6 October 2011

Breivik or another Norwegian nut?

Pamela Geller is another one of Ander's Breivik's idols who is mentioned in his blood soaked manifesto which is named after their mutual friend Fraudman's essay "A European Declaration of Independence".

Pamela Geller is also one of the leaders of "Stop the Islamisation of America" that is linked to its European off-shoots mentioned in the manifesto, that in turn is linked to the EDL leadership also mentioned in the manifesto via Alan Lake.

Funny thing is, is that I'm not even mentioned in the manifesto (FACT) yet I am supposed to be his mentor, and everyone I dislike and have had problems with in the Western anti-jihad movement is idolised by Breivik and mentioned by him in the manifesto. Work that one out?

If the email sent to Pamela Geller in 2007 is not from Ander's Breivik then it is from someone else who thinks exactly the same way as Breivik and has been planning some type of bloody carnage in Norway since before 2007.

Have the FBI discovered who was behind this email and passed it to the PST considering they are using all of their resources at the present moment to see if there are any more terror cell's or 'lone wolves' out there ready to strike terror into the heart of Norwegian society again?

Very perplexing to be in the possession of such incriminating evidence considering Breivik's cold blooded mass murder of an innocent bunch of kids on a summer camp. What if this is another Norwegian linked to Breivik and planning on committing a similar atrocity in Norway and this evidence has just been sat on and even attempted to be covered up? What a great show of moral fibre and integrity.

Why doctor such incriminating evidence without first passing it to the Norwegian investigation to possibly help prevent a similar attack.

If it was not Breivik who sent the email then who was it?
Its a seriously heavy email when put into the context of Breivik and his actions as can be seen in the picture above that was taken at Utoya island of somebodies dead children, who were murdered at the hands of Breivik.

Click: Email from Norway

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