9 January 2007

Islam's UK Mouthpiece

Trevor Brooks: A.K.A Abu Izzadeen.

For those non British readers of this blog, Abu Izadeen is the UK's version of the Al Qaeda mouth piece in America: Azzam the American, except your guy Azzam is a bit more connected to the real people than this bum.

Trevor Brooks who is Jamaican and was born in Britain was given every privilege that any other British citizen receives when born in the UK. The freedoms and civility that make up our democratic Western peace loving world. But, he has chosen to reject our ways and has embraced Islam, 'the path of savagery and barbarism'. Islam is alien to the British way of life and is not conducive to our society, so this makes Trevor a dangerous social misfit whose aims are those laid out in the Koran by its warmongering (perceived) prophet 'Mohamed'.

Islam has its own ways, its own laws, and its own society structure. This does not fit into British life because Christianity was here first and this land, its laws and its way of life was built upon that foundation. Islam is an invading force seeking to destroy the foundations of this once great land and rebuild upon the ashes, new foundations built upon Islam, its ways, its laws, and its societal structure which is alien to the the British people.

Trevor is one of Islam's mouthpieces here in my land who is calling out to the Muslim community here, those whose forefathers we gave permission to live here with us and amongst us, in our once safe and secure Judeo/Christian nation. Trevor, his followers and many other Muslims within Britain are calling for the destruction of British life and the implementation of Islam under Sharia law.

You are not Muslim if you do not work to convert the land you are living in, into one governed by Sharia law; as much as I am not Christian if I do not share the truth about 'Jesus' the Messiah to those who have not heard. These are facts that we cannot ignore and show us the line drawn in the sand. As Christians we seek to Love our enemies whereas Muslims seek to kill their enemies. This shows us the reality that we are right and they are wrong. The God of creation is a living, Loving, giving and creating God where the god of Islam being preached by the likes of Trevor is one of death and destruction which can only be the work of the devil. Oops, that's probably not politically correct to say and could probably get me arrested because the British government are serving the Muslim community in 'Dhimmitude' inflicted upon them by the likes of Trevor and the 7/7 bombers through fear of what damage they would inflict upon us if upset. Is that any way to live and lead this country?

The thing is, Trevor: is that the great British people and the God of this land do not fear you and Islam's bullyboy tactics trying to enforce your ways upon us. Why would we want to live side by side with Islam and its murderous ways? There is no room in this Christian land for you, you are unwelcome guests who have given up the right to be called British and own British citizenship. Your ways are not our ways, and it is about time something was done about you and all of those who are from the same mould as you. This is our free democratic society built by the sacrifices of our forefathers, and underpinned by our Judeo/Christian heritage and you seek to
destroy what has been built through blood, sweat and tears. You could never succeed because the British motto is no-surrender, we would fight to the very last drop of blood and our British history is testimony to that fact.

You Trevor are calling your Muslim brothers to war and Osama bin Laden sitting in his cave has ordered his army here to 'openly declare' that war, as was seen on 7/7. I look forward to the day that the British people wake up to you and your people the Muslim community and eject you from our land. Your aim is one of conquest through Jihad, which is on every level being played out by the whole of the Muslim community, whether silent support, complaining about Muslims' rights or open violent warfare. At every level you and your people are seeking to enforce your will upon us at the expense of the Judeo/Christian British way of life. You are achieving your aims to this point because our government fears you and has succumbed to 'Dihmmitude', but we the people who care about our country have not succumbed and we do not fear you and long for the day that we have a government with enough backbone to stand up to you - you the enemy within our gates.

Sir Winston Churchill 'God bless his soul' would be rolling in his grave if he knew how the leaders of this once great land are throwing away that what he sacrificed many British lives to protect.

We thank the British government for allowing you in your stupidity to educate us to the truth of the things that are hidden from view. You represent the violent arm of Jihad, the side that many young Muslim men are turning to in their warped belief that you can achieve your aims through Jihad and intimidation. You are the epitome of the violent side of the Muslim community and it is about time the British government removed your British citizenship and locked you away for treason because your actions are those of a traitor to the British crown, the crown stamped on your British passport, the crown that you reject which is a fundamental part to being British.

Due to our progressive civilised society we abolished the death penalty for treason so at least you know in the back of your mind when you say and do what you do that we aren't going to hang you. If you had your way and this was an Islamic country I would be murdered for speaking out against you and your religion. I don't take this lightly and know that you and your followers are murderers and will likely seek to kill me to silence me but 'I do not fear you'. You are lucky that my country has laws protecting you and that I am a law abiding citizen otherwise in my eyes you have over stepped the mark many times and have spelled out in plain terms your stance towards me, my countrymen and our country. You have declared war on us, and our government lets you walk free and continue your evil quest of destroying our country. We the British people look forward to the day that this Labour government is brave enough to do something about you, protect the public from you and place you in one of Her Majesty's establishments as an enemy of the Crown. I expect and hope that the people in power have a bed reserved somewhere for you, and not HMP Belmarsh Hilton where the rest of your terrorist friends reside. You hold a British passport so let's hope that there is a place reserved for you in one of the more upmarket establishments, one that contains the creme de la creme of the British criminal fraternity, those whose country and families you are seeking to harm and destroy and then we will see how big you really are when faced with those you call the enemy, whose children's future you threaten.

Trevor is a dysfunctional misfit of British society and has chosen Islam so he can express his violent bullying tendencies and be accepted among his peers who obviously have the same murderous, suicidal feelings. The British public should be protected from this man. If he was not a Muslim he would most probably be placed in an asylum and pumped full of drugs until he came back to reality. He is a Muslim and because Britain has succumbed to 'Dhimmitude' amazingly he is left to roam the streets influencing and recruiting other young Muslim men to his warped murderous mission of attacking my country.

