3 April 2007

Heroin - The Golden Sword of Jihad

Heroin - The Golden Sword of Jihad

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This film which has recently been aired on American TV confirms my claims about Islams Heroin Jihad in the UK. Hassan Butt who is the 'wolf in sheeps clothing' claims that his Moslem network saw it as a tactical move using Heroin as a weapon of War against non-Moslems.

How many people do you know talking about tactical 'War' moves? 'None' because thinking like this is completely alien to non-Moslem British people. This shows the difference between the two kingdoms living in the one country and is the reason why people need to wake up to the threat that surrounds them.

'The Golden Sword of Jihad'

This is the un-edited version which was first published on Israpundit.

Bin Laden and Ayman Alzwahiri who are Al qaedas military strategists are sitting on a gold mine in Afghanistan in which to conduct there apocalyptic ambitions against America the Great Satan, Israel the little Satan and the Western world.

There are many fronts in a guerilla war and when you control almost all of the worlds supply of Heroin then I am sure you are going to use this commodity to your advantage in this war and flood the streets of your enemy with this highly addictive drug, which will kill our youth, destroy sections of the community, cause massive social problems, silent but sure devastation, making extremely large amounts of money in the process and then turn that money back into Jihad against the enemy. So with Heroin Bin Laden is in a win win situation. He is injecting Heroin into our Youth culture, destroying parts of our communities and country and making vast amounts of money in the process which is then used to finance and support other terrorist activity and Terrorist support networks against us.

It is estimated that Bin Laden sits on top of the Worlds Heroin trade which is estimated at an annual $6 billion dollars. It is said that it is from these proceeds that he has built up his Nuclear capabilities in which to fight America and the West.

It is common knowledge that after the Cold war when Russian society collapsed that many from within the military complex including the Nuclear Scientists sold there services to the highest bidder which at that time were the Islamic Fundementalists like MR AQ Khan of Pakistan and Bin Laden. It is also common knowledge that that there were a quantity of mini suitcase nuclear bombs that have also gone missing and are un-accounted for which where said to have been stolen and traded by the Russian mafia who are made up of ex Russian soldiers and KGB officers in exchange for Heroin. The Russian mafia at that time then became the worlds supplier of Heroin. From the fields of Afghanistan into the hands of the Russian Mafia then distributed around the world for cash and in exchange for commodities like weapons, cocaine and the like. Before the Heroin lands in the hands of the global distributors, it is taken out of Afghanistan and then through into Pakistan where it is then dispersed around the world.

Let’s remember that Afghanistan, the Taliban and Al qaeda are all enemies of the West and the majority of Pakistan is also against the West as both of these 2 countries are Extremist Muslim countries.

There are rumblings in the intelligence community about Al qaedas American Hiroshima plans and how they have the nuclear capability to carry out this threat. We must all recognize that this isn’t unsubstantiated threats by Al qaeda. They have the finance, they have the people, they have the will and most importantly from there view point they have an Islamic decree giving them permission in the eyes of Islam to kill a minimum of 4 million Americans. We must wake up to this fact that is now in our reality.

It is believed that the MS13 street gang are the ones who have helped the Islamists smuggle there weapons into the U.S. There is no safer sure way of getting anything of that nature into America other than through the border with Mexico. The Islamists know this that is why they have targeted and aligned themselves with MS13. MS13 is a street gang in America who over the past several years have exploded onto the scene of American culture as the number one street gang throughout the U.S. This next bit is my speculation of the how’s and whys of the situation: MS13 is a street gang who make money from street activity where drug dealing is the number one financier of gangs. If you wanted to get weapons into America through the Mexico border who’s help would you want to enlist?? The criminals who know the terrain and who know how to smuggle equipment into the U.S. What would you give this gang in exchange for their help?? You could pay them cash, lets say for an example $100,000 or if you have another commodity that doesn’t cost you anything other than transport costs and the gang could turn that commodity into $500,000 instead of $100,000 cash, what is the best option?? The best option for both parties would be the exchange of the commodity which in this case would have to be Heroin. If you was Al qaeda looking at the landscape, who would you chose to help you?? They obviously have chosen MS13 and now MS13 as a street gang are at epidemic levels throughout many parts of America and Mexico. In my estimation MS13 have traded there services for Heroin and are now taking over gang culture in America using Heroin as a major financier of there ambitions, for MS13 it is like getting in bed with the Devil.

