15 November 2008

Why do Moslems wage Jihad?

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There is no stronger motivation in life than the belief that you are carrying out Gods will, why do you think Moslems misguidedly commit suicide in the process of killing innocent people.

Please read through all of the information here to gain an insight and understanding of the Islamic religious justification and command to wage Jihad (Holy War) against the infidels (you and me).

Islam has been waging War against the non-Islamic World for 1400 years so why should today be any different, and we have enough examples to show us that it is not.

The only difference today is that it is not happening in some far off foreign Country, its now happening amongst us upon our shores.

What does the future hold?

Why do Moslems wage Jihad?

The reason why jihaad is prescribed

Allaah has enjoined jihad for His sake upon the Muslims, for the great benefits that result from that and because of the harm caused by abandoning jihad, some of which are mentioned in Question no. 34830.

Some of the reasons why jihad for the sake of Allaah is prescribed in Islam are as follows:

1 – The main goal of jihad is to make the people worship Allaah alone and to bring them forth from servitude to people to servitude to the Lord of people. Allaah says (interpretation of the meaning):

“And fight them until there is no more Fitnah (disbelief and worshipping of others along with Allaah) and (all and every kind of) worship is for Allaah (Alone). But if they cease, let there be no transgression except against Az-Zaalimoon (the polytheists, and wrong-doers)”

[al-Baqarah 2:193]

“And fight them until there is no more Fitnah (disbelief and polytheism, i.e. worshipping others besides Allaah), and the religion (worship) will all be for Allaah Alone [in the whole of the world]. But if they cease (worshipping others besides Allaah), then certainly, Allaah is All-Seer of what they do”

[al-Anfaal 8:39]

Ibn Jareer said:

So fight them until there is no more shirk, and none is worshipped except Allaah alone with no partner or associate, and trials and calamities, which are disbelief and polytheism, are lifted from the slaves of Allaah on earth, and religion is all for Allaah alone, and so that obedience and worship will be devoted to Him alone and none else.

Ibn Katheer said: Allaah commands us to fight the kuffaar so that there will be no fitnah, i.e., shirk, and the religion will all be for Allaah alone, i.e., the religion of Allaah will prevail over all other religions.

The Prophet said: “"I have been commanded (by Allaah) to fight the people until they testify that there is no god but Allaah and that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allaah, and they establish regular prayer and pay zakaah, then if they do that, then they save their lives and property from me except for Islamic laws and then their reckoning will be with Allaah." Narrated by al-Bukhaari (24), Muslim (33).

And he said: “I have been sent just before the Hour with the sword, so that Allaah will be worshipped alone with no partner or associate.”

Narrated by Ahmad, 4869; classed as saheeh by al-Albaani in Saheeh al-Jaami’, 2831.

This purpose of jihad was present in the minds of the Sahaabah during their battles with the enemies of Allaah. Al-Bukhaari (2925) narrated that Jubayr ibn Hayyah said: ‘Umar sent people to all the regions to fight the mushrikeen… so ‘Umar recruited us and appointed al-Nu’maan ibn Muqarrin to lead us. When we were in the land of the enemy, the representative of Chosroes came out to us with forty thousand troops. An interpreter stood up and said: “Let one of you speak to me.” Al-Mugheerah said: “Ask whatever you want.” He asked, “Who are you?” He (al-Mugheerah) said: “We are some people from among the Arabs. We used to lead a harsh and miserable life, sucking on animal skins and date stones because of hunger, wearing clothes made of camel and goat hair, worshipping trees and rocks. While we were in this state, the Lord of the heavens and the earth, exalted be His name and glorified be His greatness, sent to us a Prophet from amongst ourselves, whose father and mother we know. Our Prophet, the Messenger of our Lord, commanded us to fight you until you worship Allaah alone or pay the jizyah. Our Prophet told us the message from our Lord, that whoever among us is killed will go to Paradise to enjoy delights such as no one has ever seen, and whoever among us is left will become your master.”

This is the truth that the Sahaabah and leaders of the Muslims proclaimed in their military campaigns.

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Q. Why do Moslems wage jihad?

Why do humans breathe?

Why does the sun rise?

Why does the World exist?

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Talking of waging Jihad

Isn't this just Wonderful!!

