30 March 2012

Norwegian police living in denial

NRK: Figment of Breivik's imagination

The Norwegian police have concluded that Breivik’s claim of being a member of a group calling themselves “Knights Templar’s” is a figment of his own imagination, along with his claim of there being 2 other cells out there ready to strike.

Yet they are still questioning him about his possible accomplices 3 weeks before his trial and they have still not been aggressive with him in interrogation - Work that one out!

If Breivik the son of a former Norwegian Government diplomat to London and step son of a former Army Major was recruited, radicalised, trained and funded from the confines of his bedroom in his mothers home whilst playing computer games like those dictating the investigation want the public to believe then I agree about it being a figment of his own imagination.

All evidence completely contradicts this official line though.

Where did he test detonate his bomb making skills? Wasn’t on his farm!

They say there is ‘no evidence’ through the mainstream media and the general public who are not following the facts of the case accept this on face value, which then creates the public perception over the case and then the general consensus of Breivik the “solo terrorist” who is insane, even though the first psychiatric report no long has any validity making the public perception created around it for the past 6 – 7 months completely false (let the lawyers decide).

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Trial by media - Political tactic that those who have used it will be held to account for when this is over and truth and justice prevails for the sake of the 69 dead Utoya victims.

The Norwegian police fail to explain the gaping holes in their theory of him not belonging to any group. This includes the explanation behind the Liberia – London connection that shows something out of the ordinary must have been going on. Also the explanation behind why and how Breivik ended up traveling to the bloody Liberian Civil war in 2002 in the first place.

There are several other unexplained anomalies in the case that place further doubt on their official conclusion.

The “Knights Templar” group Breivik claims to belong is a ‘secret group’ with a network spanning several different Countries. Breivik is proof of their existence. He came from nowhere onto the World stage, with nobody, we are led to believe, knowing anything about him and the group he says he belongs too.

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A secret group is by definition a secret group, meaning nobody knows anything about it so it’s not beyond the realms of possibility that the intelligence agencies knew nothing about it, thus nobody can prove or disprove its existence, so they claim it must be a figment of his own imagination because they say they have no knowledge of it.

Call it Norwegian investigative logic...

You just have to look at the evidence to draw a conclusion from, and for me it’s a different conclusion than from the official Norwegian conclusion.

What are your thoughts?

Alan Lake the other alleged English ‘mentor’ has been exposed by witnesses from different Countries including Norway, to holding secretive meetings in London where members undertake brainwashing and indoctrination sessions to his right-wing political ideology whilst sitting inside Churches.

Breivik is directly linked to this exact group through Lake’s Four Freedoms Community website which he says is ideologically the same as the “Knights Templar” group he says he belongs to. He is also linked to the same group of people through the Norwegian Defence League and the English Defence League.

Lake has a friend who calls himself ‘Richard the Lionheart’ online who is yet to be revealed?

All evidence says that there is definitely a group associated with Breivik, and it is my opinion that they dressed up their terrorist group in the garments of Templarism so that it would be acceptable to a larger number of people out there who are ideologically aligned to their mutual political agenda and those who are already active inside this same political/ideological realm. It doesn’t mean they are real Templars, it just means they claim the mantle without the real power that comes from above, and tarnish the image and reputation of all Orders out there including the one dating back to the original Templars formation in the process.

The English Defence League plays very prominently in Breivik’s ideology and the larger counter-jihad movement that Breivik, Lake (director behind hijacked EDL) and Fraudman all belong too, and the Templar ideology/iconography instilled into this organisation at the very beginning was from me.

They are wolves in sheeps clothing…

This group are direct enemies of mine with legitimate historical reasons, and then out of the blue up pops Breivik from nowhere and I then stand accused of being his English ‘mentor’ based upon the clothes this group dressed up Breivik’s actions in and then conveniently pointed the finger my way. I am in no way linked to Breivik, and this group of people who are my enemies are all circumstantially/factually linked.

Not rocket science…

The Norwegian police have my statement regarding this which is very valid when put into context with all of the evidence, and shows why I believe I was set up to be their fall guy, with them hoping I would be removed from being an obstacle to their continued political agenda. An agenda and movement that involves a much larger influential political international grouping linked backed to Lake and the EDL - Now their vision of “The European Defence Leagues

The EDL that was hijacked by Lake & Co at the very beginning.

The Norwegians claim they cannot trace the other 2 terrorist cells out there ready to strike, so again this must be a figment of his own imagination to create fear in society.

It would not be a very professional group if their 2 other cells recruited and trained like Breivik over a lengthy period of time were able to be traced immediately after Breivik’s attacks now would it?

Breivik carried out a highly professional terrorist mission on July 22nd 2011.

Breivik showed their capability, has a historical background story that shows he was recruited and trained, so it is not beyond the realms of possibility that over the same 10 year period that Breivik was in preparation that there are others out there now connected to the same group who are sitting in exactly the same position as Breivik before he struck. Individuals willing to give up their lives for the same political cause to which they all belong.

Breivik is now their example...

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Because the Norwegian police cannot trace these alleged other cells does not mean they do not exist, it just means that they are covered well, and part of a secret terrorist group calling themselves "Knights Templar's" exactly like Breivik claims. Secret being the operative word here.

Time will tell whether or not this is true or not…

In this article regarding the “Knights Templar” group at the bottom they bring me into it as if I am claiming that the group Breivik claims to belong does exist as a part of something I personally am involved in.

There are countless Knights Templar groups all over the world just do a google search, are they all linked to Breivik?

Breivik & Co specifically set me up by pointing the finger at me for reasons the Norwegian investigators know, and unlike this group who are all circumstantially linked to Breivik, I am not going to lie about anything to hide from the truth.

My belief and my perception is on this blog and massacring a bunch of innocent misguided kids on their summer camp and butchering and maiming a whole load more by someone dressed as a police man is definitely not a part of that belief system or perception.

I am a Christian fundamentalist meaning I believe in the fundamental tenants of the Holy Bible which is God’s plan of salvation for mankind, and not a right-wing Brit they like to call me.


p.s MI5/MI6 should disclose all of their collected evidence on Alan Lake (real name Ayling) to the Breivik enquiry, and to say they have none is a lie when they know full well that he has been the director behind the EDL street protest movement for the past 2 ½ years, and he travels to foreign Countries (Sweden) sharing his anti-Islam ideology whilst working for the prestigious European Bank for Reconstruction and Development that has a political mandate in foreign Countries which includes the Balkans that takes a prominent position in Breivik’s manifesto and his trip to Liberia in 2002 where he says he met a Serbian war hero.

Its about time Alan Ayling was arrested and interrogated properly over his direct links to Breivik.

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