Lets remember though that Islam seeks the destruction of all non-believers of which the MS13 street gangs are made up of. Lets remember that the MS13 street gang come from a Catholic heritage so lets hope and pray that people within the MS13 organisation see the light and come forward to help the expose Islam’s hold of America and join the fight against radical Islam because all of our futures and children’s futures including their’s are at stake here.

England is no different except it seems that Bin Laden wants to nuke America first then he will turn his attention on the rest of us. In Britain there is an epidemic of Heroin abuse and the effects that it has on communities. We have slums that are no go areas due to drugs and our prison population is at bursting point because of the increase of crime upon our society. Heroin is a major factor in our social problems throughout the country.

Where does the Heroin come from?? Afghanistan through Pakistan and ends up on our streets.

Bin Ladens General in the UK Diren Barot several years ago outlined his plans to bring down our country and one of the weapons he reffered to under "chemical warfare", is street drugs, Heroin and Crack cocaine. So in Bin Ladens own words he is using Heroin as a weapon of war against us. Killing our Youth and making vast sums of money in the process. So if you deal drugs with Muslims then you are a supporter of terror against the West and an enemy of the civilized world.

In the U.K I live in the county of Bedfordshire and within this area you have several towns all joined to one another. Luton was where the 7/7 bombers got on there train before going off on there murderous mission in London. Luton housed one of the most radical extremist groups in the U.K that was aligned with Omar Bakri and the man with the hook Abu Hamza also lived here for about 10 years before moving to the now world Famous Finsbury Park mosque. One other important fact that helps substantiate my claims here is, if you can remember the Danish cartoon protests in London there was a Muslim individual who blatantly wore a suicide vest which was an act of complete hatred towards my country and the survivors of 7/7. He was subsequently arrested and it was found out that he had just been released from a 5 year prison sentence for selling Heroin & Crack cocaine and you would never believe it but he lives in Bedford, in Bedfordshire which is about 10 miles from Central Luton right where I live.

I have lived in Luton and surrounding areas all of my life so know exactly what is happening on the street level. Unlike America our housing estates are lot smaller and we don’t have different gangs controlling them, we have the local population and its natural order of things. In Luton you have a very large Pakistani Muslim community who are the ones who control things on the streets in Luton. Lets remember here that the 3 of the 7/7 bombers were of British Pakistani origin and they spent time in Luton before departing for London. There have also been many anti terrorism arrests in Luton and we have had local Pakistani British born Muslims from Luton who have died fighting against our troops in Afghanistan and Iraq.

The Pakistani Muslims of Luton control the drugs trade and are pumping Heroin and Crack out into the community and surrounding areas. Destroying the youth and destroying certain living areas because of the destruction that Heroin causes. Drugs are on sale 24 hours a day and the gangs enlist the help of local taxi firms in which to drive their drugs around in safety for them. These Pakistani Muslims also buy up all the local fast food shops and taxi firms to wash there drug money through because they are cash business’. The Mulims have taken over Luton which is the reason why the Islamic leaders allowed the bombers to tell the world that they supported the bombers and their actions by letting them set off on there journey from central Luton. The 7/7 bombers must have had permission from someone in Luton to have been able to set out on their mission from here.

The Pakistani Muslims of Luton have taken over Luton and are spreading further a field to take over other areas and expand there power base. They are using Heroin and Crack cocaine as one weapon to do this with. It kills us and makes them extremely large amounts of money in the process. They cannot lose.

