26 January 2007

'Shame' on the British Government - Under Cover Mosque

Dispatches – ‘Undercover Mosque’ 15th January 2007

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Finally the British people have been shown the truth about the enemy lurking in their midst who are seeking to conquer their land and change theirs, and their children’s way of life. The only thing is, which I am sad to say, is that nobody watched it and the national media chose to ignore it.

I was in
Israel when the undercover investigation into UK mosques was aired on British TV. All of the American and Jewish websites I read where following the story because in every bodies eyes this was a really big story because finally the British people were going to be shown the truth about Islam; ‘the enemy in their midst’. When I returned home the first thing I asked people when I spoke to them was, did you watch Dispatches? and everyone I have asked bar one has said ‘No’. This is completely shocking considering what the documentary contained and shows the British peoples complacency in the face of their enemy. The one person who did watch it was shocked, amazed, disgusted, and reviled at what he had just witnessed on British TV about what is happening within our country. He was expecting this to be the biggest news story the next day considering the nature of the hate speech and threat the British people face from the Muslim community, but no, the British people were forced to endure the public lynching through the media of a contestant of celebrity ‘big brother’ under the guise of being racist for calling an Indian woman Mrs. PopOdom because she could not pronounce her name right. The public lynching of this young woman even made it into the House of Commons and was even mentioned by Tony Blair and Gordon Brown.


This woman has been vilified by the mainstream press as a racist and has acted as a warning to the British public as to what happens if you are classed as racist. (The Muslim community uses the race card very well when confronted on issues, which scare’s people away from confronting them). Why was the leadership of our country discussing a young lady who called a woman PopOdom, when you had Muslims openly calling for acts of violence and treason against the Queen, government and the British people within their Mosques? How much longer is our government going to ignore this invading force in our midst that are out to conquer our land?

It is about time our Labour government faced up to its failures with the Muslim community and started debating the threat to our National security that we face. In their own words, as shown on Dispatches the whole Muslim community views us British non-Muslims as second class citizens whom they revile and hate and the longer it is left to fester, then the more chance they have of achieving Islam’s ultimate aims.

I am a Christian and from the views expressed throughout this documentary the Muslim community in Britain hates me, the same as they do you who are a non-believer and the Jews, and if they had their way they would kill us all. This should act as a ‘wake up call’ to what the future holds if we do not act now and remove this cancer from amongst us. We might even be past the point of no return, so there could be many people who are sleep walking into the abyss of Islam and the consequences that holds.


The Mosques before they were filmed were dubbed the face of Muslim moderation in Britain and have links to Tony Blair and his government who have praised them for their inter-faith and multicultural work. If this is moderation and inter-faith then ‘God only knows’ what else is happening under the surface and how serious the threat is that Britain faces. MI5 have a good idea, that’s why they have come out and held their hands up to say that they do not have the resources to contain the problem anymore, thus washing their hands of the blame, and rightly so, of the next terrorist attack to hit Britain. It is the Labour government’s responsibility to now act because they are the ones who have led the British people into this situation that has consequences for future generations. We cannot use the Iraq war as an excuse; Labour has had an open door policy with Muslim Extremists for over 20 years, who they have given safe haven to, and they continue to allow unrestricted access to our country of people who want to destroy us and our way of life. The problems this generation and future generations face lays solely at this Labour government’s door and Blairs leadership. This government has destroyed the British identity, British moral and potentially the future of this country. Iraq is a lame cop out excuse to blame all the other Labour failings on. Blair and his people have destroyed Britain and our children’s futures. It is about time they acted for the British people now who put them in power and stop acting as ‘Dihmmis’ for the Muslim community who completely reject democracy and are seeking to implement Islamic law as the rule for this land.

The Islamic threat is here, is very real and is growing by the day and this Labour government does absolutely nothing to protect us and our national heritage that our forefathers fought and died for. This country and its laws are a sham and the Muslims are using our laws against us. They have absolutely no regard for our laws; they are just living under them at the moment. Those same laws protect them and help them with their advancement because it protects them and we the people can do nothing but sit back and watch as our children’s futures are washed down the drain and into the hands of Islam.

‘Just imagine’, these Muslims in our midst think it is permissible to marry 9 year old girls and have sex with them because it is what their prophet Mohamed did and they are commanded to emulate him and his ways. That is the type of future we are going to be leaving for our children unless our government acts in defense of its non-Muslim citizens. One of the preachers in the dispatches documentary outlines the Muslim view on this and in his own words he said, it is permissible to take a pre pubescent girl and marry her. He is aiding and abetting a crime against vulnerable children and giving pedophiles the green light to sexually abuse young girls. You dread to think what is happening behind closed doors throughout the Muslim community of Britain. Even worse is the fact that the prophet of Islam when he was 50 years of age married a 9 year old girl. All, not some, Muslims look to him as there model and we have these people living amongst us and our children.

