20 April 2007

Public Enemy No.1 - The case for his removal

I have just heard news that Public Enemy No.1 Dave Shar sent 2 Luton Moslems around a local Dunstable mans house (whom I know) to deal with him for Shar and he ended up killing one and wounding the other and is now serving a life sentence for defending himself - British Justice aye - They should have known that to go round this mans house with anything less than a gun is stupid which is what they found out, but see how Mr Shar gets others to do his dirty work for him because he cannot do it himself.

I also found out that he nearly killed his young girlfriend who has now had to go into hiding because of him. Poor young lady to have got mixed up with this beast, we hope that it has not effected her young son too much and that they will both recover from the trauma of having this Moslem savage in their lives who has no problems beating women almost to the point of death. This is the second woman who I know he has treated in this way with both having to move away for their safety.

The clock is ticking on Shar and we all wait for the alarm to ring to announce his removal - it is nearer than people think.

He also has friends within the local Police who help him, come on we are not stupid, only with this help could this Moslem beast get away with everything he has for so long. Mark my words God will reveal all and when He does those who have the power to act must act otherwise they will be removed. The police know everything anyway so why they have not acted already and stopped covering for their corrupt colleagues is beyond me, that behaviour makes them no better and makes them a part of the rotten apple crate that needs removing for the safety of the community.

Luke 8:17 For nothing is secret that shall not be made manifest; neither any thing hid that shall not be known and come abroad.


Geoff said...

These bastards are living on borrowed time. We shall not falter.

God Bless.

Lionheart said...

That borrowed time is almost up.

Lets hope that those who do the job will be applauded and not arrested.

God bless


Unknown said...

are you serious all theis talk of dave shar the man is a coward and not worth the breath he hides behind hard people bully young men and is a pathetic man getting old ... please stop this talk helives in a council house used to drive a bently but couldnt afford the repayments and when there is any kinda talk of one on one he turnes away and scammpers of he aint worth the breath belive ... you no me davew yes me i cam ya flat remember and ya coulour turned yellow till ya mate turn up ya yellow and we no it

Lionheart said...

yawn yawn yawn Gary

You have no clue as to what you are talking about, when you do then come back and say something of interest, till then go back to your bag of cocaine and steroids.

What flat aswell, id like to know?

more lies from Shar supporters, you should stick on a turban and go live in a the desert, you might get more out of talking to the camels, they have no choice but to be your friend and listen to you.

Intefering with things that do not concern you.

Trying to prove your manhood by calling me yellow, ha

Another traitor comes out into the light.