If anyone wishes to do a search on the internet for him you will find many pages exposing the truth about this enemy of the state. I have seen all I need to see of him to know he should be locked up or expelled for public safety but for some reason he is left to continue his Jihad unhindered.

If you do a Youtube search on the 7/7 bombings you will find a few short clips of this man preaching upon British soil and praising the 'suicidal maniacs' of 7/7, claiming it was the victims' fault, that they were guilty of some crime. Every person who died or was injured that day was innocent going about their business like every other normal day that they were alive. Then out of the blue four Islamic Muslim cowards blew themselves up killing 52 and wounding over 700. This was a declaration of war from the British Muslim community aimed at the non-Muslim population and Trevor is a die hard supporter of their actions because it fits his agenda of Jihad against Britain. Why is he allowed to continue spewing his hate and glorifying acts of terror when it is an offence to every British citizen and an act of complete hatred towards the families and survivors effected by 7/7?

There are also videos on the internet where he is calling for Jihad against the population of Britain and declaring that all non-believers, Christian and Jews are guilty. Guilty of what, guilty of being good people but not believing in a warmongering prophet and a god commanding to kill everyone? I am a Christian Trevor so that makes me guilty! I am highly offended that you want me dead just for being a Christian, and this article is my response.

Yes I am guilty for believing the truth, believing in a forgiving and Loving God who teaches me to turn the other cheek; so I forgive you Trevor for your misguided views and your threats against my life. Let's hope that you see the light before it is to late for you.

You even had the audacity to barge in on our Home Secretary John Reid when he was taking a meeting, in, as you called it, 'a Muslim area'. At least you made it clear to us how you Muslims view sections of my country, as if you own them. As you saw from Mr Reid's reaction he shrugged you and your bullyboy tactics off. He has walked the path with the real deal in Northern Ireland with the IRA so you with your intimidation are not going to phase one of our leaders, it is just another example of your disrespect and disregard for my country and another reason why you should be locked away from society. If you would do what you did to our Home Secretary, what are you capable of doing to the everyday man in the street, those you view as the enemy and guilty in the eyes of Islam for not believing in your warped and murderous religion? There should be no place on British streets for the likes of you, so we all look forward to the day you are removed.

The most audacious thing apart from your John Reid escapade was the BBC exposure you were given where you praised the 7/7 bombers and declared you and your people were going to fly the black flag of Islam over Downing Street. On public television you made such a treasonous threat against Queen and country yet you have still been allowed to walk free and continue your threats against us. You are a disgrace and the sooner you have your British citizenship revoked and placed in prison for your threats to our national security the better. We long for someone in authority to sanction your arrest and give us some peace from your hatred towards the peace loving people of Britain. In the BBC interview you mocked Christians by saying that you Muslims won't turn the other cheek like us, and that we should wake up and smell the coffee regarding the threat we face and what you and your people are seeking to achieve.

Well I say to you 'Abu Izzadeen' that you are the one who needs to wake up and smell the coffee because there are times to turn the other cheek and times when survival is at stake and turning the other cheek is not an option. You and your fellow Muslims have declared war on Britain so turning the cheek is no longer an option. We have many brave young Christian men and women in the armed services protecting us and our country from the likes of you on distant shores. They are not turning the other cheek, they are protecting the interests of their fellow country folk. Sadly us back home have to deal with the likes of you making threats of war and murder on our homeland.

The British government should have locked you up long ago. It is about time Trevor that you are removed from the streets of Britain and you are made an example of like your mentors Omar Bakri and Abu Hamza.

God bless you in the name of Jesus, Trevor, and may He have mercy on your soul.


* Christian Response to Azzam the American to come soon. *


Anonymous said...

Came from Atlas' site and enjoy what I've read.

This post triggered a memory of an article I read a couple of years back.

I read about an annual festival involving ships re-enacting a famous battle in the harbor an arduous battle ultimately won for the crown. However, the identifying features of this festival, including the colors borne on each ship were quietly eliminated for the benefit of multiculti PC pacifism. It was determined to be un PC to display a 'loser'.

Anyway . ..
In this article, you wrote:

"Islam is alien to the British way of life and is not conducive to our society"

Truer words have never been said. However, because festivals and educational materials have been altered to satisfy the religion of multiculturalism, our children will not learn of their own national history confronting islam centuries ago.

With the tools available with mass distribution via the internet, using sites such as YouTube and Google Video, independent artists and videographers should be encouraged to create short films depicting this history. Kids love to act especially in costumes . . .we need to be more creative and get that message to them.

felix said...

Heard your interview on Atlas Radio blog. Keep up the good work.

Lionheart said...

It is our responsibility to rise to the challenge we face and stand up to this Evil that threatens our way of life. The same as our forefathers in the last two 'Great Wars'.

The 'Third' is now upon us...

Anonymous said...

I only hope your confidence in the British people is accurate. I fear that Britain, like hear in the U.S., may allow political correctness to go on too long and then it may be too late.

Anonymous said...

Correction: The BEER man, not the BEEN man.

urban11 said...

Has anyone noticed how bloody ugly almost all of these jihadists are?
Hideous, even.

Anonymous said...

urban11- I for one have frequently noticed how very very ugly they are. Repulsive.

Anonymous said...

And now at last he has been grabbed by UK Special Branch. AT LAST!
Toleration of these extremists is the abomination of reason.