If any non-Muslim citizen said anything near as inflammatory as what the preachers filmed in this documentary said you could guarantee without doubt that they would be immediately arrested with certain prosecution if charges could be brought and publicly lynched and vilified throughout the media. Look at the example of the young lady who called the Indian woman Mrs. PopOdom, she has been crucified in the media and potentially her whole life ruined because of a very weak allegation of racism and at the same time you have these Muslim preachers preaching hate, war and treason and not a word is said. This is another example of Labours inaction and leaves the British people disillusioned as to why our government is allowing this hatred aimed at its people to continue.

In Britain we have a legal political party called the ‘British National Party’; it is a political party who are concerned about the affairs of the indigenous Anglo-Saxon people of Britain. This party is vilified throughout the media as being racists and is placed in the same category as the likes of Abu Hamza and Omar Bakri, those who continually preached murder and war against Britain. This is done for the
desired effect of turning people away from voting for them. Its leader Nick Griffin was filmed saying ‘Islam is a wicked and vile religion’, he was immediately arrested for those words and publicly lynched in front of the British public through the mainstream media as a racist. He was hauled before a court for those words and he and his family had to endure two court cases with the prospect of prison looming over his head for well over a year. How can it be fair that someone who is concerned about the future of Britain and the defense of the British identity, way of life and its people, be arrested and publicly vilified for a few words of truth, and these Muslims preaching hate, murder, sexual abuse and treason be allowed to walk free? Where is the justice for the non-Muslim British people in that? The majority of the British people are scared of the BNP because everyone is scared of being called racist because Labour has created these conditions. Racist = pariah and stiff upper lipped respectable British people do not want to be classed as racist. I am 30 years old and not once have I ever voted so this is not a plug for anything, in my view and opinion, if there is a political party who cares about the British people and its way of life then it has got to be the British National Party. I am not racist and have many friends of different ethnic origin but this is my country, the country that my Grandad put his life on the line to protect, so that my family could live in peace and security. All that he and countless other great British men and women fought for is being washed down the drain and into the hands of Islam by the leadership of our generation. It is now my generations turn to protect this country for the future generations, because if we do not then Islam will take over, they publicly state these aims. Muslims are commanded to take over and enforce Islam upon the land, it is an immovable fact in their faith and something dispatches has captured on film more than once, with several preachers preaching war and hate to their British Muslim audience. Something needs to be done before it is too late. We need a political party for the British people, not a political party serving the interests of the Muslim community especially when they are seeking to conquer our land and take our women and children as booty.

What the British Muslim Religious leaders are teaching their British followers in their own words which was captured by Channel 4’s Dispatches under cover reporter.

Note:- Kuffaar & Kaffir is the most derogatory term that can be used by a Muslim to categorize a non-Muslim, it is aimed at de-huminising and putting us in a sub-human category below that of any Muslim.

Abu Usama – Religious leader in Britain.
Guilty of racial hatred, religious intolerance, incitement to murder and treason, yet still walks free upon British streets to continue his teaching of hate against the British people to his British Muslim audience.

“All the Kuffar are Pathalogical liars”

“Not a single Muslim loves the kuffar, we hate the kuffar”

“Muslims shouldn’t be satisfied with anything other than living in a total Islamic state”

“Osama Bin Laden is better than a Million George Bush’s and a thousand Tony Blair’s because he is a Muslim”

“Anyone who changes his religion kill him in an Islamic state”

“There are people coming who will fight in the way of Allah, I encourage you to be amongst them. Lets begin to cultivate ourselves for the time is fastly approaching where the tables are going to turn and the Muslims are going to be in a position of being uppermost in strength, and when that happens, people wont be killed unjustly.”

“Do you practice Homosexuality with men?
Take that Homosexual man and throw him off the mountain”

“We want to make an official statement here. No way are we in agreement to what took place last year on this day in the Kuffaar calendar….But in saying that, we do not apologize for any aspect of this religion. There is Jihad in Islam. What is the most beloved and favorite thing to Allah? Jihad in the way of Allah”

“We ask Allah to bring about the means and ways in which the Muslims will get the power and the honor of repelling the oppression of the kuffaar where we can go out and perform the Jihad. We ask Allah to bring that time so we can be participants in that.”

“Muslims and non-Muslims cannot co-exist”

Dr Bilal Philips – Religious leader
Guilty of aiding and abetting the sexual exploitation of children, yet still walks free upon British streets to continue his teaching of pedophilia against the British people and their children to his British Muslim audience.

“The prophet Mohamed practically outlined the rules regarding marriage prior to puberty. With his practice he clarified what is permissible and that is why we should not have any issues about an older man marrying a younger woman which is looked down upon by this society today. But we know that the prophet Mohamed practiced it, it wasn’t abuse or exploitation it was marriage.”

Sheikh Suhaib Hasan – Religious leader who has met with Tony Blair regarding the implementation of Islamic law into the British constitution.
Guilty of treason and religious hatred, yet still walks free upon British streets to continue his teaching of hate against the British people to his British Muslim audience.

“Allah has decreed this thing that I am going to be dominant; the dominance of course is a political dominance”

“The chopping off of the hands of the thieves, the flogging of the adulterers and the flogging of the drunkards.”

“And then the Jihad against the non-Muslims who are the oppressors”

Sheikh Faiz – Religious leader
Guilty of treason and religious hatred, yet still walks free upon British streets to continue his teaching of hate against the British people to his British Muslim audience.

