1 November 2008

The young Lions return

Death is an inevitability of War and all those who stand up to be counted for their families, their neighbours, and Queen and Country know the risks involved when joining the armed forces.

Each soldier on the battlefield is a hero in their own right and the British people owe a debt of gratitude to each of them for putting their lives up as a sacrifice for the sake of the 'Realm' to which they belong, just like all those who have gone before them in past generations, and all those who will come after them.

What a travesty that whilst they are fighting in foreign fields for us back home there are enemies living amongst us planning and plotting the destruction of Great Britain with no real action to prevent it by those who control the State.

Soldiers abused in hospitals by Moslems, abused and spat at in the street by Moslems, forced to wear civilian clothes so as to not upset Moslems and all after putting their lives on the line for their Country.

Appeasement, Surrender and Denial of the enemy at home is the consensus of the day by those in ultimate charge over all parts of the British State, but those on the frontlines in the streets at home know the truth because its staring them in the face each day, they dont live in tax paid ivory towers in the safest places they can afford to find in 21st Century Britain.

Those in charge of the 'Power of the State' use all the powers at their disposal and the laws that they have created and put in place, to silence the true reality of what is unfolding upon our streets across the Nation, exactly like what is happening to me because I was forced into a corner by Pakistani Moslems who have taken over my community.

Sweeping the truth under the carpet while the invasion and take over takes place.

This short insight into 2 Para resonates what this blog is about: Heroin

Heroin is funding the Taliban and Al Qaeda's War against Coalition troops, and is being used as a Weapon of War upon our own streets, killing and destroying our youth, descemating society and making vast amounts of money in the process that is being used to fund the Global Jihad and finace the take over of parts of our Country exactly like what is happening in Luton & Dunstable where I am from.

Why do you think I named it: Heroin - The Golden Sword of Jihad

Excerpt: They did not want fighting to damage their precious crop of opium poppies, used to fund their war against the West. That much became clear during a routine patrol on June 8, almost two months after Four Platoon arrived at Camp Inkerman.

Daily Mail:
Heroes of 2 Para


Anonymous said...

God bless the British. Stand strong in war against terrorists. Now it's time to focus on those living here in Europe.

Anonymous said...

Today, the fuhrer Gordon in Brown trousers, our dearly beloved political representative, took a break from waving his begging-bowl in front of the Saudi Princes to meet and shake hands with former Al Qaeda supporters, some returned from Guantanamo, as they are reprogrammed with religious education in special Saudi detention centres. (Getting a few lessons in how it's done, by the experts in human-rights violation?)
I guess the Arabs don't fall for his kind of double-talk and bullshit.
They just laugh behind his back as they disdainfully throw a few more million dollars back into the British purse.
With Barclay's Bank sold off in large part to the Gulf Arabs, and the International Monetary Fund topped up with millions of petro-dollars, we can imagine how Brown's Saudi baksheesh-trip just confirms the scraping and grovelling as an indicator that the plans for the ultimate prize of Europistan are well entrenched and well on their way to fruition.

Here's the rub, from the ashes of the Brown-Globalist economic dream, he attempts to pluck defeat from the jaws of victory.
Who says the slave-trade is dead?
Full marks Gordon, for making Britain yet more of a laughing stock!
And what's our dear Foreign Minister up to while Gordon's wandering in the desert?
Why, he's out gallivanting with his French pal, promising to send our uniformed British lads and lasses into another conflict, to fight in the Congo for the UN, as if Afghanistan and Iraq have not stretched them enough.
Funny how the Labour Party had no interest, under the likes of Jack Straw, when the Rwanda genocide was in full murderous flow, and the rivers of lifeblood poured from a million victims.
Funny how they play a less interested game with the Muslim dictators of Sudan! "Naughty, naughty, pretty-please, stop burning babies."

