12 November 2011

Alan Lake - Agent/Asset of the State?

The Guardian: Germany's MI5 linked to neo-nazi murders

The Guradian: Germany's scandal grows

Daily Mail: Many MI6 agents have died protecting us

Quote: Mr Hague is responsible for the Secret Intelligence Service MI6 and GCHQ, the electronic listening station in Cheltenham.

Home Secretary Theresa May is responsible for the Security Service MI5

I would like to stress that I do not believe Alan Ayling/Lake is endorsed from the 'Top', well I hope not anyway, he is what I would call a compartmentalised asset who is controlled by someone or group within a section of Britain's MI5/MI6 intelligence community.

MI5 & MI6 are world renound for their work in protecting not only Britain's National Security but that of other Nations and Alan Ayling/Lake's nefarious work and his rogue unit should not be a reflection on them as a whole and their hard and often very dangerous work that sometimes results in their deaths for Queen & Country.

Alan Lake has been successfully shielded from the Anders Breivik police enquiry by whoever is above him, but that will come to an end soon and then he will be brought out into the light of day and then questioned by the Norwegian police over any possible links he has to Breivik himself, and the shady dealings he as had with all those international groups financially and politically funding and supporting his right-wing agenda not only in Britain but also around Europe, and how they themselves could be complicit in Breivik's terrorist attack, his ideology behind the attack and their future agenda of starting a right v left-wing war throughout Europe based upon the "2083" manifesto.

Whether or not Alan Ayling/Lake is actually an MI5 or MI6 agent himself is yet to be known but there is enough evidence pointing to the fact that he is a State asset to some degree, aligned to some high level political group and figures within the British Establishment.

He is not your working class type and is cut from the same cloth as Anders Breivik's diplomat father and walks in similar political circles because he has the money, educational intelligence and the social contacts. Where the money comes from is a job for those looking, and who is contacts are is again a job for those who are looking, but rest assured both of those questions will unearth quite a picture of who at the heart of the British Establishment is supporting and protecting him. Not only that it will show who is ultimately behind the "English Defence League" and protecting its leaders on a State level, and endorsing Lakes political agenda in Europe.

How bad a reflection on the British intelligence community will it be if I am found to be correct here and that he is, as I say he is, an agent of the State who has been behind the "English Defence League", going up and down the Country, terrorising communities, attacking innocent people, closing down city centers, shutting businesses when owners are struggling with the recession, costing the British tax payer millions in policing, attempting to start a race war in Britain and all under the Blood Red Templar Cross, just like with the fake Knights Templar Anders Breivik and his "2083" manifesto.

(He and they stole the vision of the EDL from me and others.)

Wont look very good and its too late now because all of the evidence of Alan Lake and his actions are in the public domain, and those above him know this that's why they are protecting him because he has the potential to expose them, which in turn opens up a much bigger picture of what has been going on in the background within internal British affairs. I am sure they are not feeling very comfortable at the moment and the British angle on the Breivik enquiry will unearth these truths for those who need to know. It would be good for them to be brought out into the open so that we know who our enemies are on that level of society.

Could this along with my potential to scupper Alan Lake's agenda of using the EDL for his and their purposes be motivation enough to attempt to frame me over Anders Breivik?

If Alan Ayling/Lake & Irish tommy boy had not have pointed the finger at me then I would not have endevoured to understand where the accusation of being Anders Breivik's English mentor came from and why it was leveled at me in the first place. Thus I would not be talking in an open format about this issue and those involved with the Breivik enquiry would not be looking or listening to my thoughts and opinions.

Call it a blessing in disguise, me being placed in the 'middle' of this by the Almighty for the sake of all of those dead innocent children and their families, if I am correct.

Anders Breivik is as much a 'lone wolf' as I am his English 'mentor', its just a case of whether or not the Norwegians have the stomach to take this all the way, whether they have international support on the highest levels and to what degree the British State wants to protect Alan Ayling/Lake. Can they cut him loose or does have have too much damaging incriminating evidence on other senior figures duplicity?

I think the blood and memory of 69 innocent Norwegian children and the tears of their grieving families should be enough motivation and give enough strength to go all the way with this, and the bombing of the government building, killing 8 inside, enough political will.

