22 January 2007

The Enemy we Face Part 1 & 2

Part 1 – The Jewish people’s 21st Century Enemy

“The Palestinian suicide bomber”

The whole world looks at Israel for good or for bad because of the inner turmoil the country faces. Israel is the only Democratic country in the Middle East and what is happening in that part of the world is a reflection of what the rest of the non-Muslim world faces.

Israel as a Nation stands within a tiny bit of land mass in the Middle East and is surrounded by large Islamic countries who all want to wipe her from the face of the Earth and have no problem openly declaring this aim, just like that what we hear coming from the leader of Iran - President Mahoud Ahmadinejad.

The whole of the civilized world knows what Islam and its adherents, the Muslims, are capable of. We have enough graphic images filling our TV and Internet screens of their murder and bloodshed that no one can doubt the evil aimed at Israel and the West by Islam.

Islam, from its very inception, was a Religion founded and birthed upon conquest of other lands and people. Nothing has changed over the centuries. Islam is in a state of perpetual war with the non-Islamic world as is outlined in the Dar al-Harb tenet of the faith. This is an immovable fact within Islam and an obligation to all Muslims. It is also Muslim belief as outlined in the Koran, that any piece of land that has been ruled by Muslims and converted from the Dar al-Harb to the Dar al-Islam, is eternally Islamic. If another ruling people who are not Muslim then take over the rule of that land, the Muslims have to fight that foe continually until the land is converted back under Islamic rule. 'Once Islamic eternally Islamic' is the belief as outlined in the Koran. This is again is an immovable fact, so when we look at the enemy we know there is absolutely no room for negotiations with them - it is all or nothing.

Israel is eternally God’s land, the land He gave to the Jewish people as an inheritance as outlined in the Old Testament of the Holy Bible, so any claim to the land by Muslims is null and void. Israel is God's land, the Jewish people are His people, so Israel is in existence today and has the right to exist in the Holy Land because it is eternally God's land that He has given to the Jewish people. This is a fulfillment of End-time Biblical prophecy, that the Jewish people would have their homeland back (Israel), the land that He gave them as their inheritance in the End-times.

This is one of the pivotal conflict’s going on today in the Middle East. The Jewish people who want to live in peace and security within their small Nation state that has been given to them as their inheritance, and the entire Muslim world who is seeking to wipe the Jewish race from the Earth. This Islamic agenda starts within the land of Israel with the Palestinian Muslims under Hamas’ leadership being backed by other Islamic countries, seeking to destroy the State of Israel and murder the Jewish people so that they can take over and rule the land and turn Israel into Palestine. This agenda of murdering Jews then goes out throughout the entire world. If you look at the size of the Nation of Israel compared to all of the Islamic countries that surround it, you wonder why the Muslim’s will not accept its existence so that we can all live in peace and security. But NO; the whole of the Islamic world will not even recognize Israel’s right to exist as a country and are seeking for its total destruction and removal from that part of the world.

No room for negotiations just like there is No room for negotiations with the Islamic world when it comes to their war of global conquest. Death in the way of Jihad so that Islam can rule the world is the driving and motivational force of Islam and its followers.This war, in our generation that has been declared by the Muslim world is a war to the end now; Israel against her murderous Islamic neighbors intent on her complete and total destruction and the Western World against the global Islamic Jihad army seeking the conquest of our lands.

We, the Democratic free and peace loving people of the world enjoy the gift of life that God has granted us and enjoy living long and full lives upon the Earth. The enemy in the embodiment of Islam enjoys dying more than living and believes that killing us (infidels) is the highest command of their god. This is the nature of the enemy we face. We want to enjoy the gift of life that our God has given to us, and the Muslims enjoy dying and killing us because it is what their god commands.

21st Century Islamic soldier.
The Islamic Muslim soldiers who are fighting Jihad are fighting wanting to die, believing that to die fighting the infidel guarantees them a place in their false paradise. That’s not all though, they believe that dying in the cause of their god ‘Allah’ will guarantee them their place in paradise with an added ‘treat’ of 72 Virgins. What stronger motivation can there be for young men, that would drive them to want to die killing people, than to feed them the ‘Religious’ belief that a place called paradise awaits them, and for their macho bravery and courage in dying whilst fighting the infidel they will receive a reward of 72 young Virgins to live with in paradise forever. In Islam, to die in fighting the infidel is one of the only ways they can be assured a place in paradise. ‘Imagine’, there are 100’s of millions of young Muslim men throughout the entire Islamic world who are un-educated and have a very poor quality of life due to living under Islamic rule who are driven to depart from this life as soon as possible because they believe that what awaits them in the afterlife far exceeds their present human existence, they are willing participants in Islam’s Jihad against the non-Muslim world.

