19 October 2011

Yaxley & Lakes finger pointing

As soon as the current Leadership of the 'English Defence League' were asked who is the English 'mentor' they both pointed the finger at me, which resulted in me turning it upon Lake himself and giving motive.

There is a well known and "very nasty" historical dispute with the both of them.

Then the worlds media painted me as Breivik's English 'mentor' based upon their accusations because it looked like a perfect fit on the outside when you look at this blog. Which was the whole purpose of the exercise in the first place because the EDL leadership was always going to be the first port of call for any journalists after the manifesto came out so I was the perfect fall guy.

The question is why and who from?

Either Breivik set me up for arrest on his own, as someone who does not even know me in close quarters, although he does not even mention me directly in the manifesto or any of my blog posts I have written, or this blog itself, it is other people who did the 'accusation' job for the media, so that cannot be the right answer otherwise my name would be in there with bright shiny lights like the likes of Pamella Geller. Or someone else who wanted me removed so used Breivik and his actions, thus killing 2 birds with one stone as a part of a larger terrorist conspiracy?

A terrorist conspiracy goes through different stages from before the attack, and after the attack, and the ultimate thing for those involved in the conspiracy is to not get caught. Although this group's fingers are all over it, with the manifesto even named after one of Fraudman's essays.

Yet I get the blame?

They are all so closely linked to Breivik (Fraudman, Ned May, Alan Lake, Chris Knowles etc) that someone else had to take the blame at the beginning to deflect attention from themselves. The intelligent minds behind the conspiracy in its totality would have had the different stages mapped out with what they thought was likely to occur to keep things on track, not just the acts alone, before and after, but the "call to war" based upon the "2083" manifesto.

Then those who agree with Breivik have a whole compendium of political essays from Fraudman scattered around the net and in different languages to read. Justifying future right-wing terrorist attacks from lone wolves or groups ideologically aligned with this nucleus of right-wing anti-jihaders mentioned by Breivik himself. It doesnt take Einstein.

Who stood to benefit from me being arrested and locked up as part of another one of the terrorist cells Breivik speaks of, involved in a large right-wing terrorist conspiracy against all European governments?

How much money does the EDL as a grass roots movement turn over per month through contributions and funding from outside sources like the Canadian Jewish Defence League and the American SIO backers, along with Rabbi Shifrens Tea-party fund raising?

The political financial EDL cash cow controlled by foreigners under an English banner.

Probably the fund they would like to use to murder and silence me with.

What lengths would certain individuals go to, to protect their political financial enterprise? Especially if they are a bit 'mad' in the head anyway?

Call it irony...

Their plan (Alan Lake & Co) has been to role the EDL out across Europe as a model of resistance for European countries, and they use the Blood Red Cross and Christian banner in exactly the same way as Breivik.

Wolves in sheeps clothing...

Yaxley - Lake and the EDL have done so much damage to the Blood Red Cross that you sometimes feel embarrassed to wear it in the open because of the drunken anti-social racist image they have given it through their platform to the British public. Yaxley is a stone island man aswell so does not care about the Cross, just like he didnt care about being dressed as a Rabbi. The seeds of my removal from the EDL were sown when I protested at the beginning for them taking out the Cross on 8/8 2009 in Birmingham. This will be explained in more detail another time. I would not be involved in what could be perceived as a right-wing protest on 8/8 HH Heil Hitler because I have Jewish friends who I support and who support me. No one would listen accept one who jumped ship and dug his feet in with me on the issue. Those Jews backing Yaxley & Co and giving them money to "defend Jews in Britain" and carry the Israeli flag have absolutely no idea and have driven center ground patriots into the arms of the extreme far-right anti-Jew brigade which you could say is a win for the old school
Irish pro-Palestinian IRA supporters living in Luton. Like EDL's No.1 and No.2 Yaxley & Carroll's parents.

Some of them must be that blind to the truth that they see "tommy" boy as their messiah...He smiles and says the right thing to your face and then stabs you in the back when your not looking.

Video: Alan Lake - Breivik & Norway

Video: Tommy - Lake & Breivik

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