7 January 2007

Heroin: The Golden Sword of Jihad

First Published on Israpundit.
Edited by Jerome Gordon

Osama Bin Laden and Ayman Al Zwahiri, Al Qaeda’ s military strategists are sitting on a gold mine in Afghanistan from which they draw billions in profits to conduct their apocalyptic Islamist ambitions against America - “the Great Satan”, Israel – “the little Satan” and the Western world. It is the production of heroin by the Taliban and Al Qaeda. Heroin is the new Sword of Islam and it’s cutting a big swath of destruction here in Britain, or as the columnist Melanie Phillips finely puts it: Londonistan.

I know, because I have witnessed it first hand [both in prison] and on the ground in my community of Luton just outside of London.

The war being waged by Islam in the Western World is a guerrilla war and one that has many fronts. When you control virtually all of the world’s supply of heroin then I am sure you are going to use this commodity as a weapon in one of those fronts in your Global Jihad. It is ‘narco terrorism’ at its very worst which is the title of an important early book by Dr. Rachel Ehrenfeld, exposing the connection between the Jihadis growing and distributing heroin in the world and providing billions to fund their Global Jihad against all non-believers.

By flooding the streets of your enemy with heroin, the Jihadis hope to addict and kill our youth, destroy society and cause massive social problems. The production and trafficking of heroin is silent but sure devastation. The heroin trade is worth literally billions of Dollars, Pounds and Euros and has yet to be reined in and destroyed, despite the war against the Taliban in southern Afghanistan and the alleged partnership with Pakistan in the war against terrorism. The money earned at all levels of the heroin trade is poured back into Global Jihad. For Al Qaeda, heroin is a “win-win” situation. Its network of terrorists are injecting heroin into our youth culture, destroying parts of our communities and country and making vast amounts of money in the process which is then poured back in to finance and support other terrorist activity and support networks against us. They cannot lose using heroin as a sword of Jihad as it has the two sides with which to cut and destroy us with.

Bin Laden and al Qaeda sit on top of the world’s heroin trade estimated at over $7 - $8 billion dollars annually. From the direct proceeds of heroin trafficking, Bin Laden and Al Qaeda have built up their Islamic terror network’s conventional and non-conventional weapons capabilities which also includes weapons of mass destruction with which to fight America and the West with.
Britain is one of the targets for al Qaeda’s heroin strategy. In Britain there is an epidemic of heroin abuse and the effects on local communities have been devastating. We have slums that are ‘no go’ areas due to drugs and our prison population is at bursting point because of the increase of crime upon our society due to the heroin and crack cocaine epidemic.
Heroin is a major factor in the social problems throughout the country.

Where does the heroin come from? It comes from Islamic Afghanistan through Islamic Pakistan and then ends up on our streets. Al Qaeda’s leaders in the U.K have plans to bring down our country and one of the weapons that has been outlined to use in their jihad against us is labeled under “chemical warfare” and is the supply of street drugs, heroin and crack cocaine into our communities. The supply of drugs is part of Al Qaeda’s military strategy against my country. So if you deal drugs with Muslims or buy drugs from Muslims then you are supporting their jihad terror against us.

I live in the county of Bedfordshire in the U.K. Within this area you have several towns all joined to one another. Luton was where the 7/7 bombers got on their train before going off on their murderous mission in London. Luton did house one of the most radical extremist groups in the U.K who where aligned with Omar Bakri. The man with the hook Abu Hamza also lived here for about 10 years before moving to the now closed infamous Finsbury Park mosque and then on ultimately upon conviction on terrorism charges to where he now resides in Belmarsh Prison.
If you remember the Danish cartoon protests in London there was a Pakistani Muslim Omar Khayam who blatantly wore a suicide vest which was an act of complete hatred towards my country and the survivors of 7/7. He was subsequently arrested and it was discovered that he had just been released from a 5 year prison sentence for selling heroin and crack cocaine. He lives in Bedford, in Bedfordshire which is about 10 miles from Luton where I reside.

All these links to terror and terrorist activity and all within the vicinity of where I live.

I have lived in Luton and surrounding areas all of my life so know exactly what is happening on the street level. Unlike America our housing estates are a lot smaller and we don’t have different gangs controlling them, we have the local population and its natural order of things. In Luton you have a very large Pakistani Muslim community and these are the ones who control things on the streets. Three of the 7/7 bombers were of British Pakistani origin and spent time in Luton before departing for London. There have also been many anti terrorism arrests in Luton and we have had local Pakistani British born Muslims from Luton who have been killed fighting against our troops in Afghanistan and Iraq. This is all going on in the community not 5 minutes from where I live which is situated just 30 minutes North of central London.