Islam has a large murderous guerrilla army of suicidal maniacs throughout the entire world who are intent on killing non-Muslims, conquering other lands, enforcing Islam on the world and who glorify in dying in the process of achieving their aims. This is the 21st Century Islamic soldier – The suicide soldier whom the non-Muslim world now faces.

Israel’s 21st Century enemy - The Palestinian suicide bomber.
Israel and the Jewish people understand the threat of the ‘21st century Islamic soldier’ better than any other Nation in the World and we must stand in solidarity with her and her actions in the face of this murderous suicidal adversary. We should look to Israel as our example of dealing with this internal threat that threatens the security of the Jewish people because that same Islamic threat is now upon our Western shores and is encamped within our lands.

The war being waged against Israel within her borders is being conducted by the Muslim Palestinian people who have elected Hamas as their leadership. Hamas is an extreme Religious Islamic group who have stated that they will accept nothing less than the complete destruction and removal of Israel from the Holy Land so they can turn it into Palestine.

Israel sits with this enemy within its borders, mainly in the Gaza strip and the West Bank, an enemy that is being pumped with money and weapons from the Islamic countries that surround her and who support the Palestinian peoples' war of conquest. Israel is far superior in every way including militarily, so the Islamic Palestinian people know they have no way of defeating her in a normal conventional military war like what we see in Afghanistan and Iraq. They do not have the military capability to fight Israel in this type of conventional war but will still not accept this fact and live in peace, so they use terrorism as their weapon of war against the Jewish people to achieve their delusional aims.

The Palestinians are ruled by Islam, Islam tells them that they must fight Jihad until the Holy Land becomes Dar al-Islam (the house of Islam) again. This is the murderous suicidal belief system that the Palestinian people have, which says that they cannot ever live in peace with Israel and the Jewish people. This is a fact that cannot be changed other than the Palestinian people turning away from Islam and embracing the true God, the God of Love. The Religious/Political leaders of the Palestinian people have used the principal and obligation of dying for Islam against the infidel to create an army of guerrilla fighters who want to die killing Jewish people. It does not stop there because they have also created the conditions for these suicidal maniacs to strap bombs to themselves in pursuit of their aims so that they can penetrate Israel, thus striking fear into the innocent Jewish population and killing indiscriminately. At one time Israel was the suicide bombing capital of the World with untold cases of Palestinian Muslims blowing themselves up in cafes and on buses on a daily and weekly basis, with the sole purpose of killing as many innocent Jews as possible. This is the 21st century enemy that Israel and the Jewish people face.

In their misguided belief the Islamic Palestinian people have no other option but to fight Israel to the end of days and have set out on this apocalyptic path. Israel knows this, and understandably, can no longer accept its people being murdered and terrorized by the Palestinian people and its suicidal maniac bombers. So what has Israel had to do to protect its citizens from this relentless enemy? She has had no other option but to build large security walls around Gaza and the West Bank to keep the suicidal maniac bombers contained within these areas.

Israel has been left with absolutely no other option but this, because of the Palestinian Muslim terrorist’s actions and thankfully for the Jewish people has taken this route and built the defensive wall and accepted a negative view from certain quarters around the world as a small price to pay for the protection of her people.

This army of suicidal maniacs that Israel has successfully contained is an army about to boil over into a larger terrorist war than it is already conducting. This 21st century army of suicide bombers has been nurtured and cultivated by the Palestinian leadership with the one aim in mind of killing Jewish people. This is a fact in our world today, and is a terrifying fact that the Jewish people face on a daily basis that shows us the stark reality and contrast between the civilized non-Muslim world and the un-civilized murderous Islamic world. This suicidal army intent on dying killing Jews is made up of young people who have been indoctrinated from birth and throughout their schooling years, into giving their lives for the Palestinian cause and war with Israel. They know no other way of life other than war with Israel and the desire to kill Jewish people because it is what their parents and teachers have been teaching them throughout their childhood. We teach our children to live civilized lives at peace with all people, they teach their children that there is no greater honor than to die killing Jews. So within Israel, located in Gaza and the West Bank, you have several generations of suicidal maniacs created by the Palestinian leadership with the one aim in mind of committing suicide ‘killing Jewish people’. The Palestinian people under Hamas and its former leadership the PLO believe they have been born to die for “Allah” and enjoy killing themselves believing falsely that paradise and its treats await them for their actions.

We must Respect the Jewish people for their bravery in the face of this enemy and stand with her in solidarity against this suicidal murderous Islamic threat, the threat that threatens Israel’s very existence, and a threat that also ultimately threatens the entire non-Muslim world.