There can be no doubt that at the very least Lake is an agent of the State than the fact that he is connected to influential political figures around the world, with contacts in the Swedish government, Norwegian government, and British government, that we know of, along with his connections into the American political scene.

Video: Alan Lake - Breivik & Norwegian TV

He has all of these contacts, is directly pushing and directing a right-wing political agenda and is behind the "English Defence League", so you cannot tell me that he is not connected at the very least to high level British political figures which in turn brings in the MI5/MI6 angle. Is he an asset or agent is the question that needs to be known. Asset then who is controlling him, and agent, that brings in a much more damaging scenario because of his work with the EDL. This would then account for the deafening silence about him in the media, his refusal to go to Norway, and the State level protection he and his EDL leaders seem to posses. As I say, those above him and surrounding him do not want to now get caught up in this so they have had no alternative but to protect him because in doing so they are protecting themselves, but I would say it is too late and whether we 'Joe Public' know or not, those decent figures in the British Establishment will now know and hopefully that will be enough for '
justice and retribution' to follow them the rest of their lives on earth.

How high does it go though?

Why have the British press not done any real articles on him and his involvement with the EDL? The only one I have seen is a Guardian article which incriminates him when reading it in the light of Breivik.

The evidence is everywhere when someone is guilty.

Somewhere out there in the realms of the Establishment is a department set up specifically for the "English Defence League" because at one time it was deemed as a serious threat to the '
peace and security' of Britain as there were thousands on the streets righteously protesting against Islamic fundamentalism within the country. Now it is nothing more than a hard core group of racists and aging football hooligans wanting their buzz and a leadership milking the 'fame and fortune' from the international attention, with it slowing dying a natural death because of their ineptitude.

Whoever the head of that police unit is, I would say is complicit with whoever is supporting and backing Lake on a political level because all operational decisions that could effect the EDL come from this one person and you can deduce from their actions or more like inaction that they are working to an agenda along with others on a political level behind the scenes.

This is what happens out of 'sight and mind' in high politics that we cannot see.

Irish tommy boy the EDL leader was arrested on his way to Scotland for '
stirring up religious hatred' that carries a maximum of 7 years imprisonment. His home was searched, and that of his family with items taken from both locations, which later resulted in a money laundering charge based upon cocaine dealing.

Whilst in custody the 'stirring up religious hatred' charge disappeared as if like magic, but we all know how that magic works for some people when facing Special Branch and the possibility of the exposure of the persons real identity and the looming potential 7 years. At this point Irish tommy's identity was hidden from the public because he always wore a mask and used his alias. He was terrified of having his face out there which resulted in him committing his acts against my family, which in turn resulted in me and Nick+ putting his face out there.

So its pretty safe to say that Irish tommy boy became a Special Branch asset at that point in the police station, to pass information on patriots involved with the street protest movement. Not only that there are rumours on the streets of Luton that he sold some young guy out who was arrested with drugs and weapons.

Info can be seen here: Tommy 'grass' Robinson

An asset has to be protected at all costs because of the information they are supplying but you can never take into account for the persons own actions which was shown in Blackburn when Irish tommy boy coked out of his head, targeted an ex-soldier for a punishment beating by his loyal EDL followers.

This was a clear cut 'affray' caught on video, that he and his handlers could not get out of because there was video evidence and calls for his arrest.

He was not arrested for 'affray' that carries a maximum of 3 years imprisonment, but the pitiful 'common assault' charge that holds no real consequences (6 months maximum) unlike, potentially, the 'affray' charge.

Video: The Blackburn disgrace

There are quite a few other incidents or Irish tommy boy's misdemenours that have been overlooked by those in authority charged with dealing with the EDL which can only mean complicity which then brings in other questions and lines of investigation that ultimately sits in the hands of the chief of the unit dealing with the EDL because he/she sanctions and authorises the arrests of members and leaders, or holds them back for reasons known only to themselves and their operational integrity i.e a government officials saying "yes or no".

I wonder who the Chief turns to on a political level when deciding what action to take, or inaction as the case may be?

These are questions that hopefully the British angle of the Breivik enquiry will uncover.