Because I saw the threat that the Muslims pose with there drugs I have been actively helping where I can to counteract that threat. Well over year ago now I went forward to the Police with information about a Muslim drug dealer who was pumping his drugs into my community. He was subsequently arrested due to my evidence corroborating with someone else’s. I didn’t think anymore of it until one day I received a threatening phone call where I was told "your going to get a knife in your fat white belly" by a Muslim youth and I then receive information back to me from a friend who buys Heroin off of these people that they say "I grassed one of there people up", "I wear the cloak of religion" and that "I am going to be meeting God soon". This gang call themselves "The Gambinos" after the American crime family, the thought does come to mind, do they deal Heroin with these in America?? Let’s hope not as the Italian/American mafia come from a Catholic heritage so they should be with us in this war and not the Muslims. All of our futures are at stake here including the Mafias.

My name and also the name of the other person who came forward with the information has ended up in the hands of these Muslim gangsters. I had to move home, shut my shop and am bankrupt now because of this situation. The Muslim who was arrested spent less than a year in prison and is now back out selling his drugs and has bough a fast food shop to wash his drug money through.

I gave several warnings to the police in my dealings with them about a Policeman who I believed was corrupt, who I can link to these Muslims gangsters. My name and the other persons name ended up on the street in the hands of Muslim criminals from somewhere.

I am living in a Hot LZ and need help.

Unless people wake up to the threat that surrounds them then we are all sleep walking into destruction at the hands of these Muslims whose only aim is to take over and implement Sharia Law.

If people cannot join the dots then what hope is there. Afghanistan, Pakistan, Luton, 7/7 bombers, British Pakistanis, Danish cartoon suicide bomber, Abu Hamza, Omar Bakri, Al mujaharoon and the continued expansion of there drug empires.

All this concerning Luton where I live.

The situation in Luton is no different from anywhere else in the country or the world where Heroin is being sold. Ultimately the money is going into the hands of the fighters of Jihad, no matter what way the Heroin situation is being played out, it is being controlled by Bin Laden, used by Bin Laden and is a weapon of mass destruction destroying our youth culture and submitting us into the hands of Muslims.

Heroin is Bin Laden’s most effective weapon, it is silent, it is destructive and it is extremely profitable.

Pray that God gives us the Victory in the battle over the curse of Heroin.



Anonymous said...


If this be true, it would explain why Bin Laden and his minions have not made a major move in years. After 9/11 he has had his line desimated and needed to rebuild and obtain the brain power to actually prepare and use nuclear weapons. Excellent post, very informative, keep it up.

Anonymous said...

My Christian Friend

Whatever you have written are assertions of media. If you want to know the truth than you have to declassify the CIA files relating to Afghan war. These will tell who are the real culprits.

Your sincerely


The Green Arrow said...

Lionheart are you getting my emails?

Highest Infidelity said...

Good post!

Yankee Doodle had an interesting post about cross-border smuggling and how the Mexican Army, funded by US Tax Dollars, is escorting drugs past our police: The Borderline.

Ninety percent of that heroin comes from Afghanistan. Al Qaeda, the Taliban, the Pakistanis and the Turks are the ones behind nearly all of it. It gets moved either by sea or through the central asian republics to Turkey where it is refined and moved on to Europe.

JeepThang said...

Im liking what I see here!

Nice blog!

Anonymous said...

Hi I just popped over to check out your site and I like what I see and I have also linked you to mine, I was wondering if it was possible for you to do the same.
Thanks from Jill (creater of the petition to scrap mega mosque)

Unknown said...

Well Lionheart you were right about the cult of the paedophile and drugs.

Read this:


The drug dealers families are actually proud of the creatures.

Anonymous said...

It for us to educate the young ones to stay away from any kind of drugs,and also wean them off the drugs and alcohol.Otherwise I see not future for those youngsters and how they are going to fight Islamization of this country.

Anonymous said...

Take care Lionheart - you are not alone!