11 January 2007

Muslims' duty to kill the Infidel

'O you who believe, fight those of the unbelievers near you and let them see how harsh you can be. Know that Allah is with the righteous.'

Commands straight from the Koran.


Ronbo said...


My Main Man

We have the nearly the same poitical views and our Blogs have the same format, thus proving once again that great minds think alike.

Keep up the Good Work, Soldier Of The Good Lord!

"Cry God, Harry, England and St. George!"

Cheers, Ronbo

Anonymous said...

Not being much of a religious person, but I believe that if there is an antichrist, it has to do with Islam.

Anonymous said...

why are you taking verses out of context and sensationalising and misinforming people to get a reaction.

Anonymous said...

well, why don't you deliver the context? Here you will find it:

Anonymous said...

and I feel it's my duty to kill all Muslims, bring the Holy War on I say!

Unknown said...

Agree with you and here are the reasons for Britains downfall but there is hope..........

Unknown said...

The united states and britain in prophecy all is revealed in the bible:


Anonymous said...

i cant believe it. this site is full of propaganda against islam.

Unknown said...

Allah is all powerful ... yes?
Cannot Allah destroy the infidels Himself?

Is the call for the good to destroy the infidels logical or a HUMAN manipulation?

Anonymous said...

just looked at all that endless garbage that i think was the quorn or quaran or whatever the bloody thing is. I'm not sure if i missed something, but round where i live it is a way of life to many folk. Not me Thank God. I'm glad i have the intelligence and free will not to be tied to all that crap. Roll on the US...

Blue Eyed Roar said...

I am sorry but the comments calling your blogs propaganda are quite laughable to me..also the calls for 'context'..all last resorts of the (willfully or unwillfully) naive.
There are multiple translations available online, all saying basically the same thing.
Cry context as much as you want, but terrorists use the koran to this day, in present time, to enact 'allah's will':islamic rule by force and terror, killing the kafirs, etc.
The koran needs no "propaganda" against it..it makes a good enough case for its demise on its own.

Anonymous said...

allah and his ground army must be wiped out each and everyone befor they get too strong within our own lands gods army must come together and say the time is now and move to our gods goal and rid the earth of this so called allah and his force of darkness befor its too late we need to arm and defend our lands from islamic terrorists fear WE MUST BECOME ONE TO WIN AND RID OUR LANDS OR ONE DAY WE WILL BE UNDER ISLAMIC RULE

Anonymous said...







Anonymous said...

All of you should hear a friendly debate titled "Was Jesus Really Crucified" between Dr zakir naik and Pastor Ruknuddin.