuum cleaner salesman compared to himself. And if it is correct, Breivik was at the EDL demo in London where Fraudman, Ned May, Chris Knowles and Alan Lake etc were all present whilst Geert Wilders was in the House of Lords being entertained by Lord Pearson.

All of the likely suspects at the same place at the same time…at an EDL demo in London.

Yet I am supposed to be his English ‘mentor’?

I thank whoever said NO WAY…it’s not him, that’s why I wasn’t arrested as part of another alleged terrorist cell waiting to carry out a similar act to Breivik’s whilst sitting on a tiny island.

Breivik seems pretty sane to me and he can back up and justify his actions based upon Fraudman’s work.

His actions are incomprehensible to a sane mind but put into context of the bigger picture of an extreme far-right agenda then he is sane and means everything he says based upon the people he knows are on the outside (The English mentor) to carry their mutual work along, apart from the 60 – 80 other cells out there. Fear mongering, hoping 60 – 80 will follow suit after reading the manifesto and Fraudman’s essays.

Terror tactic.

They are my thoughts about Breivik’s sanity and what points relating to me that tests his sanity on these points of the manifesto.

Further reading: Uncloaking the mind of a mad man

It’s better to make the right friends than the wrong enemies” Lionheart

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