12 November 2008

Free to preach Hatred & War in Britain

Info from Jihad watch

Excerpt: "It is our religious obligation to prepare ourselves both physically and mentally and rise up against Muslim oppression and take what is rightfully ours," he said. "Jihad is a duty and a struggle and an obligation that lies upon the shoulders of us all. We will not rest until the flag of Allah and the flag of Islam is raised above 10 Downing Street."

To loud cheers of "Allah Akbar" [God is great], he railed: "There are three types of Muslims, those in prison, those of us that are on our way [to prison] and non-practising Muslims. Brothers and sisters, if you do not fear your home being raided by the Kufar [non-believer] police, you are not enforcing the Sharia."

Later, in front of a huge banner that exhorted "Muslims rise against British oppression", he introduced the star turn, 50-year-old Omar Bakri, who was standing by in Lebanon. A giant screen, six-feet high and six-feet wide, had been set up to project the image of the extremist known as "the Tottenham Ayatollah". He was refused re-entry to the UK in 2005 as "not conducive to the public good" after vowing that Muslims would "give the West a 9/11 day after day after day".

Full article: Hatred & War

Video of conference: Defending the honour of Moslems


truthseaker said...

I just hope that when this group of pathetic morons, that are in power at this moment, get kicked out & get done so royally. I hope that who ever is then put into power by the people of this country. That they have had there eyes opened to the reality of this cancer, that is festering within this country.

I then hope that they will after all this time, do something to put a stop to these excuses for humans. That they stop there sharia courts through out the whole country, that they stop any imams coming into any mosque from other countries. That they stop all imams who practice in this country from being taught in other countries, they must be taught in this country. That they search all mosques through out the whole country for weapons, for drugs, for any extremist material at all & anyone who is the imam of such a mosque be sent to prison & then kicked out of this country.

I also hope that if they bring out this so called oath of allegiance to any immigrants coming into this country. That they add to this, that if anyone of them break the law in any way shape of form. That means any member of there family, then they all get kicked out of the country. They would then police each other as they would not want to get kicked out. I also hope that they take the chains off the police stopping them from dealing with these evil pieces of *****, so that they can stop them, arrest them & send them to prison where they belong & that they tell the judges in the court's that they are to use the full weight of the law against these people & not to treat them with kid gloves, but to jump on them from a great hight. I hope that who ever gets in to run this country after this labour bunch of clowns. That they get there feet back on the ground & do what is right for the people of this country & this country its self. In the mean time as I have said before, God help us all.

Findalis said...

What British Oppression? Now that is funny to hear from the most unoppressed group in Britain.

Anonymous said...

Shudders run through my body every time I see these pictures...and those other pictures from Moslem countries where they burn flags and effigies of Americans, Israelis and the occasional personality of other nationalities who swerve from the dhimmi line and do, or say, or write, or draw something criticizing Islam.

But these fanatical Islamic hate- & death-mongers are still not so much hated as are Americans (of all religions) and Jews, in European countries (by both Left-leaning citizens and the Far Right) where these things are taking place...and even, to my sorrow, in my beloved Britain.

Where will it all end?

Anonymous Lady

Anonymous said...

Hey Paul.

How is it that you are under arrest, but these guys, who are inciting Muslims to rise up against our government, walk free?

Anonymous said...

Omar Bakri?
What a tosser.
He is just grieving about missing out on all his British Social Security payouts that he used to get.
It serves the washed up and tarnished Socialist Nu Labour government of Britain, to have these creeps roaming free to spout their variety of bollox over the Internet or on the streets of England.
Disgust does not convey the feelings held by any decent Brit, and even most family oriented Muslims in this country, about what crap this dickhead spouts forth.
It is time to start attending the meetings of these jihadists and make notes to bring police-action to bear on them.
Just as they have done to Lionheart.

Anonymous said...

The only british oppression those beasts are connected with is the way the force their malignant will on an all to ready to bow and scrape in the best of charter of omar style dhimmi puppet goverment and establishment who in turn oppress non muselmon BRITS on behalf of the muslim horde