27 April 2007

The British Cloak of Injustice

”Life in Britain at the start of the 21st Century”

As you are reading this there is a War raging under the surface of British society for the Heart & Soul of Our once Great Nation – The United Kingdom or Great Britain as it is commonly known around the world. The innocent British, Scottish, Irish and Welsh people whose Land and Nation this is are being forced at every opportunity into giving their way of life up and handing it over to foreign powers, whether born here or abroad who are actively creating a foreign reality within British life that is being forced upon us and Our children against Our will.

We are then forced against our will to accept these new living conditions and grow into this false non-British reality that is alien to us, our children and Our forefathers.

If living in Britain at the start of the 21st Century is as bad as what I and others have experienced it to be, then believe me things can only get a whole lot worse as the cancerous Islamic problems grow, fester and mutate. Unless a large enough amount of people wake up to the sick condition Our country is in and the threat we are facing and stop ignoring the problems in society then we might as well all give up trying to make a better place for Our children and our children’s children and live out the rest of our lives in safety, security and comfort somewhere else and leave the problems to the next generation, Our Children’s generation, who will then have to try and pick up the pieces of Our failure, neglect, ignorance and weakness. By then it will be too late though because Islam will have conquered Our land and England will be another Islamic State ruled by Sharia law, as parts of it already are.

Let us hope and pray that Wales, Scotland and Ireland hold out and come to Our dying rescue if things do get that bad in the years that are ahead.

Our children’s futures and the future generations of this Nation is what is at stake and the more God lifts up the carpet of reality to show me what is underneath the worse the situation becomes that I see Britain facing.

Anarchy is raging openly and behind the scenes, and it is the innocent of this generation who are the ones suffering, being aggressively targeted by all the greedy power hungry forces of evil at every level of life who are serving each others evil agenda’s.

It is all of Our society, well, those of us who are living in Britain who are not actively trying to change the British way of life into an Islamic one (those that are should be arrested and deported for treason) and we all have a responsibility to help make Our living environment a safe and secure place for the innocent and vulnerable people living side by side of us and for the future generations who are to come. This is what Our forefathers fought and died for over many years and is the environment and society they created and handed to us their descendents to live in after the Second World War, which in this generation is being stolen from us, right before Our very eyes.

British Law & Justice system
The British law and justice system was created and has evolved over centuries of civilized progressive society for the protection of the law abiding British citizens who live throughout the United Kingdom. Our laws and justice system which ultimately includes Prison is the cloak surrounding Our Nation and people on the ground throughout our country that is supposed to protect the vulnerable and innocent, and punish the unjust who threaten the safety and security of the innocent. This invisible cloak of security that the people of the United Kingdom live under is completely useless and obsolete when it comes to the invading army of Jihadi Moslems who are encamped deep within mainland Britain conducting Jihad. The Moslem kingdom does not recognize our way of life and laws because it is contrary to Islam because Moslems believe that Sharia law which is Allah’s law is supreme and all other ways of life and laws are imperfect and meaningless in the light of Islam.

The invisible cloak surrounding us is also null and void when you have corrupt ministers of the law who are aiding and abetting criminals for their own selfish greedy gain who are in turn working alongside and helping the invading Moslem army.

Moslems living in Britain live with our free democratic cloak surrounding them and when caught breaking the laws of our land are punished according to our laws and justice but still do not recognize our cloak because it is not a Moslem cloak so is viewed as unjust treatment towards Moslems because it is not Allah’s law - Sharia. They live with our cloak surrounding them but do not recognize the cloak so conduct themselves as Islam teaches them too, which is to live out Jihad against the infidels until Sharia law becomes the cloak surrounding all the people, this is an immovable fact and truth within Islam.

Moslems in Britain live completely separate from normal non-Moslem British citizens when in their own communities. When in their own communities they are surrounded by their cloak of Islam - Sharia law - with its own laws and ways and then go out from there on a daily basis interacting with mainstream non-Moslem Britain conducting Jihad against society with the ultimate aim of enforcing their Islamic cloak of Sharia law upon the whole nation and people not just their communities.

So we now have two kingdoms within the one country with completely opposite views on life with one of these kingdoms which is completely alien to the host kingdom now actively at war on every level working towards the enforcement of their way upon everybody. Islam cannot live side by side with non-Moslems because Islam teaches that Islam is supreme so everybody must submit to it and Moslem dominance.

Islam views non-Moslem land as a war zone which they call Dar al-Harb and as a perceived divine command laid out in the Koran they have to, by all means necessary, convert the land from Dar al-Harb (house of war) to Dar al-Islam which means the House of Islam. Until they achieve their goal of converting the land into Moslem rule they must go to war through Jihad at every single level of life until Islam breaks down the social structures of life and reigns supreme, with the non-Moslem people having no alternative but to submit to Allah under Sharia law. Because of this view and conduct the British prison system is over flowing with Moslems due to their violent conduct against peaceful British society, so if you have problems with Moslems and end up in prison then rest assured there is no escaping the Moslem Jihadi’s who are locked up with you, probably in the cell next door. The prison system is also prime recruiting ground for Islam because Moslems in prison embrace vulnerable non-Moslem men and bring them into the fold and prison gang through conversion, with the ultimate aim of building their army of Jihad fighters to continue Islam’s aims of conquest against British society when in the outside world, exactly like we see from the actions of one of the 7/7 suicidal psychopathic murderers who was a prison convert.

The Moslem kingdom in Britain is at war with non-Moslem British society and almost everybody is sitting back letting it happen or even helping them on their way to conquering our land. This is the madness of the situation we on the ground in the UK are facing with our government also acting as subservient Dhimmi’s giving the Moslem kingdom more of their demands and handing more ground to them.

Our British laws and justice system are tedious momentary conditions within society that Moslems have to work and live around whilst conducting Jihad for Allah until they fulfill Islam’s aims on their quest to conquer our land and people, thus enforcing Sharia law upon the whole population.

Every Moslem is a Jihadi to some degree because it is a prerequisite to being a Moslem, so in one way or another each and every one of them is at war with non-Moslem Britain and prison is an occupational hazard for the military wing. If a non-Moslem citizen of the United Kingdom protects himself against Jihadi Moslems who are intent on killing him, destroying his family or stealing his property, he will then face the full force of the cloak surrounding the British people and will certainly end up in prison paying a very high price for protecting himself and those around him within his own land and in his own home from Moslem soldiers who are hell bent on killing him and ultimately taking his country over. This is the in-Justice non-Moslem British people face in the 21st Century, Moslems at war with no regard for the British way of life and the laws protecting the innocent non-Moslem population, and the innocent non-Moslem population unable to protect themselves because of the laws in place protecting the Moslems. It is crazy and no wonder the United Kingdom is sleep walking into the abyss of Islam because the British people who are the ones who are the ultimate defenders of this Great Land cannot protect and defend themselves from the invading army of Moslems because if they do they will end up being arrested as criminals and pay a very high price for their justified actions and will certainly be placed in prison, amongst a prison population which is overflowing with Moslem soldiers and their Heroin addicted slaves. Where I live in Luton & Dunstable we are forced to just accept Moslem intimidation, drug dealing, pedophilia, rapes and dominance which leaves the whole community in complete fear (Dhimmitude) of the Moslem community. The Moslem army of Jihadi’s then have an unhindered reign of the community doing exactly as they please without fear because they believe they are carrying out Allah’s will.

The British people are screwed unless things change and the longer this is left then the more likely that Islam in the UK will achieve its aims of conquest, aims that the whole Moslem community has no problem openly declaring.

I thank God that He is releasing His cloak to surround and protect His people.


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