25 April 2007

Typical Moslem peadophile cruising Our streets targeting Our children

Take a read of this article over at The Home of the Green Arrow

A 13 year old child picked up off of the streets and raped by a Moslem man.

When these people are punished by the British people you will understand why, what would you do if these Islamic monsters were targeting your children? The most vulnerable in Our Christian society.

In His service



Anonymous said...

With you all the way lionheart,there is no alternative to the BNP in my honest opinion,i live in an area very similar to yours,however its the middle classes who dont live nor work near these vermin who keep voting the likes of blair /cameron in.

Always On Watch said...

I wondering...How much of this is going on in the United States? So often, the crime reports released to the public do not reveal ethnicity or "religious" affiliation.