30 November 2011

Breivik’s flawed psychiatric report

The Guardian: Breivik's hatred does not come from a delusional mind

For the majority of people within civilized society Breivik’s terrorist atrocity is viewed as the actions of someone who is ‘insane’ because how could someone callously murder 69 innocent kids on a summer camp in cold blood whilst dressed as a policeman. So the psychiatric report condemning him to stand trial as someone who is ‘insane’ doesn’t come as a surprise to many people. The thing with it though is that it was a premeditated, well planned act of political terrorism which puts it in a completely different context than just the actions of someone who has gone out mentally disturbed and killed someone, it is a context that Norwegians have never experienced before in modern times, if at all.

There are other plots of terrorism within their country but none have been successful like Breivik’s so the culprits have never been psychoanalysed by psychiatrists like he has, which means unless there are some glaring examples of pure insanity within his interviews, then their knowledge and experience base is flawed which will in turn mean their assessment is flawed.

Insanity is the only explanation then.

Some key points of why they have deemed him insane are because of his grandiose complex of believing he is going to be the savior of Norwegian people, and that he is the most perfect Knight since the Second World War.

If you put those points into context of everything then they are rational points from Breivik based upon the facts.

There is an extreme right-wing movement within Norway and across Europe that Breivik was a part of, and he has logically taken their thoughts and ideas to the next level. Are they ‘insane’ to think like Breivik thinks, or have they just not crossed the line into political terrorism to get their point across?

Many of the thoughts and ideas that Breivik had came primarily from the Norwegian writer Fraudman, who was mentioned 111 times inside the manifesto, although he now wants to disassociate himself from the man whom his words inspired.

Could Breivik believe he is going to be the savior of Norwegian people by committing his terrorist acts based upon Fraudman’s writings? The prosecutors will have to work that one out, which will make Fraudman culpable.

The ideological network.

If so then that point is not a case for insanity unless Fraudman is deemed insane too, as Breivik is only taking the next logical step within the extreme political right-wing mindset, as he was encouraged to do.

Political terrorism always has rational sane justification, we might not want to accept it or believe it, but we cannot deny it which makes those who commit these acts, terrorists and criminals in the eyes of the criminal justice system, who are locked up for the safety and security of wider civil society, and not people who are ‘insane’ and sent to a mental institute.

It’s criminally sane in that context. Someone who wakes up one day delusional and kills someone is ‘insane’, but Breivik spent 9 years planning and 3 years preparing for his political terrorist attack which makes insanity quite hard to accept or believe. Psychiatrists who live in their cosy little bubbles un-affected by the ills of modern society have no experience or understanding of Breivik’s World view so have no other rational explanation than “he’s insane and delusional to think how he thinks” because its completely contrary to how they think, but there are many who think the same as Breivik, and who have the same World view as he.

Are they all ‘insane’ or just have a different view point of the world than the psychiatrists?

Breivik has a 1500 page manifesto detailing the work of many mainstream right-wing commentators that justifies why he committed his terrorist acts.

You might not want to believe their World view point because it conflicts with yours, but that doesn’t mean they are insane, it just means they have a different knowledge and experience base that has formed their World view point, and there are many millions around the world who agree with many of their points of view.

The gravity and scope of Breivik’s actions are beyond what most people would deem acceptable when looking at a group conducting a terrorist campaign, but this was Breivik’s & Co’s decision, based around their own reasoning, to maximize everything including the subsequent media attention which in turn re-enforced the importance of the “2083” manual that has now been left in the public domain. This atrocity was a tactical decision by Breivik and whoever is associated with him and he himself gives the reasons why which are rational reasons within their mindset, and agreed by many.

Premeditated, well thought out, and successful.

I personally do not believe that killing 69 innocent kids on a summer camp can ever be justified under any circumstances, regardless of their political beliefs, where as the government building in my mind, based upon other terrorist groups actions, could be viewed by some as a tactical target by a terrorist group wanting to wage a political war against their ruling class and government to get their message across.

That is the nature of Breivik & Co.

