24 April 2007

A Glimmer of Light - Abu Izzadeen arrested

It seems my blog is open again for a while.

I wrote an article several months back entitled Islams UK mouthpiece - Abu Izzadeen.

Since then he has been arrested and then released but now it seems someone somewhere in Government have received a bit of backbone from somewhere and have finally arrested him and removed him from British streets, hopefully for good this time. Why this Moslem savage was allowed to continue walking the streets after his words and actions towards the British people is any ones guess.

He was arrested this morning in early morning dawn raids under anti-terror laws along with several other Islamic foot-soldiers and surprise surprise one of those arrested was from Luton where I live.

Details can be found here:- Daily Mail

He is lucky the London criminal world never removed him - Maybe Jesus has a plan for His life considering he was a Christian and has a praying Christian family behind him. If not we long for the day he is removed for good never to show his ugly Moslem face on our tv and computer screens again.

In His service



Anonymous said...

Yes, a little backbone is all it takes! Is the Blair government trying to catch up with public opinion, before he goes? better late than never, though I hope there is more than just the upcoming elections as the motivation! They are sh*t scared of the bnp picking up even more council seats, I imagine.

Fidothedog said...

ABout time he was nicked.

Anonymous said...

BNP must take the christian stance to get the church/grey vote,they are tarnished(too quickly)with the racist brush,the word must be spread .

Always On Watch said...

May this glimmer of hope become a bright light!