16 November 2011

Not an attack or criticism of MI5/MI6

A close friend of mine has subtly criticised me for writing my last post as if it was an attack on the British Security Services MI5/MI6.

I would like to point out that I have not criticised them or attacked them in my post because I know full well the work they do and risk they take in 'defending the Realm', all I have done is ask relevant and pertinent questions relating to the Anders Breivik murder enquiry in relation to Alan Ayling/Lake based upon the facts.

If Alan Lake had nothing to hide then he should have been on the first plane to Norway to refute any such horrendous allegations as soon as he knew that the Norwegian authorities wanted to talk to him as part of their on-going investigation.

He has so far refused to do so and hidden from all attempts to locate him for a public interview with the media, travel to Norway to refute any allegations leveled at him and answer any questions posed as part of the on-going investigation to see whether or not there is a wider 'conspiracy' and network directly connected to Anders Breivik himself and his actions, as he has stated himself within the manifesto and in police interview.

Failure to comply with the above leaves a level of suspicion surrounding him and looks from an outsiders perspective as a level of guilt for some reason is at play.

Only time will tell now that the ball has been set in motion for his appearance in front of the Norwegian police investigators.

Due to the fact that I was hung out to dry by pretty much everyone as being the English 'mentor', it has been my responsibility to defend myself and refute the accusation at every given opportunity which is that I have done, and my duty as someone in the middle of the investigation to help get to the bottom of this 'crime against humanity', if I can, for the sake of those 69 innocent dead kids who were murdered on their summer camp, and for their families left to deal with the tragedy.

Thats what true "Templarism" is about.

Being accused of being the 'mentor' behind the monster who carried out the worst mass murder in Europe of the 21st Century is no small thing on every level.

I had no hesitation in traveling to Norway to be interviewed at the first opportunity because it was a 'despicable' lie leveled against me that originated from somewhere and for some reason, and I would have had no hesitation in looking into the eyes of any family member of the deceased from July 22nd and stated my innocence in the whole affair to them directly.

I gave the Norwegian police a detailed interview of where I believe this accusation originated from with credible reason and motive behind that accusation and now they would like to speak to Alan Ayling/Lake to see whether or not there is substance to my claims.

Knowing what I know about Alan Ayling/Lake and his murky background I asked relevant and pertinent questions in my post regarding him which should not be taken as a criticism or an attack on the UK's Security Services. This is what I actually said before questioning Ayling/Lake's links into the heart of the British Establishment and Security apparatus.

Quote: I would like to stress that I do not believe Alan Ayling/Lake is endorsed from the 'Top', well I hope not anyway, he is what I would call a compartmentalised asset who is controlled by someone or group within a section of Britain's MI5/MI6 intelligence community.

MI5 & MI6 are world renound for their work in protecting not only Britain's National Security but that of other Nations and Alan Ayling/Lake's nefarious work and his rogue unit should not be a reflection on them as a whole and their hard and often very dangerous work that sometimes results in their deaths for Queen & Country.

I am sure that those in authority who respect the 'rule of law' would also like to know the answer to my questions because of the wider implications if Ayling/Lake is behind Breivik and connected to the State in some capacity as I believe he is.

Due to the severity of Anders Breivik's crime (the worst mass murder in Europe of the 21st Century) and the seriousness of the future implications for the whole of Europe based upon the "2083" manifesto and potentially Alan Ayling/Lakes possible involvement, and his somehow magical feat of staying hidden from any public exposure to which I received as if thrown into the 'Lion's den' by him and his EDL puppet, and now his much sought after police interview, I think the questions I posed are relevant and pertinent to the on-going investigation.

Who is protecting him and why?

The seriousness of Anders Breivik's politically motivated terrorist attack and its future implications has resulted in a department being set up in the Hague to investigate the terrorist attack in Norway, which means a full and thorough international investigation to see where this attack really came from and who are the people behind it.

Unless of course we are fed the 'official line' of lone wolf scenario where Breivik was radicalised and trained in his bedroom watching youtube videos and reading websites and blogs. Then pulled of the greatest terrorist feat in history of all on his own. There is only so long that line can hold up though as there is overwhelming evidence to the contrary, its just whether or not 'Joe Public' will be allowed to learn the full truth and further arrests are made.

This transcends domestic British affairs because it is international in scope, and all questions need to be answered, that includes all questions surrounding me as I was immediately implicated, and all questions surrounding Ayling/Lake as that is the only possible place I can see that a hostile act against me could have originated from which brings in the questions I posed.