“kaffir – the worst word that can ever be written – a sign of infidelity – disbelief – filthy -sign of dirt”

“The peak, the pinnacle, the crest, the highest point, the pivot, the summit of Islam is Jihad”

“We want to have children and offer them as soldiers defending Islam”

“Put in their soft tender hearts the Zeal of Jihad and the love of martyrdom”

Dr Ijaz Mian – Religious Leader (traveling speaker)
Guilty of treason and religious hatred, yet still walks free upon British streets to continue his teaching of hate against the British people to his British Muslim audience.

(Praises the Saudi police and says they can arrest people for not praying)

“They send the police and they say.. Well, if you do not come for prayers..Close your shop, we will arrest you. But if you don’t then we have to bring the punishment on you…you will be killed and nobody will pray for you.”

(Wants the religious police operating upon British streets)
“They would make sure that every person prays to Allah five times a day, every woman will be covered from the top to the toes – Hijab – otherwise the police will just collect them.”

King, Queen, House of Commons – if you accept it then you are part of it, you do not accept it, then you have to dismantle it. So you being a Muslim you have to fix a target. There will be no House of Commons, from that white house to this black house. We know that we have to dismantle it.”

“You’re in a situation in which you have to live like a state within a state until you take over. But until this happens you have to preach, until you become such a force that people they just, just submit to you – Hands up – until you become strong enough to take over.”

“Every Kaffir has the right to Islam, you cannot accept the rule of the kaffir, we have to rule ourselves and we have to rule the others.”

Lord Nazir Ahmed - Britain’s first Muslim peer named Green lane Mosque where all of the preachers on the dispatches programme preach or have links, as his favorite spiritual place of worship in the country.
Guilty of aiding and abetting Terrorists, yet keeps his peerage and still walks free upon British streets.

“This is the most amazing place, when I walk into the Mosque I feel I am entering the biggest palace on Earth.”

A British patriot concerned about the wellbeing of his country and that of his kins folk.

Nick Griffin – Leader of a British political party.
Not Guilty for speaking the truth and saying “Islam is a wicked and vile religion”, yet he and his family had to endure 2 high profile court cases and being publicly lynched in the British media and is now labeled as a racist.

Where is the British justice and protection for the non-Muslim British people?



Rudy Wellsand said...

Interesting site! While 'man-made' Religions co-exist in the world; there is ONLY ONE Religion in which it's leader had sacrificed Himself for His people! Prophecies were written about His coming 500, 700, 1100, 2200 years (and more) BEFORE HE CAME!

No other Religion was initiated on the bases that theirs prophesied their founder would come precisely when told he would come!

Towards that end, see the following...


See the "Chosen"Code and "Color"Code; VISIT: http://quadcode.blogspot.com !

Save or Print it to study.


urban11 said...

Nick Griffin should sue for wrongfull arrest. John Reid should demand the arrest of those you mentioned, but he wont unless pressure mounts. He actually is so incompetent (ex commie) he makes that buffoon Blunkett look good , in comparison.

Anonymous said...

Another good article. I fear that here in the States we are being led down the same path and labeling people who speak out is becoming the norm.

Anonymous said...

"On the last day, it will not matter if I was black or white, rich or poor, powerful or weak in power, nor will it matter about all mankind. Rather it will be about one's deeds good and bad that an individual is personally responsible for and will be punished and rewarded accordingly. No one can die or be punished for my sins or be rewarded for the good I may do but me. I am responsible, I must answer when asked. I became aware of this truth and I declared openly, "There is no true god but Allaah and his last messenger was Prophet Muhammad-Ibn-Abdullah-Al-Mustafa" [Ex KKK Member Clinton Sipes]

Anonymous said...

I must tell you this - your blog is all book material. Get published now! If I knew of a good publisher, you'd be my top recommendation.

On another note, when I consider the rich history of the British Isles - from the melting of the ice, the rise of the early Britons, the bronze age, the coming of the Saxons, Vikings, Normans - heroic names like that of Hereward the Wake, Robert the Bruce, Richard III, Bede, William Wallace, even the namesake of this blog - Richard the Lionheart - and all the people that made the history and traditions of the British Isles for what it is, I seriously question the loyalty, faith and steadfastness of the ilk of the Blair government.

Whatever happened to the British will? Where is the stubborness of Sir Winston Churchill when Britain needs it the most? How many times has Churchill turned over in his grave? It is amazing that the very foundations of Westminster Abbey has not been disturbed, because surely by now, those heroes who are buried there should have brought the walls down by now.

Yes, indeed. I must blog on this over at Maverick News Network. I am doing this tonight when I come home. Your blog deserves much needed reading. We need more traffic in here.

Anonymous said...

Heard it all before. nothing ever gets done!!!. Half of the problem lies with the government, ignorant, selfish, tucked away in there posh little estates never see or experience what we common people do. I have known though gut instinct that something was coming for years and know nothing will happen till it does. One thing I am certain of though is when jihad comes I will do ANYTHING to stop these monsters harming my children with there idiotic beliefs. JF