Funny how David Milliband our Foreign Minister accused Russia of near genocide when they went to intervene in Ossetia against the Georgian raiders. These same friends of Milliband have been shown in a recent BBC and Human Rights Watch investigation, to have been the instigators of the war on the borders of Russia. And it was genocide, but against the Russian ethnics in Ossettia, by his Georgian pals!
You can't fool the Russians, David.
Just how much damage is this cavalier humbug doing to Britain's reputation?
For how long shall we have to endure the likes of this duplicitous lick spittle gang of vipers?
Brown is a jackal in sheep's clothing, and he is feeding our soldiers lives to the pack.
Blood sacrifice.

John Sobieski said...

I agree. Brown is a traitor and his gang of thugs, plotting the West's destruction and sucking up to the Muslims. It is disgusting to watch from America, but yet, we are doing the same here.

Anonymous said...

I've said it time and time again, this Government is at war with us. 'Bin' Brown is and the NuLabour Camp have always been submissive to Islam. Trouble is,the politically correct legistlation they have brought in is now biting them in the arse already.

I'm begining to wonder what our military think about Brown's meeting and shaking of hands with the enemy? It must be frustrating fighting a so called war on terror whilst back home, we are protecting the very terrorists our boys are meant to be fighting. We give the terrorists benefits from our hard earned cash, housing and all the protection of the laws created by our real enemy, the British Government. I was sickened when I see brown shaking hands with filth. My feeling for this country are becoming more and more sickening by the day. Something drastic will have to happen to rid of the Nazi's currently ruling this country.

We must let the military know whats going on and try to convince them to turn against this Government. Our boys are laying their lives down whilst Brown & Co do all they can to accomodate terrorists whilst our boys backs are turned.

Support our soilders, Stab this Government in their backs like they are doing to us all.

Anonymous said...

What a perfect cover for all their dirty little plans!
A "nice" recession for the peasants while these "nose-in-trough" hogs feast at their banquets around the world discussing how they are going to "save" the world's financial system from imminent meltdown.
Forgetting, of course, that they were at the helm as they guided us onto the rocks.
Ah, the sweet siren voices are singing in the gathering twilight.
I have even heard today, that several Labour M.P.'s are asking for a snap General election to make the most of the proposed tax-cuts and interest rate drops that are being bandied about to buy us out of approaching economic mess.
I hope the British public are not that gullible.
Looking back through the comments here and on other blogs, one can see predictions of these events a year or more ago.
Not to mention how the Liberatii are crowing on the dung-heaps of the Media, such as dear "Auntie" BBC, crowing and heaping praise on the election of their Obamassiah who has gone to the mountain and has seen the promised Land.
Lo, Tony Blair has called him to the Mount of Olives to give succour to the Philistines, that they may be delivered from their suffering.
The price of this deliverance?
May I quote Bob Dylan,
"People are crazy, and times are strange."
I know we all hope Obama is not another illusory figment of the fevered mass-mind, but I will not be laying a bet on him saving the world, as every hack and talking head seems to think he is.

I sense the same feeling as we Brits had, back when Maggie Thatcher left the stage.
Many folks had had enough, and were happy to see her go, but look what that ushered in.
The brave new world of Tony and Gordon, and ten-plus long years of creeping dry-rot and the breeding of armies of verminous infestations in the body of the Nation.

Anonymous said...

magnacarta, I am sure you do not want actual insurrection in the Armed Forces.
Your hyperbolic statement is a warning though.
At the final step, only our military have the power to prevent the destruction of Her Majestie's Realm.
There must come a point where insurrection is in fact transformed by circumstance, into the very same patriotic duty to the Crown, that is the absolute raison d'etre of the existence of the Armed Forces.
How does Her Majesty feel as she surveys the peril with which we are now faced, in Her latter years as Monarch?
We may never know what sorrow apprises Her gaze, as she reviews the times of Her reign, from the dazzling optimism of Her early years, to the confused Globalist propaganda that now dominates the world.
There are those that dismiss our Queen as anachronistic, and strive to break up the United Kingdom, and these range from conspiracy-nuts to the likes of many Labour politicians who long for their Federalist dreams, and who are every day attempting to tip Britain ever further into the European bureaucratic cess-pit.
There is no country in the world so blessed with such a wise and devoted figurehead.
So long as we resist any attempt to remove our Monarchy, Britain will forever remain different to the herd of nations, bound by an intricate seam to our past, and to our children's future by the unbroken thread of shared heritage.
Surely we must resist those that would break that delicate tapestry of the silk of history, and remember that that same thread can transform to the anchor-chain that will resist those that would see us torn apart.
This island race has yet to have it's finest day.

