16 March 2012

The ‘Richard the Lionheart’ key

For me I have my own view and understanding on the Breivik case based upon my own personal experience and the facts that have emerged about the case. It is only a matter of time now until I am either proven right or wrong in my thinking when certain unanswered questions are answered, with the most important one for everyone following my view of the case still lingering in the unknown. Either way there is enough credible evidence so far to show that Breivik was not a lone mentally disturbed man recruited, radicalised, trained and financed from the confines of his bedroom in his mother’s home whilst playing computer games like the official line states and the media would like you to believe because that is what they are told.

Breivik the lone wolf who is mentally disturbed so will spend the rest of his life in a mental institute for the criminally insane, and then mainstream Norwegian society need not look any further beyond to see what is really lurking behind the mind of Anders Behring Breivik and its future potential implications.

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It seems that Norway has a habit of sectioning under the mental health act enemies of the State like with what happened with the Islamic convert Leo Zagami who married and had a child with a moslem girl from a high ranking Turkish family living in Norway. He is another one who has publicly threatened to carry out a coup against the Norwegian government and professes to be linked to the moslem gangs in Oslo the same as Breivik has claimed. Do a little research on the internet and draw your own conclusions, I have.

Video: Leo Zagami’s threat against Norway

So that’s another one, on top of the 2 Norwegian Democrat MP’s, who has publicly threatened to carry out a coup against the Norwegian government.

Seems to be a common theme amongst certain people for some reason...I hope you would agree.

All of this public talk of carrying out a coup in Norway and then Breivik the Norwegian comes from nowhere declaring a coup de tat after murdering and butchering a bunch of misguided kids on their summer camp, along with blowing up his Government building killing 8 people inside. All of this we are led to believe he did entirely upon his own compulsion and includes him not being trained and financed by outside forces for the mission he undertook which would mean he was part of a network/group and is contrary to the official line.

Why has this information about others talking about carrying out coups in Norway not been publicised in the mainstream international media for the public record and discourse? Instead the Norwegian’s have white washed the whole affair and claimed Breivik was a psychotic lone wolf, with the inspiration blame leveled at me, with him supposedly not being part of a wider conspiracy.

Looking at the facts anyone with a sane mind can see that Breivik did not act upon his own compulsion when there is all of this talk of Government coups in Norway coming from different quarters that he is directly or indirectly linked too. Yet to say otherwise is taboo because the initial media story went out by all major news outlets and was endorsed by the Norwegian Government “so it must be true”. To backtrack now would make everyone who set the ‘public perception stage’ look stupid and culpable for the damage they have done in their haste to feed their mass readerships with their own personal opinions about Breivik and his massacre without giving time for the facts to come out. It seems facts and truth no longer come into the equation for most mainstream international news outlets anymore when reporting on serious events that effect people’s lives. This is the whole point of the recent hearings about modern press reporting and standards.

I had never been to Norway prior to July 22nd, never spoken about Norway other than when the young lady was murdered in London by the son of Yeman’s wealthiest coca cola man, and have definitely never spoken about carrying out a coup there or even thought about it. Norway was not on my radar. Yet I have been alleged to be the inspiration and English ‘mentor’ behind the monster, based not only on people’s perceptions because of the ideological clothes Breivik dressed up his acts in but also the intelligent subtle pointers placed inside the “2083” manifesto by someone, purposefully to direct attention my way.

Then you have to question why? I did anyway and my conclusion was that it was a hostile act!

Then where did it come from?

I have given my detailed belief on this blog over the past 8 months so it’s up to others to determine whether there is substance to my facts and thoughts, with many unanswered questions within the enquiry still yet to be answered in the public domain to make the factual picture clearer for the memory of the innocence murdered, butchered and maimed on July 22nd and their families left behind.

I thought there were international laws covering modern warfare and in my opinion whoever was behind Breivik crossed the line into war crimes and crimes against humanity. Coward, calling screaming terrified children into the safety of what they perceived was a police uniform, only to be murdered by the man dressed in those fake clothes.

All forces must isolate those behind that massacre and even the field. They might have money but they do not have power as their god is money and you cannot serve 2 masters. I know who my Master is and money cannot buy His favour or grace.

Matthew 10:28 And do not fear those who can kill the body but cannot kill the soul. But rather fear Him who is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.

The whole of ‘Operation Breivik’ was well planned and perfectly crafted by ‘people’ who are behind a political agenda/force in Europe. Most importantly the first port of call for this group we can now see was Norway because Breivik was already in place, trained and committed to their mutual cause along with Fraudman the ideology behind Breivik who was noted 111 times inside the manifesto. Breivik was their recruited brainwashed pawn who gave his life up for them and their cause and committed an atrocity in their name. They wanted to strike in the hope of achieving a Government coup just like certain individuals have openly talked about.

Its not rocket science…and who knows yet the long term implications to the Norwegian government.

If Breivik did not make the call to the Ministry which included the threats, means that others were directly involved with him and Utoya was always target No.1 for shock and awe for the sake of the manifesto, contrary to Breivik’s claim of it being his B plan, which was probably to try and dampen down public hatred and revulsion of him in his mind.

2 Norwegian Democrat MP’s linked to a right-wing movement of individuals from all different backgrounds and Countries were recorded talking about a coup and Breivik a Norwegian terrorist named his manifesto after one of his fellow countryman Fraudman’s essays – A Declaration of European Independence

All these Norwegians…yet blame was centered on me and Nick+? Obviously to deflect all attention at the very beginning with the hope that we were immediately arrested as another terrorist cell waiting to strike which Breivik spoke about after his arrest. Also the subtle and blatant clues within the “2083” manifesto that directed attention my way which showed it was a clear ‘set up’ that almost had a nice clean media story to go with it for public consumption because of the lying parallels they used.

Luton’s IRA supporting “Tommy” the EDL leader and his group directly linked to Alan Lake did exactly the same when a mosque was torched in Luton. Someone directed blame my way as those investigating that incident know. If the letters with the same iconography from my blog were sent to the mosque before it was attacked are genuine.

Whats even more interesting is that there is another ‘Richard the Lionheart’ directly linked to Alan Lake and his network who I have consistently stated are behind Breivik.

I can only say that as a Christian the explanation to the evidence about the alias ‘Richard the Lionheart’ was an act of God that I will be able to explain later. This doesn’t take away the fact that there is credible proof which includes 2 independent witnesses along with Alan Lake himself who know of this person’s existence that I know of personally.

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Only when this person is identified will more truth about the network come to light. I cannot work it out just yet like with Alan Lake and the Balkans, but once this person is identified I hopefully will, and it will be a key to unlock something and more truth.

Everything points back to those low level operators with backing from higher echelons who I have continually stated set me up to be their fall guy, for their own reasons that I have covered on this blog.

Its about time now that this alias ‘Richard the Lionheart’ linked to Alan Lake was known so that this piece of crucial information can be understood fully in the context of the bigger picture.

Time will tell…

And it will be interesting to see if arrests are made after the 8 month international investigation that has included a department set up in the Hague specifically to get to the truth about what happened, how and why on July 22nd when the worst act of right-wing terrorism in Europe was carried out.

That’s if Norway are humble enough to admit they have been wrong about there being no network behind Breivik and then making arrests of those directly linked to him and their terrorist agenda which included me being set up as their fall guy.

James 4:6 God resists the proud, but gives grace to the humble

I am anti-jihad and 69 innocent kids murdered and many more butchered by a man dressed in a police uniform because of their misguided left wing politics does not relate to that in my mind. It is extreme right-wing politics and not Holy War.

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