The main case that stands out to me is the case of Irish tommy boy and the big man uncle kev coked out of their brains entering the sanctity of my innocent mothers home (who is also a grandmother to 10 English children), under false pretenses whilst I was hundreds of miles away in Malta and ringing me from inside the house on her landline phone number and unbeknown to her, attempting to threaten and intimidate me into silence with kidnapping her unless I stopped my attack on their leadership of the EDL.

The police have a 999 emergency call from me of this event on record, along with my mothers witness statement about them lying to her to get into her home in the middle of a public dispute.

The police took absolutely NO ACTION of this crime committed by the leadership of the "English Defence League", or contacted me regarding the 999 call.

Can you see the pattern?

Must be someone high up protecting their assets, and it is that someone or plural who I and I am sure others want to know, who is making the government/police operational decisions on the EDL because in my mind they are complicit with the act committed against me and my innocent family for which I want charges brought.

From that moment anyone who continued supporting that leadership was a direct enemy of mine and those associated with me, with a whole body of evidence since that time detailing who those enemies are, and that includes whoevers decision it was to take no action after that 999 call which the IPCC complaint will get to the bottom of.

18 months later after my continued assault on them, their leadership of the EDL and the complicity of their ideological supporters, I am then accused of being the 'mentor' behind the monster of the worst mass murder in Europe of the 21st Century. Funny thing is that I am not even mentioned in the manifesto once, and its all of my enemies who I had been writing against over the 18 months who were lifted up as the people to follow by Breivik, I just took all the blame away from them in the Worlds media and was seriously in the position of being arrested based upon the carefully crafted propaganda behind the "2083" manifesto and its implications aimed at me and those linked to me.

See the pattern.

It did not work though and thankfully someone somewhere knew there was no way this was linked to me and gave me the opportunity to defend myself which is what I have done from the very beginning of the Breivik saga. Hopefully one day I will know the truth and be able to thank that person/persons for believing in me.

Not only all of this, I have given the Norwegian police ample '
means and motive' behind Alan Ayling/Lake being the one behind Anders Breivik and attempting to frame me for it, with him now even talking about murdering me, no matter how others want to dismiss it, it shows what is in his heart and is at a time when he is now central to the ongoing Breivik investigation which doesn't look good in anyone's eyes. Knowing all of Lakes murky background, the people he is involved with and the access to money he has, its not beyond the realms of possibility that he could have paid someone to do the job for him, so the direct threat against my safety and well being at a time when I have no money to protect myself is there.

This threat against me was written about in the Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet, and my investigating officer in Norway advised me to take the information to the British police because of the potential gravity of the situation.

After being away for 2 years and coming back to the UK, homeless and then penniless it was a very hard situation to find myself in so I took the information of this threat and historical evidence to the police with a signed copy for the Chief Constable of Bedfordshire Police Alf Hancock just in case something did happen.

To this date nothing has been done about it.

See the pattern.

Considering I am a British citizen and subject of the Queen, am I and my family not entitled to the full protection of the Queens law? Or has this public institution and servant of the Queen now failed in its duty to protect the public thus making it a failed institution of State which means as a people we must re-evaluate our position with regards to the police.

Corruption on the highest level that is directly linked to the worst mass murder in Europe of the 21st Century.

There are many unanswered questions that need answering so I hope that the British side of the Breivik enquiry will answer some of the questions posed by me here on this blog, because they are very real and very relevant questions that need answering.

After being accused in the Worlds media of being Anders Breivik's English 'mentor' and voluntarily going to Norway to prove my innocence I was told that Scotland Yard who were dealing with the British side of things would talk to me on my entry to the UK. Due to the gravity of the case, it being the worst mass murder in Europe of the 21st Century, my involvement in it, and its future implications not only to myself, but also the security of Britain and her allies, you would have expected them to talk to me considering all of the implications, but to this date not one single person in the British police has asked to talk to me about anything. Not Breivik, not threats against my family, not threats against me, not about anything.

Can you see the pattern.

From the top down, and it all now centers on Alan Ayling/Lake and his political paymasters and supporters, and whether or not he is an agent or an asset of the State, thus making me a threat to their continued business practices and whhttp://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gify there is silence on all of the above.

The silence is deafening and speaks volumes...

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