28 January 2007

Where is the British people’s Guantánamo Bay?

Stationed at the southern side of Cuba is a U.S Army prison camp for those who are arrested fighting their ‘war of conquest’ against America and its citizens called Guantánamo Bay. This houses Moslems from around the world who have been captured fighting against America and that are planning terrorist attacks or engaged in terrorism against the American people.

They are from an army of ‘Moslem Jihad fighters’ around the world who want nothing less than the complete destruction of the Western World and its way of life. The soldiers sent from the pit of hell are engaged in murder and bloodshed aimed at America, Israel and the whole Western world. The Moslems who have been captured are thankfully removed from the worlds population so that they cannot continue their aims of murder and bloodshed. They are then subsequently interrogated so as to be able to find out the true nature and scope of the Jihad fighters global war and obtain the information needed to prevent future attacks against innocent American civilians in the war.

There is a lot of negative press in the media about this prison camp due to Moslem human rights issues but in my view America has done the right thing and continues to do the right thing in keeping this camp open and functioning in the war against Islam. These Moslems captured have given up any right to be living in a civilized world when they went to war with us, with the aim of ‘Islamic global domination’. I for one do not want to live in a global Islamic state, which these people are seeking to enforce upon me and my children, so agree totally with Guantánamo Bay and its actions. The government has a responsibility to act in defense of its people and their homeland. This prison camp is one weapon in America’s defensive war against the worlds ‘Islamic enemy’.

In Britain we the British people face the same ‘Islamic enemy’ as the whole civilized world faces, who are seeking to kill our citizens and enforce Islam upon our land. Our government can no longer contain the problem or should I say; that because of this generation’s leadership and its inaction, we the British people have almost lost the civil war against Islam and its British Moslem followers who are living in our midst, and it is only a matter of time before they completely take over and rule this country. We have almost lost against this part of their war of conquest against us because our government has blinded people’s eyes to the truth and allowed the Islamic kingdom in Britain to grow in stature and influence completely in the face of the British people. Our government has vilified anyone speaking out against Islam and its adherents the Moslems as ‘racists’, they have appeased the Moslem community at every opportunity and the Islamic communities up and down our country have been allowed to grown in strength with the sole aim and purpose of taking over and enforcing Islam upon the non-Moslem citizens of this ‘Once Great Land’.

To give you an insight into how bad the situation is that the British people face, our Head of MI5 came out towards the end of last year and gave a public speech detailing the threat that the British people face from the ‘military wing of Islam’ in our country. In her own words there are:-

. 1,600 Moslems under surveillance, who are a threat to the National Security of Britain.

. 200 Terrorist networks being watched.

. 30 Acts of terrorism in place against the country.

. The greatest fear is the speed of young Moslem being recruited and radicalized.

. They do not have the resources to tackle anymore of the terrorist threat Britain faces.

If that is not a serious threat that Britain faces then I dread to know what is.

That is the uncovered Islamic threat facing Britain as outlined by the head of our domestic security service MI5 as of the end of 2006. The problem will have most definitely increased since then and it is only a matter of time before another act of mass carnage upon British streets is perpetrated by the Moslem community who are always claiming they are from the ‘religion of peace’ whilst their military wing is conducting Holy war.

Britain will have completely lost this civil war unless our government acts now before it is too late. There is one option left and it is the only option for the security of this country, its people and for future generations. The British people have left the Moslem situation in the hands of the government expecting and hoping that the government had it under control. We the people have no other option but to leave it in the government’s hands because if we act in defense of our country and birthright then we will be locked away as criminals while the Moslems continue to conduct their war and hate against our wives and children. The British people have left this situation at the feet of this government and that is why we have almost lost this civil war and our country stands on the brink of total collapse with Islam building upon the ashes.

John Reid our Home secretary who deals with the internal affairs of our country, this week, has had to publicly come out and ask criminal judges not to send people to prison unless in extreme cases. There has been public uproar because there have been pedophiles which is the worst crime in our society which the Moslem community condones who have been allowed to walk free because of lack of space in our prison population to house them. Our prison system has now reached bursting point and cannot contain anymore highly dangerous individuals who are a threat to our society.

2 weeks ago channel 4’s dispatches programme aired a documentary on radical preaching in supposedly moderate Mosque’s in Britain. There is video evidence of religious intolerance, holy war, murder, exploitation and treason against the British Crown, government and people, yet these people continue to walk the streets of Britain amongst their Islamic community influencing others with their views.