His grandiose view of himself in my opinion comes from the successful brainwashing of his English ‘mentor’, unless you stick with the official line of ‘lone wolf’ radicalised and trained online through youtube and websites, although that scenario does not hold up under real scrutiny because amongst other things Breivik was invited to Liberia in 2002 during the Civil War in the Country, and was then in London of that same year supposedly at the forming of a secretive false Knights Templar group which are both anchor points and clearly show there is a group behind Breivik and that he is not a ‘lone wolf’.

He is working within a bigger agenda which is set out in the “2083” manifesto.

That being the case, someone painted a picture in Breivik’s mind that he believed which resulted in him willingly committing his terrorist acts in-line with their mutual agenda.

Painting the picture in his mind of he, Breivik, being the first person to start the war to topple Left-wing governments based upon their groups agenda, and how he was going to be viewed as a hero after time because of his actions (starting the war), along with the knowledge he already had about the people he was involved with, it’s easy to see his puffed up ego of his self importance after successfully pulling of his terrorist atrocity.

The worlds eyes are now on Breivik, he has made his mark, issued their statement, left a manifesto for those who agree with him to follow, potentially started a Europe wide terrorist campaign to topple left-wing governments, and gone down in history.

His grandiose complex obviously comes from all of this.

Everything before and after put into context within Breivik’s mind with his knowledge and experience base, and after achieving the first major attack as a "Declaration of War", he then believed everything he had been told by his English ‘mentor’ about him being the savior because it was now a reality to him, he had achieved their mutual goal after 9 years planning and 3 years preparing, and he has been open to explain the truth so that others understand him in context when they look back.

Premeditated, well thought out, and successful, with Breivik now believing in his own importance in the scale of things based upon what his ‘mentor’ told him. Just like moslem suicide bombers who believe the lies they are told by their recruiters as part of the brain-washing process that leads to them blowing themselves up.

His belief that he is the perfect Knight is in-line with the brainwashing by his ‘mentor’ because Breivik states that his ‘mentor’ described the perfect Knight to him which was all a part of his brainwashing process. The ‘mentor’ painted the picture of Breivik being that perfect Knight after he committed his acts which Breivik believed and sought to attain, which is why he now believes it and claims it. His ‘mentor’ told him so, and his ‘mentor’ is still in the outside world to continue their mutual agenda, so it’s true to him.

Unless he is a ‘lone wolf’ then it is all delusional, but he was in Liberia in 2002 during the Civil war in the Country after being invited there by someone who recruited him?

To say he is the most perfect Knight since the Second World War means there must have been a perfect Knight in the Second World War and that can only mean Adolf Hitler who also claimed himself to be a Knight and arose to one of the most prominent positions in World history. This is all in-line with neo-nazi ideology which obviously forms the core basis of the group behind Breiviks ideology, and Breivik himself, which is why he also talks of forming a Norwegian breeding programme.

Breivik is not a Knight’s Templar in its true form, he is a charlatan, a wolf in sheeps clothing because no Knight who has his core belief based upon the Bible and teachings of Jesus would go out and kill nearly 100 innocent kids in the name of right-wing politics. He is a fraud, driven by a devil.

In the manifesto he even decries Christians as being weak minded, needing something to believe in, which is an affront to all true Knights Templar’s around the world.

You can imagine that after committing a horrendous mass murder that goes beyond the realms of mainstream societies sanity and then spending 12 weeks in solitary confinement to come to terms with what he had just done and the subsequent lengthy police interrogations would have taken a toll on his mind so that would bring doubt over its legality if there were points of contention he could explain away sanely, unless there is very clear cut cases of delusion, but Breivik has his anchor points that's why he has been clear and consistent throughout since July 22nd, from what we can glean via his lawyer from the media anyway.

And there are many who justify his acts and agree with him.

We have to wait now for more disclosure of his psychiatric report to see whether or not he really is ‘criminally insane’, so cannot be held to account for his actions.

Unless the real English ‘mentor’ is arrested which proves the above points, and there must be real speculation about the existence of this ‘mentor’ which is why I was interviewed, with it spread across the worlds news that it was me.

The psychiatrists are stuck between a "rock & a hard place" if they are to stick to the official line of 'lone wolf' because everything Breivik says has to be delusional if that is the case, thus 'criminally insane' and delusional.

“One persons madness is another person’s reality”

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