I might be completely wrong in my assumption, but I also might be completely right, and its a matter of all those agencies investigating in every country, to prove or disprove any allegations or lines of enquiry to get to the bottom of Norway's worst human tragedy in their history.

From what I have learned (I might be wrong), the manifesto has been written in perfect English, which for a Norwegian, unless he has a degree in English is always going to be an impossibility, and Breivik after his crime was able to successfully point the 'mental psyche' he created onto the UK right-wing scene, which leaves the questions why and who really wrote the manifesto?

The main online anti-jihad writers who Breivik supports in the manifesto proclaim the "English Defence League" as the saviours of Europe, and it is comprised of many with extreme far-right political views as Breivik himself, which in my view is his/their attempt to stir up individuals within its ranks to follow his lead into political terrorism against those on the left of UK politics. Tommy Robinson is already using the platform from Breivik's acts to threaten attacks against the UK, and morally supports his views.

What or who, could be the possible link between the EDL and Breivik who might want the after effect his acts have created to be pointed towards the UK right-wing scene because he/they have their finger on the pulse?

Breivik a right wing political extremists dressed up as a Knights Templar and professing himself a Knight, and the whole EDL movement centered around Knights Templar iconography.

Video: The folly of Alan Lake

The "2083" manifesto is titled after one of his Norwegian compatriots Fraudman's essays. Fraudman is also a die hard supporter of the EDL.

What or who, could be the possible link between Fraudman, the EDL and Breivik, so able to script Fraudman in as the ideological one for more "Team Breivik's" to follow so they are all in-tune with the agenda?

Who are the ones Breivik talks of when he states that his friends with the same views as his will continue his work on the outside?

Alan Ayling/Lake was the financial and operational director behind the EDL and was the point man between its international financial and political supporters, which includes Fraudman and certain of those other ideological anti-jihad writers mentioned by Breivik in the manifesto, who are/were also die hard EDL supporters.

Is there a pattern that emerges that cannot be ignored and requires a deeper understanding?

Alan Ayling/Lake had very real means and motive to frame me, which leaves me with the question, is he one of the people directly behind Anders Breivik? and who was the military tactician in his flat at the first EDL meeting when Steven Yaxley-Lennon (Tommy Robinson) assumed the leadership role of the EDL?

No matter how uncomfortable the questions might be that I posed in my last post, is it not the British governments duty to get to the bottom of this to prove or disprove any claims surrounding Ayling/Lake? Not just for Norway but also Britain's internal security.

This was the worst mass murder in Europe of the 21st Century after all, so it cannot just be swept under the carpet as a minor irrelevant event, especially not because of the involvement of the Hague.

Someone somewhere wants to start a right v left wing war to topple European governments and Breivik was the first pawn in their agenda.

Do they have government backing or is this the work of a 'mad man' and his associates, ready and willing to take their ideological political agenda to the next level, which means violent terrorism against their political opponents? If they dont get caught that is, or if they dont have government backing.

What are the consequences and implications if Ayling/Lake is connected in some way to MI5/MI6 and he is behind Breivik?

Not a nice thought I know, and not a nice question to pose because of the respect for MI5/MI6, but at least the Germans are facing up to their own potentially similar event.

All evidence points to the fact that he is, its just a case of whether or not there is any evidence linking him directly to Breivik himself, and there is a lot of circumstantial evidence pointing to that fact.

As a British citizen and loyal subject of the Queen, not one person has helped me through any of this, so why should Alan Ayling/Lake be afforded such protection from figures within the Establishment?

Are we not all equal before the law?

The man in his 'madness' is even talking about murdering me and nobody has said or done anything about it.

Am I not in my right to question things when I was not only attempted to be framed for being the mentor behind the monster who murdered 69 innocent kids in cold blood, and also when there is talk of murdering me by someone who is now central to the on-going investigation regardless of what light others might want to read it in?

That is not an attack on MI5/MI6 it is in my defence to ask these relevant and pertinent questions considering my current situation as a witness in the Breivik enquiry and people talking about murdering me who are potentially linked to the State.

If I was dead then I wouldn't be asking them, but I am not, contrary to other people's desires.

Isn't it time Alan Ayling/Lake was sent to Norway?

I am sure a deal can be done to keep any knowledge of Ayling/Lakes connections away from the public arena to preserve the operational integrity of the British Security Services, if he is linked to them of course and he is innocent of everything, and if he is not, and he is involved then that's other peoples problem to deal with and I would say that is his trump card.

No one in their right mind can condone or justify the cold blooded murder of 69 kids on a summer camp regardless of their naive role playing and left leaning parents.

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