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Bukhari:V9B84N59 Allahs Apostle said, I have been ordered to fight the people till they say: None has the right to be worshipped but Allah. Whoever says this will save his property and his life from me.
Koran 8:58 If you apprehend treachery from any group on the part of a people (with whom you have a treaty), retaliate by breaking off (relations) with them. The infidels should not think they can bypass (Islamic law or the punishment of Allah). Surely they cannot escape.
Tabari VII:86 Gabriel brought down the following verse to the Messenger: If you apprehend treachery from any people (with whom you have a treaty), retaliate by breaking off (relations). When Gabriel had finished delivering this verse, the Prophet said, I fear the Banu Qaynuqa. It was on the basis of this verse that Muhammad advanced upon them.
Tabari VII:158 Judayy went to Abd Allah Ibn Ubayy to ask for support. He said, I found him sitting among a number of his companions while the Prophets crier was calling men to arms. He said, This is a clever trick of Muhammads. The Messenger of Allah besieged the Nadir Jews for fifteen days. In the end they made peace with him on the condition that the Prophet would not kill them and that their property and their coats of mail would be his.
Tabari VII:159 The Messenger of Allah besieged the Nadir for fifteen days until he had reduced them to a state of utter exhaustion, so that they would give him what he wanted. The terms in which the Prophet made peace with the Jews were: he would not shed their blood, he would expel them from their lands and settlements, providing for every three of them a camel and a water-skin.
Tabari VII:159 The Prophet fought them until he made peace with them on condition that they evacuated Yathrib. He expelled them to Syria but allowed them to keep what their camels could carry, except for their coats of mail and weapons.
Koran 47:33 Believers, obey Allah, and obey the Messenger. Do not falter; become faint-hearted, or weak-kneed, crying for peace.
Koran 9:3 Allah is not bound by any contract or treaty with non-Muslims, nor is His Apostle.
Koran 97:5 There is peace until the dawning of the day!
Ishaq:515 When the people of Fadak heard what had happened, they sent word to the Messenger, asking him to banish them and spare their lives, saying they too would leave him their property. When the people of Khaybar surrendered on these conditions, the survivors asked Muhammad to employ them on their farms for a half share of whatever they produced. They said, We know more about farming [seeing that you are terrorists and all]. So Muhammad made peace with them for a half share, provided that: If we want to expel you, we may. He made a similar arrangement with Fadak. So Khaybar became the prey of the Muslims, while Fadak belonged exclusively to the Messenger of Allah, becoming his personal property, because the Muslims had not attacked its people with cavalry.
Koran 9:3 And an announcement from Allah and His Messenger to the people on the day of the Pilgrimage is that Allah and His Messenger dissolve treaty obligations with the Pagans.
Tabari VIII:104 Peace to whoever follows the right guidance! To proceed; Submit yourself, and you shall be safe.
Koran 49:9 If two parties among the Believers fall into fighting, make peace: but if one becomes aggressive, then fight against the one that transgresses until it complies.
Tabari VIII:142 The Messenger made peace with them on condition that the Zoroastrians should be required to pay the jizyah tax [so onerous, its akin to economic suicide] that one should not marry their women.
Koran 9:7 How can there be a covenant between Allah and His Messenger and the disbelievers with whom you made a treaty near the sacred Mosque? Koran 9:8 How (can there be such a treaty), seeing that they get an advantage, the upper hand over you? They do not pay you respect, or honor you or the ties of kinship or covenant. With (good words from) their mouths they entice you [out negotiate you], but their hearts are averse to you.
Koran 9:12 If they violate their oaths and break treaties, taunting you for your Religion, then fight these specimens of faithlessness.
Tabari VIII:163 The Prophet said, I think you will see Abu Sufyan [the leading Meccan merchant] come to strengthen the pact and extend the term. Ishaq:543 Abu Sufyan went to Muhammad in Medina to affirm the peace treaty, but Muhammad refused to speak to him. Tabari VIII:164 Sufyan went to Abu Bakr and asked him to intercede, but he refused. When Sufyan asked Umar to help [avert war], he replied, No way. By Allah, if I had only ant grubs, I would fight you with them! Ali said, Woe to you, Sufyan. When the Messenger has determined a thing it is useless for anyone to talk to him.
Tabari VIII:165 There is nothing that you can do to make peace with him.
