24 March 2012

Breivik: Controlling public perception

Article: Dagbladet

There is a high level faction in Norway who are controlling the Breivik case and this includes the global public perception of the coup/attempted coup within Norway.

They have completely closed the case down and white washed the whole thing claiming Breivik was a “solo terrorist” and is certified as insane.

There is a battle going on within the field of psychiatry inside Norway and outside of Norway over the authenticity of the first report carried out that claims Breivik is a paranoid psychotic schizophrenic.

Due to the fact that there has been a high level dispute of this diagnosis of Breivik there has been another report carried out to determine if the first evaluation report is right.

There is so much factual evidence that conflicts with the diagnosis of him being a lone paranoid psychotic schizophrenic right-wing terrorist. He has a logical story detailing events that go back to 2002 when he was recruited in Norway and sent to Liberia then London which show he was a part of an agenda involving others that has spanned a 10 year period. Yet the PST and Police officially state he was a “solo terrorist”.


The claim of “solo terrorist” has been the official line since the very beginning even before all avenues of enquiry were exhausted so as to be 100% sure in their evaluation. The Norwegian police through Christian Halto officially concluded this line of enquiry in October 2011 only to have misled everyone. It took until the end of February 2012 to investigate Breivik’s Belarus trips and the claims that have been well publicised on the internet since the very beginning of the case so how could the Norwegian police possibly state they have concluded when they have not even investigated?

I wonder whose head is going to roll over this one?

How could the Norwegian police conclude this line of the enquiry in October 2011 when they had not even fully investigated the Belarus link and then promoted their official line through the media? That’s along with not investigating the possible English ‘mentor’ Alan Lake’s friend “Richard the Lionheart” along with all of the other unanswered questions concerning other peoples involvement.

It is very clear that there is a high level faction in Norway who are controlling the Breivik enquiry and it is those who are setting the stage of public opinion and perception through the mainstream media contrary to the pursuit of truth and justice within a Democracy for all the innocence murdered, maimed or effected by the events of July 22nd 2011.

Trial by media…

They are enemies of the State who are now in control of this part of the functioning of the Norwegian State because they are complicit with the massacre and subsequent cover up of 69 innocent misguided kids on their summer camp, along with all of those left permanently injured and all the families left behind and affected by the events last July and this also includes the bombing of the Government building where 8 people were killed.

This faction want everyone to believe Breivik was a lone mentally ill man which means there are no accomplices and no network so nobody need look any further to anyone elses involvement, thus the investigation will not lead back to themselves via the lower level operators involved with Breivik.

Their control of the case and the media is their vehicle to cover up the truth about Breivik and is a warning to the serving Labour Government of their power within Norway.

Alan Lake who I have consistently said is involved with Breivik has friends in the Norwegian Government.

Who are these friends?

Their control of the media which in turn creates public perception over the case is in full swing now, probably because their long standing position of Breivik the “solo terrorist” who is certified as insane is seriously threatened with the impending new report.

If the new report says Breivik was sane at the time of his actions then serious questions are going to be asked about the first report and everything surrounding it and this will include the first psychiatrists reasonings for certain aspects of their diagnosis which will in turn call into question the police investigation.

Call it opening up a can of worms…

It is now all over the world news that there is going to be a change in the law in Norway that means Breivik could spend the rest of his life in a mental institute for the criminally insane rather than the 21 years in prison. This propagates the line and reinforces the long standing line in the public eye that Breivik is insane based upon the first psychiatric report, without waiting for the second report to be publicised.

A report that is now “null and void” based upon the fact that the Norwegian police misled the first psychiatrists who evaluated Breivik.

Nobody is going to say that though are they because the global audience following the case over the last 8 months believe Breivik is certified as insane based upon the PST and Police’s official statement about Breivik. Statements released through the media without even fully investigating lines of enquiry which calls into question the integrity of the whole case and those who have been controlling it from the top down.

How could they go back on their official claims even though they are completely flawed?

They should be arrested for perverting the course of justice.

This recent news about changing the law for Breivik instills in the global audience and their perception of the case through the media, the view that Breivik is insane as the officials in Norway controlling the case have consistently said without even giving time for the judicial process to take its natural legal course.

Desperation in the hope that their lies will hold out till the very end and the trial in April.

Time will tell now.

Its about time other voices of discontent were voiced over the Breivik case especially those who have a powerful voice in the proceedings of the case.

Unless I am completely wrong in my thinking and understanding.

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