28 April 2007

UK Double standards - Islamic banking

Another step along with the other steps that are already in place towards the Islamification of Great Britain.

The double standards of British non-Moslem banking and now Moslem banking.

I wonder if we non-Moslem British citizens can have the tax breaks that Moslem Sharia banking recieves.

Read the disgusting double standards here - Shari'a Banking In The UK

Courtesy of Always on Watch



Anonymous said...


Could you please explain exactly what tax breaks that Moslem Sharia banking recieves which non-muslims don't receive in the UK?

I always thought that the tax breaks that Islamic banking has received in the UK is becuase Islamic Banking was at a tax disadvantage to conventional banking.

So for example, in 2003 the finance act abolished double stamp duty on Home finance because muslims were paying stamp duty twice, once when the bank bought the house and then when the customer bought the hosue from the bank. In an equivalent conventional transaction, the stamp duty would only be paid once. Therefore muslims were at a disadvantage.

Eagerly await a response.

Steve Harkonnen said...

Could you please explain exactly what tax breaks that Moslem Sharia banking recieves which non-muslims don't receive in the UK?

While I cannot speak for the British banking system and Muslim Sharia law, I can account that the same thing is happening here in America. Fannie Mae, a home lending corporation, grants Muslims interest-free loans for mortgages. Because of their religion, they get this tax break, which is, in my views, legally unfair to those citizens who are not Muslims.

I myself am tempted to test the waters. I may pretend I am a Muslim and apply for a loan. If they come back and tell me "sorry, we found out you are not a Muslim" I may sue Fannie Mae for discrimination.

And THAT should be the remedy that non-Muslim British nationals should take in the case of the Muslims getting off on a free tax break.

Sorry Anon, Muslims are getting off far too easily and should be subjected to the same system as the Brits.

Anonymous said...

Interest free yes - cost free no. The was the transaction works is that the bank will buy the property. It will then sell the property to its customer with a mark up. The mark up is a profit for the bank which it charges instead of interest. So the tansaction does not have any tax breaks!

Please do try to take out a loan and you will find that they are more expensive than conventional loans. I am sure Fanne mae will have no issues with you using this transaction because it is more profitable for them.