11 November 2011

The folly of Alan Lake

Guardian: Lake demanded debate on killing PM Cameron

Quote: "I categorically condemn his actions, which have also killed friends of a friend of mine – one in Oslo and two on Ut√łya island."

How coincidental that Alan Ayling/Lake has a friend in Norway who lost friends
at both locations in the twin terrorist attacks on July 22nd which could only mean a government level contact because those murdered were all actively involved in left-wing politics. Alan Lake is extreme right-wing, so I hope the Norwegian police find out who his friend is in government and then interrogates him/her as part of the wider Breivik police enquiry and for public knowledge inside the commission for the families of those who lost their loved ones.

Quote: But the fundamental point of that piece is correct. I am holding people responsible for the consequences of their actions." (talking about the murder of the leadership of the present British coalition government)

Is that not exactly the same fundamental point as Anders Breivik who went out and killed 69 innocent kids because of their parents political persuasion who he blames for the state of his Country?

ng them responsible for the consequences of their actions!

Exactly the same mindest...

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