29 March 2012

Anders Breivik & Alan Ayling – The direct link

Dagbladet: Breivik & Lakes Four Freedoms website

Since the end of the first week in July 2011 that I stood accused of being Anders Breivik’s English ‘mentor’, I have stated, based upon my understanding of everything, that his real English ‘mentor’ is Alan Lake whose real name is Alan Ayling who also works in a bank linked to Serbians and the Balkans.

You can read all of my thoughts and opinions based upon facts throughout the pages of this blog since July 2011.

All circumstantial evidence points in his direction, and now more evidence linking him directly to Breivik himself has finally emerged, 3 weeks before trial.

If this was the one piece of evidence linking Breivik, Lake and the larger enquiry then it could be dismissed as 1 piece of circumstantial evidence. It is not though and there is a whole catalogue of evidence linking the two, along with linking Breivik’s ideological inspiration Fraudman and the 2 Norwegian Democrat MP’s who were recorded at a SION conference talking about carrying out a coup de tat similar to what Breivik actually carried out.

Who are Lake’s friends in the Norwegian government he talks of?

The big question I am still waiting for is; who is Lake’s friend ‘Richard the Lionheart’?

It is only a matter of time now until the truth is fully unraveled; it’s just whether or not those controlling the enquiry want the world to know the truth about Breivik and those behind him?

Since the very beginning the Norwegians in control of the investigation have closed the whole case down and consistently claimed Breivik was a “solo terrorist” who was not part of a group/network even in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary. This can only lead people to the conclusion that the Norwegians have not wanted the world to know the full truth about Breivik and his group/network for some reason.

You ask yourself what that reason could be?

The head of the PST only last week made another official statement claiming that Breivik was a “solo terrorist” not linked to anyone. How stupid does this now make him look? And this is the acting head of the Secret Service of Norway who damages the reputation of every single serving officer under him and the image of the organisation he represents.

He should be sacked immediately…

This new evidence is also further proof that the first psychiatric report carried out on Breivik was fundamentally flawed from the beginning so it is inadmissible in court, and should be thrown out, with the second report used to form the basis of Breivik’s sanity in the eyes of the court.

Dagbladet have now confirmed that Breivik is directly linked to Alan Lake’s anti-Islamisation Four Freedom’s Community website and that he was active on there in discussions with like minded people.

Quote: Breivik says FFC stands for much the same as the organization he claims to be a member of - Knights Templar. The terrorist look especially to FFCs anti-Islamist stance, and that the organization was "for indigenous rights." Breivik confirms the direct, confrontational questions from the police interrogation experts that when he answers evasive to their questions about the FFC, it may be because he wants to withhold information about it.

Alan Lake made the statement at the beginning that Breivik had never been on his Four Freedoms site which is another lie on top of all of the other lies he has told.

Scotland Yard at the Norwegians behest should arrest Alan Ayling aka Alan Lake, confront him with all of his lies and then put him on trial as an accomplice to the worst act of right-wing political terrorism in Europe of the 21st Century. Preferably in a British court of law where he will get a harsher sentence than in Norway and a much harder prison life than there. If it was me in the firing line for telling lies I would probably already have been arrested and interrogated immediately, so why the difference in conduct? Alan Lake does have exactly the same witness status as myself after all.

“We are all equal but some are more equal than others.”

Any jury in the world would convict Lake based upon all of the circumstantial evidence, direct evidence and the whole body of lies he has told, along with all of the witness statements against him. This is of course accompanied with the reasoning behind setting me up to be the fall guy for the day after Breivik – Reason & Motive – for my angle of why I was dragged into this whole case.

Breivik obviously loved Four Freedoms, its owned and controlled by Lake, yet I was the one set up to take the fall as the English 'mentor'. Its not rocket science to see who was behind setting me up and why, but it seems simple analytical investigative work is beyond the Norwegians, or atleast those at the top who dictate what the public are told which in turn creates the public perception.

I reckon there must be some high profile figures sweating right about now due to their direct links to Lake, his organisation and his political activities. Especially his Swedish contact in the Government there who seems to be a special friend of Lakes for some reason.

Quote: It is the organization's so-called "inner circle" that has met in the two churches to discuss the fight against Islam. It features a who participated in the meetings described in the police interrogation after 22 July. - The agenda for Alan Lake was to shape the people who were present. It was brainwashing, the participant explained under questioning. Dagbladet knows the identity of several of the participants in the church meetings. One of them says to Dagbladet that Lake presented the twelve defense mechanisms and twelve attacks that he asked anti-Islamists use in debates. In the police interrogation has a meeting participant said that Lake urged the participants to lie to the media and the police.

Lake himself has urged his followers to lie to the police and media which should not come as a big surprise considering he is a proven liar based upon his conduct over this whole case which can only mean his complicity, by trying to hide the truth from others.

This statement goes to show the integrity of this strain of anti-Islamisation movement out there in Europe now that is linked to the U.S, and they have the audacity to hold their events in Churches as if to give themselves some form of respectability.

They shout and scream about the Islamic doctrine of taqiya yet themselves do exactly the same as those they shout and scream about - Hypocrites

All from within the confines and sanctity of Christian Churches.

I would dread to think that mass murder has been plotted inside these same Churches in Christ’s name.

This witness statement is more evidence from an independent witness that Lake is active in brainwashing people to his way of thinking and political agenda which fits in-line perfectly with the English ‘mentor’ role Breivik claims inside the “2083” manifesto.

But the Norwegian investigators cannot see it...

This whole piece of evidence Dagbladet have reported on fits perfectly into the ideological picture Breivik talks of that has created the political/ideological reality he lives in. Secret meetings inside Churches, the same ideological basis between the 2, everything fits perfectly to show that Breivik and Lake are one and the same, exactly as I have been stating for 8 months.
Quote: The police have been reluctant to confront Breivik with the names of people they know, or suspect, that he has had contact with. It may be that this is something that will be intensified towards the end of the interrogations.
How could the Norwegian police through Christian Halto, possibly stated that they have concluded with their investigation of the group/network linked to Breivik back in October 2011 and that they were satisfied he is a “solo terrorist” when they are still questioning him now and have not confronted him with any names of individuals yet 3 weeks before trial?

Christian Halto should be sacked immediately because he is the one propagating falsehoods through the media that creates public perceptions and sets the stage. Along with a fundamentally flawed psychiatric report that will now have to be rejected from the courts proceedings based upon the fact the police misled them.

It is only a matter of time now until the truth is known…

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