22 October 2011

A breakdown on Breivik

Breivik dared to come forward with his opinions” that was the statement of the extreme right-wing English Defence League leader Irish tommy boy robinson, who himself knows all about crossing lines.

It is not a case of daring to come forward, to put it the way it was meant, it’s a case of Breivik being willing to cross the line and go that step further than anyone else within their expression of the anti-jihad movement in Europe which has resulted in the bombing of the government building in Norway and the murder of a bunch of innocent unarmed kids on a summer camp at Utoya island.

Breivik was the perfect ‘subject’ for any recruiter aiming to start a terror campaign in Europe to further a political ideology, and in this case the extreme far-right anti-Marxism/anti-Islam cause. Breivik was just like those sought out by the likes of Al Qaeda recruiters or any other terrorist group wanting to wage a political terror campaign.

Finding that person willing to sacrifice their life for the cause by going that one step further than anyone else, fuelled by intelligent minds painting a picture (brainwashing) for the person to believe then go out and commit the act.

Unless of course Breivik was a “lone wolf” radicalised in his bedroom watching youtube videos and reading right-wing blogs and websites, and never mentioned a single word to anyone ever about his thoughts feelings and intentions over a span of 10 years concerning his Marxist left-wing government and the effect of Islam in Europe and what he wanted to do about it.

Then all of a sudden he blasts himself into the worlds psyche from nowhere and nobody saw or heard it coming?

Pull the other one…

I go with the former opinion because there must be someone somewhere he shared his inner thoughts, feelings and intentions with, look at Pamella Geller for example who openly received an email in 2007, and if those people who he did talk to have not come forward to state this fact about Breivik talking to them, then that means they are complicit in some way. To think a man heavily involved in extreme right-wing politics over 10 years, even travelling around the world in pursuit of other likeminded individuals, did not over that time share his thoughts and feelings with others is not based upon reality or human behaviour under such conditions. Breivik would have waited till he found the right people and then discussed openly about his thoughts feelings and intentions and they would have then directed him towards their mutual bigger agenda – The willing sacrifice

Harnessing the horse and directing it.

Or Breivik was recruited to a false Order of Knights Templar’s, so if this is true then there are others out there which means this is a conspiracy and not a “lone wolf”. A group of people who recruited him and directed his political and ideological convictions that resulted in July 22nd 2011 to further their mutual goals. It’s just a case of who are they? Government backed or wanna be extreme right-wing political activists and terrorists looking to wage a terror campaign against left-wing governments in Europe?

Recruiting an impressionable young man to what he believed was an Order of Knights and then filling his head with “what they wanted” was always going to eventually produce Anders Breivik the terrorist, if he was ever recruited to such a thing by men also driven to commit such acts with their similar political ideological convictions when he was 22.

He might have been a 'lone wolf' on the day but to say in the scale of things that there were no other accomplices is a little hard to believe, especially because Breivik had actively travelled to seek out these people. He was not an obscure recluse like the American uni-bomber who did not speak to anyone throughout the duration of his political bombing campaign because he was, in the definition of the word, a recluse. Breivik on the other hand was different, he was an active grass roots activist with his face in several crowds meeting different people, and even being a part of the NDL at the beginning of its inception, and travelling to the UK to attend EDL demos - In the thick of it in other words

He also made direct contact with Fraudman who is mentioned 111 times inside the manifesto, with it even named after one of his essays.

You can only wonder whether or not they ever had non-electronic traceable communication considering they both live in Norway, and whether or not Fraudman & Co would have been willing to harness the Breivik horse for their mutual political agenda?

You only have to look through Fraudman’s compendium of essays to answer that question.

Fraudman’s essays are the justification for Breivik’s acts and if you look around the web, most Fraudman supporters are justifying the acts, just like fundamentalist moslems do after Al Qaeda commits a terrorist atrocity.

The writing is on the wall as they say.

Everyone within the spiders web mentioned inside the manifesto have been Breivik’s influences that’s why they are there, so that his “2083” followers can turn to them for ideological guidance now he has blasted his/their vision into susceptible right-wing thinking minds across the world via the internet with the blood soaked and cursed manifesto. Just like Al Qaeda towards the moslem world after 9/11. Does that type of ingenuity strike you as the mind of a ‘madman’ created in his bedroom on his own?

You can pull the other one if you do…

The question is, who is the spider/spiders in the middle of that web who directed Anders Breivik and has the bigger picture of the players and the goals within their field of operations?

I was falsely accused of being that spider and I am not even a part of that web, not even being mentioned inside the manifesto itself, yet I conveniently took all the media and police heat at the very beginning straight after the terrorist attack.

Blatant set up but by who? Breivik alone sitting in his bedroom for no apparent reason because I don’t even know him, or the spider/spiders within that web surrounding all of those mentioned inside the manifesto?

Further reading: Yaxley & Lakes finger pointing

I even have individuals within that web openly talking about murdering me, which shows what is the intent within their heart towards me. Someone who is central to the leadership of the extreme right-wing EDL, so has a large pool of brain dead recruits to choose from and the money to pay them, but no class to pull it off.

I think it’s about time those strands holding up that web around the spider/spiders started to break free for your own sakes now you have the chance. You cannot hide from the truth, no matter how many lies you tell because truth stands under the light, and lies are exposed for exactly what they are which then makes you complicit in a court of law it’s called ‘perverting the course of justice’ that carries a heavy prison sentance running into years and not months. Also one of your own is talking about murdering me which makes you complicit in my eyes and I know who you all are and where some of you live.

Didn’t Fraudman hide his computer as well? If that does not say “GUILTY” of something in the eyes of most people considering the gravity of Breivik’s crimes and the level of the subsequent investigation, then I don’t know. I wonder what a jury would think about that action in context.

