24 April 2007

Moslem master's & Christian sex slave within England

Take a read of this article over at Drakes drum

A young Czech girl bought for £50 by a Moslem master and then used as a sex slave for his restaurant employee's. This is the type of barbarity we are forced to put up with because of the Moslem kingdom living upon Our land.

I pray the God will uncover more of this abuse and help those effected by it.


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Anonymous said...

You should see the looks on the faces of the Eastern Europeans living in a Luton street, just the other day, as two young Muslim kids swanked past them in a new Ferrari sports car.
Just where does someone so young get the money for a car like that? As if we need to ask.
When are the criminal assets seizure laws going to be used to clean this mess up?
I tell you the Poles and Czechs, etc, are not too pleased with what they find here, even though many have to live in houses these gangsters own.