1 January 2007

I have a fan of my writings

I received an email this morning informing me that this persons blog has been specifically set up in response to my writings.

Of course he is a Pakistani Moslem from Luton writing in defence of everything I state.

I should say "Come on is this the best you can do" sending this boy to defend you, I thought you were a bit more organised and intelligent than this.

Maybe I was I wrong???

At least it is a start though.

His blog can be found here:-

New Generation

I wish you well as you waste your time on your blog, I feel humbled that you would give me such time of yours though instead of playing on your XBOX.

The readers that I have from around the world are fully aware of the evil contained in your religion so I do not think that there will be anything that you say that could change their opinion of you and your tribesmen.

I am just raising awareness of another front in Islam's global Jihad, this time in my country and in my community.

The facts speak for themselves.

You can try to discredit me but that does not bother me, everyone has faults and failings so these will show through in my writings, no-body is perfect. I am not killing people, threatening society or calling for the destruction of the British way of life so the only people I threaten are those who are doing each of those things!

Why defend people who carry out such acts????

Speaks alot about you.

That facts about you, your religion and the threat you pose to our free Judeo/Christian civilized world are immovable. I am just one lone individual in a human pool of 9 Billion human beings raising awareness so I will arise and disappear and others will continue the fight to educate our world to the threat you the pose.

The defence of our world and way of life will go on until you have finally been defeated.

Thank you for jumping on-board and enjoy the ride until you jump ship or your thrown overboard.

You can call me a racist as much as you like, that is the most common line of defence you and your people use against anyone who speaks out against you and your uncivilized behaviour. That is old news because we do not care anymore about what you call us, your words mean nothing to us. You and the people of the Moslem Kingdom are far more racist than anyone else so I think that you will find that you my friend are the RACIST.

I hope and pray that my God who is the Living God not an idol created by the devil, as Allah's is, will break through into your dark soul and expose the darkness that you are in, and show you the light that is contained in Christianity.

Jesus said "I am the Way, the Truth and the Life, No one comes to the Father but through me".

Enjoy reading my response as you sit there with your young Moslem brothers in Bury Park Luton.

Similar I expect on the morning of 7/7 when there was a house in Bury Park Luton exactly where you are now, when a group of Moslem brothers sat around saying their prayers spewing hate towards Britain and the West before embarking on their murderous psychotic journey into London killing many innocent British citizens on their way to work.

You, your actions and your words make you no different from these people from amongst your community, you probably attend the same Mosque as the brothers involved in this act of mass murder against innocent non-Moslem's as they carried out Alla's will laid down in the Koran.

If you have not read your Koran then please take a read of this:- Moslem's duty to kill the infidel

God bless you whoever you are and I love you my fellow human being in the name of Jesus, the name that is above all names.


oh and by the way smoking a bit of weed is completely different from smoking crack and heroin that's why you bought it from a white brother, if you wanted crack or smack you would have just knocked next door.


newGeneration said...

hahahaha yep im a big fan, sent y those evil moslem cunts who wish to destry everyone. if u r a knight from god why did u have 2 flee like a coward in the face of this evil hoarde. hahahahahaha

my regards


Anonymous said...

"If My dogs were born in my stable, does that make them horses?
Does the fact that foreigner's children may be born in Britain, make them British? Of course not.
So prepare yourselves for the new holocaust.

Lionheart said...

Exactly anonymous, these aliens within our midst have had long enough destroying our beautiful green pastures, its time they left and sought out sanctuary in an Islamic Nation somewhere because Islam is on its way out of Great Britain.

New Generation: "Flee like a coward" there is an army of your ilk on the streets of Luton & Dunstable and at present one of me.

Is it not wise to bide my time and live to fight another day?

Atleast everyone is now wide awake to you and your Luton Moslem brothers.

A true Knight of Christ's time will always come if he is a true Knight.

Watch this space.

Another thing NG, when i was young on the street playing British Bulldog whilst you was in the Mosque learning Jihad we used to have a little ryhme we sang to each other when names where called:-

"Sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me"

Call me racist as much as you want because it does not bother me, we all know the truth and the truth is, Moslems are the most racist of human species alive....

God bless you my brother in Jesus name.


newGeneration said...

oh yh i forgot to mention brother, that i do not own an XBOX, none of my family sell drugs so we are on a slightly tight budget.

I feel sadend more by the comment of just because im born here does not make me british then anything else. I belive i am and love this country as it my Country.


newGeneration said...

Is it not wise to bide my time and live to fight another day?

hahahaha oh come on that's got the words pussy written all over it.
hahahaha you're a charcter i'll give you that

Anonymous said...

newgeneration-if you love this country so much dedicate more of your time to the drug problem that is obviously on the streets of luton