30 April 2007

Prophetic picture of Truth – British Lions & Moslem terrorists

Christian perspective

Please click on image to read the front page of my local Sunday newspaper.

On the front page of my local paper you will see a picture of the Lions that are housed at Whipsnade Zoo, the zoo is located very near to the Old pub which is now an Indian restaurant that had the Red Cross painted on it.

You will also see on the newspaper by the side of the Lions picture in red which has details regarding the arrest of Luton Terrorist Mr. Khan along with Islam’s UK mouth Abu Izzadeen. The Dhimmi Sunday paper that is probably over flowing with Moslems working for it mentions how the community is complaining because Mr Khan has a Mother and disabled brother that he cares for.

If Mr. Khan was that worried about his mother and brother then he should not have been involved in murderous Radical Islamic activity aimed against the innocent British public in Luton.

These people threaten the National Security of Our country and then when arrested for their crimes the wider Moslem community come out in public to try and put pressure on the Police and Government through fear and intimidation seeking to force them to release these terrorists back onto Our streets.

Do the crime do the time is the British way…

The British security services, Police and those in Government with a bit of backbone who have finally acted against certain individuals should be saluted for their hard work, dedication and bravery in protecting us the innocent population of Britain and we should all say Thank you, not now squeeze them because the Moslem community does not like them arresting Radical war mongering Moslem terrorists.

Where is the thank you or support in Our local paper for those who carried out these arrests? No where, what we have is – poor Mr. Khan has been arrested and he has a sick mother and brother – TUFFMoslem Terrorists have no place in Our society and the British people Thank the police and security services for protecting them and their children from these unenlightened savages.

Why I say that the front page is a prophetic picture is because you have Lions and Terrorists on the same page and if you read my articles you will know that I have taken on the writing name LionHeart because the Lion which is the king of the animal world is a representation of the Anglo Saxon men whose country this is and is the name given to Richard the LionHeart who was one of Our greatest military crusaders who defeated the devil worshipping Moslem commander Saladin. Britain is Our domain and there are Lions roaming the streets across England who are contained by the authorities from protecting themselves from the Moslem wolves who are attacking, killing, raping, impregnating and destroying the community with the sole purpose of taking over and enforcing an Islamic way of life upon Britain. The picture on the front page along with the details of Abu Izzadeens arrest typifies the situation on the ground here where I live.

The Lions contained within the community who respect the rule of law sit watching the Moslem wolves on a daily basis as they destroy British children’s lives, break down society, intimidate the vulnerable and declare that the United Kingdom is going to be an Islamic Kingdom.

Just like the workmen who fell into the Lions den at Whipsnade Zoo is like every Jihadi Moslem in this country who are being protected from the British Lions by the authorities. Big and bold on the front page you have the Lions and their den, and then to the side you have the Moslem terrorists who the authorities are protecting from the Lions.

It will not be long before the Lions are released to protect their pride and when that happens the rule of the streets will change because at this moment in time with the Lions contained by the authorities the Moslems rule the streets and are destroying Britain, killing Our youth and destroying society.

I have written about Abu Izzadeen, Luton Moslem Khan mafia, Allah’s Luton militia and what is happening on the ground here in Luton and surrounding areas extensively and now on the front page we have the people I have spoken out against and Lions which we the men of England represent.

I thank God for re-enforcing by belief and the way I view what is happening all around me.

The Lions of England await their gatekeeper so that the doors of their enclosures can be opened so that they can help protect the Mothers & children within the community from the ravenous wolves of the Islamic Kingdom who are destroying their pastures.

In His service


p.s I have just noticed the time in which this was first posted to my blog, I have several other articles posted at similar times.


Anonymous said...


In a case which is revoltingly reminiscent of the torture and mutilation of Kriss Donald (tongue cut out, eyeballs gouged out, castrated, stabbed 13 times, and finally set on fire whilst still alive - see http://www.amren.com/mtnews/archives/2004/11/racist_coward_h.php ) three Christians have been Satanically tortured and mutilated to death in the name of Allah.

"The men were disemboweled, and their intestines sliced up in front of their eyes. They were emasculated and watched as those body parts were destroyed. .... fingers were chopped off and their noses and mouths and anuses were sliced open as part of what it called "satanic torture." Tilman was stabbed 156 times, Necati 99 times and Ugur’s stabs were too numerous to count. Finally, their throats were sliced from ear to ear, and their "heads practically decapitated." . From http://www.spcm.org/Journal/spip.php?article10120

Of course, our dhimmified, petrodollar-bribed politicians will never admit that such hideous crimes are an inevitable consequence of the fundamental beliefs of Islam, which teaches implacable hatred of the 'Kaffir pigs and monkeys' from infancy onwards.

Expect more of this kind of thing. But don't expect it to be reported in the MSM.

Steve Harkonnen said...

Lionheart, a month ago, I sent an email to the Luton council about your website, alerting them that there were terrorists amidst in their town and that they should take action. I don't know if this helped or not because they never wrote back. However, the link was sent to them, and we can only hope it at least brings attention to your awareness.

I was out of blogging for a while due to a dispute I had with another blogger. I am back again. I hope to visit your site more often.

I'll now read more of your posts in between work moments here. Glad to see you're still in the fight, my friend.


Anonymous said...

Lionheart, let us hope that the Jihadist all fall to the Lions of England...

Always On Watch said...

Where is the thank you or support in Our local paper for those who carried out these arrests? No where...

To a lesser extent, we see a similar phenomenon here in the States.

Also, here in the States, many stories about jihadism are never mentioned in the mainstream media. So many of the people remain ignorant about the threat we're facing!

9/11 could not be swept under the rug. Neither could 7/7. But the smaller incidents are!