We in the Western world now face our own challenges from Islam and its followers, the same challenges that Israel has faced and survived for over 50 years.

Part 2 – Britain’s 21st century enemy

“The homegrown Muslim Suicide bomber”

First we must look at the facts to draw our conclusions from, to see what the future holds for Britain and its non-Muslim population. We know that Muslims enjoy committing suicide to kill the infidel because they believe they will go straight to paradise and be met with 72 young virgins for their psychotic actions of killing innocent people indiscriminately. Muslims are commanded through the Koran to conduct Jihad against the non-Muslim world so as to enforce Islam and Sharia law upon the world’s population. In Britain we have almost 2 million Muslims living amongst us with the majority of that 2 million being of Pakistani descent, third and fourth generation who have been born here in Britain and who class this country as theirs. There is an average of 400,000 British born Pakistani’s who travel freely between Britain and Pakistan every year. Bin Laden’s Al Qaeda operatives who have a safe haven in Afghanistan travel freely between there and Pakistan conducting training and recruitment of their global Jihad against the Western world. It is a known fact that Al Qaeda has a very strong presence and base of support throughout Pakistan, obviously because it is an Islamic country, where the views of the vast majority of its people towards the West and its non-Muslim population’s are the same views as Osama Bin Laden and his army of Al Qaeda followers who are actively fighting Jihad against us and our way of life. There have been Al Qaeda cells in Britain who have been planning acts of mass murder on British streets that have been discovered and thankfully broken up, who have links back to Al Qaeda in Pakistan.

Pakistani Muslims, whether British born or not, are the central threat to Britain. We know this to be a fact from the actions already from British born Pakistani’s that have publicly declared their support of Osama Bin Laden, with his aims of global domination, and who continually preach hatred, murder and Jihad against Britain and the West on a daily basis. For some insane reason the British Government allows these traitors to the British Crown continue their Jihad unhindered without any fear of arrest and imprisonment. These Jihad fighters laugh in the face of the British government and the people of this country because those in authority are too scared to act in defense of this land and its way of life so the enemy is allowed to continue its war of conquest unhindered.

The first ever British suicide bombers, not that you could call them British because they are not, were just born in Britain, and these British born Pakistanis traveled to Israel and conducted a cowardly act of mass murder against the Jewish people on behalf of Hamas. One of the bombers blew up ‘Mike's Place’ in Tel Aviv and the other whose bomb did not explode was later found dead in a river, probably murdered by his Palestinian handlers so he could not expose them. These two bombers traveled to Gaza and met with the 'International Solidarity Movement' before setting out on their suicide mission. The ISM is an organization comprised of international anarchists who travel to Israel to support the Palestinian Islamic agenda of destroying Israel. (I was privileged enough last year to infiltrate this group in the West Bank and obtain photographic evidence as to the true nature of what this group stands for, and the type of activists it has helping it achieve its aims).

The next suicidal, Islamic inspired atrocity, conducted by British Muslims was on the streets of London on 7/7 when three underground trains and a London bus were bombed killing 52 innocent people and wounding over 700. Three British born Pakistani Muslims and a Jamaican convert conducted this act of war as declared by Al Qaeda against the British people. All three of the Pakistani bombers had links back to Al Qaeda in Pakistan where they attended Religious schools and also Al Qaeda training camps in Afghanistan.

Two weeks after the events of 7/7 on 21/7 we had more Muslim suicidal maniacs who tried to blow themselves up again on London underground trains and buses. One of the bombers was sitting right next to a young woman and her baby when he detonated his bomb. Thankfully none of the bombs exploded and another event of mass carnage on British streets was avoided. These psychotic maniacs were mainly of Somali origin, which may be why the bombs never detonated. I am sure that if they had of been of Pakistani origin then the events on that day would have turned out totally different.

This is the background to the threat that Britain faces based on the facts. We have extremely large numbers of homegrown Pakistani Muslim suicidal maniacs on British streets who want to die killing non-Muslim British citizens. We also have Muslims of different nationalities born here and abroad who are living amongst us in our country, who desire to kill British citizens for Islam. These are facts and give us a scary picture in which to view the future.

Encamped within our land we have large Islamic communities throughout the length and breadth of the country. Islam’s agenda as outlined in the Koran is to fight Jihad with the non-believer until Islam reigns supreme and the land is conquered. The Islamic community in Britain obviously feels strong enough now to rise up and fight Jihad against the non-Muslims living in this land and are conducting their war of conquest as is seen with the acts of mass murder, potential acts of mass murder and hate, and calls for Jihad being spewed out from the Muslim community throughout Britain. These Muslim psychotic maniacs enjoy killing themselves through killing innocent people, and are the enemy living amongst us who are working towards our destruction.