Tabari VIII:165 When Abu Sufyan reported back to the Quraysh that Muhammad had given him no reply, they said, Woe to you! By Allah, he did no more than play with you.
Ishaq:544 Muhammad commanded the people to prepare for the foray [raid, incursion, sortie, attack, or assault]. The Messenger informed his troops that he was going to Mecca. He ordered them to prepare themselves and ready their equipment quickly. He said, O Allah, keep spies and news from the Quraysh until we take them by surprise in their land.
Tabari VIII:182 Allah had enabled Muhammad to take the persons of the Quraysh by force, giving him power over them so they were his booty. Their lives were now his spoil.
Ishaq:552 When the populace settled down, Muhammad went to the Kaaba and compassed it seven times on his camel, touching the Black Stone with a stick. Then he went inside the Temple. There he found a dove made of wood. He broke it in his hands and threw it away. [The first idol Muhammad broke was the international symbol of peace.]
Tabari IX:58 When the Messenger reached Tabuk the governor of Aylah [a seaport at the north end of the Gulf of Aqabah] came to him, made a treaty, and agreed to pay the jizyah tax. The people of Jarba and Adhruh also offered to pay him the tax.
Ishaq:607 The Byzantines encountered the Messengers cavalry which was led by Khalid. Ukaydir was seized and his brother Hassan was killed. Muhammad spared his life and made peace with him on the condition that he pay the zakat tax.
Tabari IX:79 In this year the zakat was made obligatory, and the Messenger dispatched his agents to collect it. The verse was revealed: Take the zakat from their wealth to purify them.
Ishaq:316 In peace you are wild assesrough and coarse. And in war you are like women wearing corsets. But I care not so long as my hand can grasp my trusty blade.
Koran 8:61 But if the enemy inclines toward peace, do you (also) incline to peace, and trust in Allah. Should they intend to deceive or cheat you, verily Allah suffices: He strengthened you with His aid and with Believers. [The small print is real important. Should they intend to deceive or cheat is an open invitation to invoke 8:57 to 60. The first to interpret this surah said:]
Ishaq:326 If they ask you for peace on the basis of Islam (submission), make peace on that basis. Be of one mind by His religion.
Tabari VIII:17 The Muslims and polytheists stayed in their positions for twenty nights with no fighting except for the shooting of arrows and the siege. When the trial became great for the people, the Messenger sent for the leaders of the Ghatafan [Meccan comrades]. He offered them a third of the date harvest of Medina on condition that they leave. The truce between the sides progressed to the point of drawing up a written document, but there was no witnessing or firm determination to make peace; it was only a matter of maneuvering.
Ishaq:454 Now that Allah has conferred Islam on us, and made us famous, shall we give them our property? By Allah, we will offer them only the sword until Allah judges between us. As you wish, said Allahs Messenger.
Tabari VIII:100 Abu Sufyan said, We were merchants but the fighting between us and Muhammad has prevented us from journeying, so our wealth is depleted. [This is the purpose of terrorism.] Even after the truce with the Muslims, we fear that we still are not safe. [Muslims, continuing to plunder Meccan caravans, violated the treaty twenty times.]
Koran 4:90 For those who join a group between you and whom there is a treaty, or (those who become) weary of fighting you, had Allah had willed, He could have given them power over you, and they would have fought you. Therefore if they withdraw and wage not war, and send you (guarantees of) peace, then Allah has not given you a way (to war) against them. [The purpose of terror is to cause people to become so weary of fighting they surrender.]
Koran 4:91 You will find others who, while wishing to live in peace and being safe from you to gain the confidence of their people; thrown back to mischief headlong; therefore if they do not withdraw from you, and offer you peace besides restraining their hands, then seize them and kill them wherever you find them; and against these We have given you a clear sanction and authority. [So if you wish to live in peace, but are perceived as being mischievous (i.e., non-Muslim), Allah has given his Jihad warriors a clear sanction and authority to seize and kill you.

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"And you will not find any organization past or present, religious or nonreligious as regards (Jihad and military) (ordering) the whole nation to march forth and mobilize all of them. into active military service as a single row for Jihad in Allah's Cause . . . as you will find in the Islamic Religion and its teachings."