The Pakistani Muslims of Luton control the drug trade and are pumping heroin and crack cocaine into the community and surrounding areas at an alarming rate. The Muslim controlled drugs trade in heroin is destroying our youth and breaking down living areas. Drugs are on sale 24 hours a day and the gangs enlist the help of local taxi drivers in which to drive there drugs around in safety for them. These Pakistani Muslims also buy up all the local fast food shops and taxi firms to “wash” their illegal drug money through because they are “cash businesses’, so can legitimize there criminal proceeds. The Muslims have taken over Luton which is the reason why the Islamic leaders allowed the bombers to tell the world that they supported the 7/7 bombers and their actions by letting them set off on their fateful journey from central Luton. The Pakistani Muslims of Luton have taken over and are spreading further a field to expand there power base. They are using heroin and crack cocaine as one weapon in their Jihad to do this with. They cannot lose. Why is this Islamic induced civil disorder that is aimed at the destruction of my country not being tackled by the British Security Services who are supposed to be there to protect and defend our National Security.

Because I saw the threat that the Muslims pose with drugs I have been actively helping do what I can to counteract that threat. A year ago I went forward to the police with information about a Muslim drug dealer who was pumping heroin and crack cocaine into my community. He was subsequently arrested due to my corroborated evidence. I didn’t think anymore of it until one day I received a threatening phone call where I was told “your going to get a knife in your fat white belly” by a Muslim youth. I then received information from a friend who buys heroin from this drug gang and they had said to him: “I gave information to the police about one of there people”, “I wear the cloak of religion” and that “I am going to be meeting God soon”. There is said to be upwards of 100 in this Pakistani Muslim drug gang and they call themselves “The Gambinos” after the American crime family.

My name and that of the other person who came forward with the information to convict this Muslim drug dealer ended up in the hands of these Pakistani Muslim gangsters. I had to move my home, shut my shop and became bankrupt because of this situation. The Muslim who was arrested spent less than a year in prison and is now back out on the street selling his drugs again and has bought a fast food shop to wash his drug money through.

I gave several warnings to the police in my dealings with them about a policeman who I believed was corrupt, who I believe is linked to these Muslims gangsters. My name and the other person’s name who came forward ended up on the street in the hands of these Pakistani Muslim criminals .

I have tried to counteract this threat. My friends have distanced themselves from me because they are scared for themselves and I am left sitting here on my own.

That’s the position on the ground here in Luton in the U.K which was home to an integral part of the 7/7 bombers plans against my country. They declared war on Britain and opened up Luton as a battle line.

The Muslims in Luton have taken control and are spreading. Unless people wake up to the threat that surrounds them then we are sleep walking into destruction at the hands of these Muslims whose only aims are to take over and implement Shari’a Law.
If people cannot connect the dots then what hope is there. Heroin, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Luton, 7/7 bombers, British Pakistanis, British Danish cartoon ’suicide bomber’ protester, Abu Hamza, Omar Bakri, Al mujaharoon and the continued expansion of their drug empires. All this is happening in the community of Luton where I live and the people of the community are helpless to stop it.

The situation in Luton is no different from anywhere else in Britain or the world where heroin is being sold. Ultimately the money earned from heroin is going into the hands of the fighters of Jihad, no matter what way the heroin situation is being played out. It is controlled by Bin Laden, used by al Qaeda as a weapon to destroy our society and is being used to deliver us into the hands of Muslims.

Heroin is the Golden Sword of Jihad
And the Home Office does nothing to stop heroin, the silent sword of the Jihadis ravaging my community and country and forcing me to hide.

Lionheart, the nom de guerre of the author, is a former convicted British drug dealer, now a Born again Christian and has been active in anti drug programmes with the Police in his home community in Bedfordshire.


Anonymous said...

Great post with loads of info and dollar figures, stay safe Sir...

absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
never legalize drugs

keep black market prices high
transfer money to drug lords

Anonymous said...

The only way to fight this problem is to take up arms against these people and wipe them out. There is a war going, but the English don't realise it. We will find out when its too late. We must stand and fight for our homes and our communities, we must arm ourselves against this scum and send them packing.

Anonymous said...

Take all the ill doings of Luton, crime, yob culture for that matter the whole of UK and link it to Osama Bin Laden.

His way of disrupting British Society.

What a load of hogwash.

People like you are no better than the moslem extremists.


Anonymous said...

The last comment shows how deserving of Islamic terror attacks they are.
This fool has read a few words and decided to compare this site with extremism.
They obviously have not visited Islamic jihad sites to see what vile filth is peddled there.
If they do not want to see Britain going the same way, they should take time to study here and use their brains to analyse what is being said.

Lionheart said...

Its a shame your brain cant grasp things, then you would understand without dismissing.

Your either a Luton Moslem or a very small narrow minded person.