We will see who bites the hardest, only my bite does not involve a bunch of unarmed innocent kids on a summer camp.

Makes me laugh how obvious it all is. Yet I’m still hung out to dry with the label as Breivik’s English ‘mentor’ by the Norwegian authorities and worlds media. God help Norway if you cannot even investigate such a conspiracy and come up with the truth for the Norwegian people when it’s staring you in the face, and do the honourable thing when called upon which is to publicly state what you know is the truth, that I am not Breivik’s English ‘mentor’ so I can move on with my life.

Then start interrogating those who are currently hiding from you like the rats that they turned out to be.

You never know, I might be completely right about my view because Breivik being a ‘lone wolf’ does not add up in most people’s minds, and why would people be talking about murdering me if they had nothing to hide?

The Norwegian psychologists are trying to work out whether or not Breivik is sane or insane before he goes to trial. It is stated that they are even going as far as wanting to give him a brain scan, anything to prove he is a ‘madman’ and ‘insane’, then it’s probably easier to understand than just accept he is a rational extreme right-wing terrorist and part of a larger network with intent.

Something Norway has probably never had to comprehend before.

If he was a ‘lone wolf’ who created everything in his bedroom without telling a single soul then he is definitely a ‘madman’ and ‘insane’, genius but insane just like the uni-bomber. Although we know Pamella Geller had an email from him in 2007, if it was from him. If not there is another Breivik sitting in Norway with a large cache of weaponry ready to explode just like Breivik. He was also in direct communication with Fraudman and was attending EDL demos in the UK where the likely suspects were all present, so not telling a single soul or not committing his acts on behalf of others is hard to believe especially because the manifesto is there for everyone to read with Breivik having direct communication with some of them inside, not least Fraudman.

There is enough evidence contrary to the stated opinion of ‘lone wolf’, even if he was economical with the truth with parts of what he said within the manifesto. Some of that was bravado for his followers to make out he and things are bigger than they seem, it’s called propaganda, and other bits to lead the police away from the truth which is tactical.

There are key truths in there though, that I know without ever having read it because why go to the trouble of compiling a 1500 page manifesto, emailing it to 1000 people and then committing the terrorist acts? Unless he is insane and nothing adds up and it’s all a complete fantasy and murdering those kids was just to fulfill his lust for murder. But we know thats not true because he has political and ideological justification for his acts.

To class Breivik as insane would not do justice to the dead and their families because Breivik was far from insane, and the proof of that point is that no one can conclude yet whether he is or not. It is not usually very hard to determine whether or not someone is sane or insane when committing a criminal act.

These 2 examples are insane example 1 - example 2

Breivik did not commit a run of the mill murder or criminal act, he committed an act of political terrorism and it should be viewed in that light. He can justify his actions based upon Fraudman’s essays and the writings of many others mentioned within the manifesto which means his actions are based around other people’s thoughts and opinions. Are they insane? No they just never crossed the line; Breivik was the horse to do that job while they do theirs.

Are the many people around the world who agree with Breivik insane? No they can justify it ideologically and politically just like Breivik, only Breivik was the one who “came forward with his opinion” as Irish tommy boy stated. It’s the extreme far-right mindset, just like those who still glory in Hitler today who gassed and murdered millions of people.

We cannot comprehend how someone can commit such an act like Breivik’s so we automatically say ‘insane’ without looking at it in context, because most of us do not care, we read it label the person ‘insane’ and move on with our lives. Only those looking trying to understand are seeking to work it out whilst looking at Breivik and his actions in context.

Was Hitler insane? The Third Reich and the millions of German Nazi’s didn’t think so at the time he was gassing millions of Jews and declaring war on Nations. Or where they all insane like him? Rightly or wrongly they could justify it in context of the bigger picture which is why they supported him – Politically, ideologically and physically.

Exactly the same as with Anders Breivik.

This was not a random murder like the 2 examples above, this was a pre-meditated well thought out and planned terrorist attack against Norway with Breivik himself able to justify it based upon what he knows more than what we know, about the group of people he has been involved with over the years who support him and his actions.

That’s why he continually states he views his actions as an act of war and that he is at war, which was the whole purpose of the terrorist attack in the beginning. It was a “Declaration of European Independence” a “Declaration of War” Someone has declared a terrorist campaign using Breivik as the first of what could be perceived by some, as a ‘soldier’ in this war who has sacrificed his life for the cause. The mainstream majority of any Country would call him a terrorist plain and simple.

The question is; Who?

The IRA bombers who targeted Omagh in Northern Ireland, killing scores of people and wounding many more, do we say they are insane because of their actions? Of course not they are terrorists who can justify their acts politically and ideologically, just like Breivik.

Anders Breivik declared war on behalf of someone/group and they are the ones left on the outside to carry on the agenda, politically and physically when they find another horse to direct just like Breivik. Irish tommy boy of the EDL is already threatening similar attacks against the UK population on prime time TV, so you work out for yourself whether or not there are many more horses to be found within Britain inside the EDL, and why Breivik links back to the EDL?

Breivik committed his terrorist acts and then pointed to the EDL, kind of like passing the baton for those who are to come after him targeting innocent people in Britain in the name of their extreme right-wing political agenda.

Its just who is going to be the one to stand up first and follow suit.

tommy’s & co’s motley crew are enemies of all civilised society, and many of them are starting to wake up and realise this fact and leaving the group. Those that don’t never will, and they are your Breivik’s in Britain, they just have not found their way into the spiders hands yet, although some might have already? Who knows?

We know they are already threatening and intimidating people and talking about murdering me amongst other things so nothing is beyond the realms of possibility with this bunch, and there is more information to come.

We will see who the last man standing is…

Queen & Country…No Surrender

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