We have absolutely no way of containing the homegrown suicide bomber because the Islamic communities where they live are a part of British life with no borders. They are part and parcel of Britain and have a free reign in our country to do what they please, including recruiting and conducting Jihad against their fellow British citizens and the Western world. The government, security services and police are powerless to prevent Islam’s Jihad against Britain because the Pakistani Muslim community and non-Pakistani Muslim community are so large and so widespread that they cannot contain this problem.

The question is not if it will happen again, the question is when will it happen again and how will it happen?

Israel has lived with this same threat within its borders for over 50 years and has reached some point of containment and prevented more acts of mass murder aimed at its civilians by building its defensive wall to prevent the suicidal maniacs from entering its towns and cities with their bombs and killing innocent people. Britain has absolutely no way of containing the Muslim population within its borders like what Israel has been able to do, because the Muslim community throughout Britain has a free reign in the country so we cannot build walls to contain them, they are everywhere and in every walk of life mixing with the non-Muslim population on a daily basis proclaiming Islam as a religion of peace when Islam teaches them to conduct Jihad and take over and enforce Islam upon the people.

Right now within Britain there are large numbers of British born Muslim youths who hate our way of life, who are conducting Jihad with the aim of destroying our Judeo/Christian inheritance and enforcing Islam upon the land. That same group of people believe that dying in the process of killing us, the 'non-believers', is the highest and most sought after act a Muslim can aspire to, so they desire to commit suicide, killing innocent people. These suicidal maniacs are living amongst us waiting for their orders to carry out their psychotic suicidal missions against vulnerable innocent people. These are the homegrown Suicide bombers waiting to be released upon our country and into our communities.

We look to Israel to see how the Islamists have used terror upon the Jewish people and learn that these maniacs who enjoy dying achieve their aims by blowing themselves up indiscriminately, on buses, in night clubs, cafes and in shopping malls. This is the homegrown British suicide maniac's model of terror in which to follow, and thus acts as a warning to us the British people as to where and how our fellow British Muslims are going to start attacking us. There is absolutely no way the British security service or police can prevent acts of mass carnage perpetrated by these psychotic homegrown Muslim suicidal maniacs against the innocent British population so we must brace ourselves for acts of terror like what the Jewish people have experienced over the years. The targets these psychopaths will pick will be the most vulnerable to attack like cafes and buses just like in Israel.

The future for Britain sees homegrown Muslim suicide bombings in cafes, shopping malls, on buses and anywhere else they view as easy targets that will contain innocent people so as to try and strike fear into our hearts so that they can subdue us through fear and then enforce Islam upon the population.

We must be vigilant at all times and it is a sad fact to say, but we must also be ready to die at all times because these homegrown British born Pakistani Muslims who are living amongst us proclaiming they are peaceful have declared war upon Britain and its non-Muslim population, and through their actions which we have already seen, are more than willing and capable of kill innocent people at any time with no warning, to further their war of conquest against Britain.

Beware of the homegrown suicide bomber because this is the cowardly enemy the British people now face.



Anonymous said...

Excellent article! I have only been studying the threat of Islam for about 4 months and everyday I shake my head at the US main stream media views of Islam. Religion of peace! One that sent children to clear mines during the Iraq/Iran war.
From a psychological point of view could these bombers, so tired of being slaves to Islam, see blowing themselves up as an easy way out. They fear freedom and yet except slavery.
Lionheart good news on the tech front. A company in Texas has come up with a barium titante battery/super capacitor they are claiming will be able to run on a single charge for 500 miles in an electric car.Selling point is $9 electric bill compared to $60 gas(figures US Dollar).

felix said...

Know radical islamists in the UK are allowed continued residence and freedom of movement within the country. Surveillance is not enough under these circumstances.

Anonymous said...

i am a muslim. i fail to agree with your comments posted. this is a false reflection of islam. my advice to you is to stop breeding this hatred of islam and rather learn about the religion. islam is the religion with the highest conversion rate. ask yourself why this is? islamic people are the total opposite of what you portray them to be. muslims give their lives up for islam to protect the religion from people like you who preech it with falsehood. i am very upset and i think you need to review the articles. what you have said is a insult to islam itself. jihad is a holy war and i will go out of my own will to fight for it!!! suicide bombers can be justified. but you have to understand islam to understand the situation at hand. every religion has radicals.one day the vtruth shall prevail and you will see that islam is the true religion. you cant judge a whole religion based on a fe radicals...please is this serving justice?? i make a humble appeal.. please stop and ponder over this. research islam and learn about it maybe then you can see the beauty of it and believe me you wont judge it anymore than you already did!!!