Each of those Moslem leaders captured on film should be arrested and placed before a court as being a threat to our National Security, yet they are allowed to walk free. They walk free because, one, there are people in our Labour government who are Moslem appeasers and fear the backlash, and two, our prison population is so full that we have no where to house them anymore. We the non-Moslem British people of Britain are left with these devils sent from hell to walk our streets in safety, recruiting for and conducting war against the non-Moslem population with the one aim in mind - ‘conquest’. Why is our government not protecting its non-Moslem citizens from this Islamic army who are hell bent on our total destruction?

Everyone blames John Reid for this problem; he took on his role as the Home secretary after his predecessor was fired for allowing some serious failings to happen under his watch, failings that left innocent people dead and the community at large under threat from foreign and domestic criminals. The shambles of our home office that has left our country in a complete mess is going to take a generation to rectify, this prison situation is the legacy of John Reid’s predecessor and in my opinion is not John Reid’s fault. The question is; how much back bone has John Reid got to rectify it and is he out to serve the interests of the British public or his ruling party? At this point in time he has my vote as a leader with backbone after his meeting with the Moslem mouthpiece ‘Trevor Brook’s’, we sit back now and watch and wait with anticipation to see how he deals with this crisis to our National security. The future of this country and our children’s futures depend on the decisions of this leadership. The threat we face is not a distant threat on distant shores anymore, the threat we face has been living amongst us, feeding from us and growing for 50 years and are now seeking to take over and enforce its way of life upon us

It is about time Britain learned from America in this war with Islam and constructed its own Guantánamo Bay? We have Moslems preaching war, conducting war and preaching hate against us. Our security services have identified 1,600 Jihad fighters, 200 networks and 30 planned terrorist operations, so why have these people not been arrested and placed somewhere so they can be interrogated for the safety of the British people? Somewhere like America’s Guantánamo Bay.

The British government allows Jihad fighters to walk free upon British streets, conduct acts of war against the non-Moslem population, preach hate against the non-Moslem population and call for Jihad which is the conquest of our Land. There is no space in our prison population to house the domestic enemy who is conducting civil war, so we the British people are left with this murderous enemy surrounding us, festering and calling for murder and bloodshed against us. We can do nothing to protect ourselves and our country because we will be arrested for our actions and we can say nothing because again we will be arrested and vilified for being ‘racist’, while the Moslem community sits back laughing at us with total scorn and moves one step closer to conquering our land and our children’s inheritance.

Now is the time for John Reid to show the British people that he is the man to lead the British people and rise to the challenge his office faces and act in defense of the British people and create a prison like Guantánamo Bay where we can send all those Moslems who hate the British people and our way of life, who are calling for war against us and who are actively engaged in terrorist activity. If our leadership does not do what they need to do in defense of its people then Britain which was once one of the greatest Nations on earth will become an Islamic state governed by Islamic Law, ‘Sharia Law’

I for one do not want to see my country lost and in the hands of Moslems, for the sake of my children and my fellow British non-Moslem citizen’s children so hope that this government ‘wakes up’ and acts soon for its non-Moslem British population before it is too late.

We need an internment camp just like Guantánamo Bay so that the British security services can arrest and interrogate every Islamic enemy who is walking the streets of Britain to protect the British public, that is what they are there for. There is no place in our civilized society for these murderous misfits and the sooner they are locked up for the protection of the British people the better. These people are openly declaring war and conquest against us and are allowed to continue walking the streets unhindered to further their aims of ‘dominance and conquest’ because of this government’s inaction.

Give us a British Guantánamo Bay before it is too late!


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felix said...

GITMO is mostly for Islamic Radicals who have been arrested overseas in battles with US or coalition forces. Although some internment camps may be needed, I think the way to go is toward legal deportation of radical islamists. For one thing, deporation is, in theory, easier for the public to accept than internment because it is easier to justify and is less severe. If you deport someone for being a radical islamists, and it turns out we me a mistake, we can always let them back in.

I actually think that if you tell a radical islamist that they can't live here, because you (the islamists) are at war with us, they might understand. I define radical islamist as anyone supporting jihad attacks against the country or its allies or anyone advocating the institution of sharia law in place of our normal goverment.

That it is necessary to deport individuals classified as radical islamists is a bad development for civil liberties, but the threat is so great that we have to go that route.