13 October 2011

Defence of the Realm online

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Dear reader,


The purpose of this website once built will be to be a news and information portal where readers concerned about the state of their Country and the future of our Western Civilisation can come for reliable news, views, opinions and commentary on the biggest threat facing our children and grandchildren’s futures in 1000 years, which is the push of fundamental Islam’s active agenda of converting our Nation into an Islamic State ruled by sharia law and destroying the whole of our Judeo/Christian Civilisation so that Islam can reign supreme across the land as is laid down in their koran.

Video: Islamic Emirate of Britain project

You watch the news and pick up the papers so you know in your own mind whether there is a threat out there in today’s society or not, and whether or not that threat has direct implications for your children, grandchildren and the future of your country. This site aims to show its readers and educate them on just how serious that threat is, and what steps we are taking independently and collectively to counteract that threat. Steps that anyone can partake in dependent on their ability, commitment to the cause, and their position.

NATO Generals have stated how important the internet is in the 21st Century based upon their experiences in Afghanistan facing cave dwellers. So just as the internet can be used by the Islamic fundamentalists as a recruiting sergeant and tool for indoctrinating new recruits to their cause of holy war, it can also be used by us to counteract that threat at home, and prepare people with the knowledge they need concerning the threat that we all face, so that together we can stand up and “Defend the Realm”.

There will be a daily news section highlighting current news that we feel is important to share. A featured writers section with accomplished writers from around the world sharing their news, views, opinions and expertise on the threat from Islamic fundamentalism to our Western World, and a fortnightly online radio show hosted by an international award winning narrator amongst other things.

We will endevour to make this website the best site that we can, and achieve what we want to achieve with it, so that it can stand as a testimony for future generations speaking of what was happening around us in our era. When we look back in history we have, amongst other things, the “Doomsday books” to look towards as a source of knowledge of the past, so we would like to think that in the future, this website and the information it contains will be a reliable trustworthy source of knowledge that our future descendents can look towards when learning about their past and what was happening during this time period.

If you agree with the aim of this website and would like to help towards its creation and running costs then please make a small contribution to the cause dependent on your ability.

We all have a part to play, with no part more important than the other part, because without each other we will never achieve our mutual goals which are to stop the UK becoming an Islamic State and play our part in defending the Western world alongside our allies from today’s global jihad. Some are out on the frontlines risking life and limb to raise awareness of the threat that we face because they saw it before others and made it their duty to stand up and alert wider society, and have sacrificed their lives in that pursuit. Whereas some are not able to sacrifice their whole lives, or are not willing to do so because they have families and careers that they do not want to lose, which is why we ask that those who are not willing or able to be out on the frontlines but who see the serious issues and threats that we face in today’s society and agree with the aims of this website, would play their part in supporting the cause by making a small financial contribution towards the creation of this site and all the related projects we are about to embark upon.

Your financial sacrifice is as important as anyone else’s sacrifice.

We look forward to opening “Defence of the Realm” in the coming weeks and months and it being a reliable trustworthy place of news, views and information for all “Defenders of Christendom” from around the world, and actually achieving things that all supporters can be proud about, that they played their part in.

To make a small contribution to the building and upkeep of this site and future projects please click the donate button.

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