Anonymous said...

Found this link:


"AS Sun unveils Millie awards for hero troops, ANDY McNAB tells how he saw 30 Brits defend vantage point for nine days against hordes of Taliban.

I WATCHED as a platoon of British heroes fought off one of the most savage sieges of the Afghanistan conflict.

Just over 30 soldiers repelled 400 Taliban killers for nine days, defending vitally-important high ground marked by a lookout tower.

Astonishingly, just one of Our Boys was hurt by shrapnel while 100 insurgents were killed in the battle dubbed The Siege of Roshan Tower.

The clash last week is being compared to the famous Rorke’s Drift siege in the Zulu War.

I was with a battalion of soldiers half a mile away who were desperately trying to relieve the platoon. But the fighting around the tower was too fierce.

The hero squaddies — many just teenagers — fought off Taliban fighters as they sneaked through fields of 8ft-high corn armed with rocket-propelled grenades and AK47 machine guns.

Up to 55 mortar rounds a day exploded in the stronghold overlooking the town of Musa Qala in Helmand province.

The soldiers fought behind sandbags in a trench around the disused tower on a piece of land the size of a tennis court.

The platoon from A Company, 2nd Battalion, the Princess of Wales’s Royal Regiment — dubbed the Tigers — used the new .338 sniper rifle to defend themselves.

One Taliban fighter was shot as he charged from a few hundred yards away with a deadly RPG.

As the attacks increased, the soldiers — commanded by Lt Dave Thomas, 23 — called for support from Apache helicopters and British, US, French and Dutch jets.

Soldiers at the nearby base with me were not allowed to help by their commanding officers — as it would have been a suicide mission.

The Taliban finally withdrew last Friday, taking their dead.

When the exhausted soldiers emerged, they all said the same thing — that if the lookout had fallen, their mates on the ground and in Musa Qala would suffer.

The Taliban would have had the advantage and could freely attack three of the troops’ bases.

The heroes just weren’t prepared to let that happen. The bravery of these few men knows no bounds. They are truly incredible.

The Siege of Roshan Tower should go down in history as perhaps the most savage of the seven-year-old Afghan conflict.

Courageous Lt Cpl Carvas Garraway, 31 — who was hit by shrapnel — had already spent almost two months holed up in the tower.

With no thought for his own safety, he ran through enemy fire to check if his men were alive during one frenzied attack.

Lt Cpl Garraway, from St Vincent and the Grenadines in the Caribbean, said: “We were fighting so hard I didn’t know I was hit.”

Fellow hero Pte Andrew Swanwick, 21, from Portsmouth, said: “It was a vital job to do.”

Army top brass were yesterday said to be “overwhelmed” by the bravery of the platoon. They are expected to recommend honours for the soldiers involved.

It comes during a time of heavy fighting, with fears the resurgent Taliban are closing in on the Afghan capital Kabul.

The Tigers are the sister battalion of soldiers who fought at the Cimic House siege in 2004 — the deadliest fight involving Brits in Iraq.

In that battle — immortalised in the book Sniper One — 106 soldiers fought more than 500 militants for 23 days.

Last week’s clash is also being compared to Rorke’s Drift in 1879 when 139 British soldiers defended their garrison against 4,000 Zulus."

Anonymous said...

Thankyou for that incredibly moving story anon.