6 January 2007

The Epitome of Islam in Luton

Update 4/12/2010: Moslem fanatic is 2.6 million crack dealer

Everyone will remember the protests around the world over the Danish cartoons of the prophet Mohamed.

The protests in London were filled with the same hate and murderous threats against Britain and the West as every other country around the world where protests took place, with many people and placards calling for, and encouraging more terrorist attacks against non-Muslim countries.

One example of pure hatred against the non-Muslim populace of Britain, which was an act of complete defiance in the face of the survivors of 7/7 and the memory of those who where murdered that day, was by a Pakistani Muslim man called Omar

Khayam who lives in Bedford which is in the county of
Bedfordshire, the same as Luton, and is a 10 minute drive from there, had the audacity to stand in London and protest against us and our way of life by wearing a mock suicide vest. He stood out in the crowd wearing the black suicide vest along with a black head scarf and black gloves, glorifying an Islamic Shaheed (suicide bomber). If that was not enough, when it was learned who he was, it was discovered that he had just been released from prison where he had served a 5 1/2 year prison sentence for selling Crack cocaine and Heroin. He was originally given an 8 year sentence which was reduced to 5 1/2 years on appeal. He was then released half way through his sentence, on-license.

Due to the public outcry because of how appalled the British public were at his actions, thankfully, he was rearrested and sent back to prison to complete the rest of his

Khayam is a typical young Pakistani Muslim man who lives in and around the vicinity of Luton where I live. He is connected to the highly lucrative and extremely destructive drugs trade and has spent time in prison for his actions and he is also a die hard supporter of Jihad which was shown by his actions of glorifying an Islamic suicide bomber at the London protests.

We can look at Mr
Khayam as the epitome of the Pakistani Muslims of the UK, especially of Luton where I lived, and realise the threat that surrounds us, that is working towards our destruction.


UPDATE: Omar Khayam the British born Jihad fighter continues...


defender said...

Flipping heck mate. It worse than I thought. Keep writing we need to expose this

Lionheart said...

Will try.

Anonymous said...

lionheart ur a racist asshole jus becos som1 believez in jihad duznt mean der a terrorist yh i undastand sum muslims(terorists) are stupid dickheads sayin thats what islam is about but dat dont mean u shuld call every muslim pakistani in luton a terrorist

Anonymous said...

He's not being racist in any way shape or form.

He is simply speaking the mind of the millions of British people that are too scared to stand up and be counted for fear of being labled Racist.

People like muslim hate preachers and terrorist supporters should be left to rot in jail for the rest of their lives.

Anyone that opposes our Laws and our way of life is basically commiting Treason and should be dealt with by the Laws of the land. If Muslims don't like our religion or our country then they should go back to the country they came from or shut their mouths.

Happy to take out benefits, housing, deal drugs and commit murder but never want to stand up for the country that feeds and shelters them from the harsh life they might once of had in their own country.

I too am not being racist in anyway but i will not have my country taken for granted and i fully back the war in which the terrorist scum that killed hundreds of our people in USA and UK. I dont care if your a white, black or asian terrorist, they can all rot in jail for all i care.