22 November 2008

Al Qaeda's British born Pakistani Octopus eleminated

Foreword: One of the most dangerous threats to Great Britain has been eliminated by U.S forces in Afghanistan.

Rashid Rauf was born in Britain and was connected to all high profile Al Qaeda leaders and terrorists living in Britain which includes the Moslem monster Abu Hamza who is currently caged in Belmarsh prison awaiting extradition to America.

Rauf had an on the ground operational insight into the landscape of Islamic extremism and Jihad within Great Britain and he was also believed to be the mastermind behind the failed transatlantic bombings.

He was arrested in Pakistan as part of the arrests into the planned transatlantic bombing campaign and subsequently escaped from custody in Pakistan where he then fled to Afghanistan.

He had influential family contacts in Pakistan who where obviously the ones who helped him with his escape from custody.

Due to him being a Pakistani National born in Britain with influential family contacts back home, and being a part of the operational running of Al Qaedas international terrorist network in Pakistan he would have had an indepth on the ground insight into the landscape of Islamic extremism and Jihad in Pakistan/Afghanistan.

The archetypal 21st Century Al Qaeda mastermind, bridging the gap between East & West.

You dread to think of the real picture of the threat we now face because of Pakistani Moslems born in Britain.

Rashid Ruaf had tentacles that reached from Britain to Pakistan/Afghanistan and then back agan, he was an important link man between Western born Islamic extremists and their religious fanatical family roots in Pakistan/Afghanistan and the global Jihad that is emanating from this part of the World.

To have removed Rashid Ruaf is a complete success, with a high level middle man who is connected between East & West now removed from one Al Qaeda network that spanned the globe.

That is what happens to Al Qaeda masterminds they are hunted down and eliminated, and once again we have to thank the Americans for hunting down our enemies.

What has he left behind though and how many people has he influenced?

I wonder when Omar Bakri is going to be eliminated in Lebanon so that we can have some peace from his Islamic rantings, and the threat posed by him and his band of British Moslem brothers removed for our safety and security.

Im sure the cards must be on the table by now...


The suspected British mastermind behind the 2006 suspected al Qaeda plot to blow up 10 trans-Atlantic passenger jets with liquid explosives has been killed in a US missile strike, according to reports in Pakistan.

Had it succeeded, the plot could have killed on the scale of the September 11 attacks, and it resulted in tighter controls on hand luggage carried by passengers worldwide.

Rashid Rauf, originally from Birmingham, is believed to have been killed along with at least four other militants with links to al Qaeda by an unmanned US drone plane before dawn in the North Waziristan region of Pakistan.

Intelligence officers in northwest Pakistan, speaking on condition of anonymity, said Rauf had been killed, though there was no official confirmation.

Continue reading: The dead Moslem Octopus


Anonymous said...

It's now stating on the news that
this disgusting terrorist's family is distraught and MP's questioning how the US got their intelligence . How soon will it be before his relatives try to sue the government ? I bet they did nothing when Rauf fled to Pakistan after his uncle's death . The recently documented sequence of events makes it obvious what this person was up to . He was potentially a murderer and most certainly a terrorist . I say good riddance , the USA has done the civilised world a favour !!!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful invention, the U.A.V.!
Predator does exactly what it says on the label.
Well done indeed.
Britain's answer is to pour millions into special projects (without checking how the cash is spent,) to educate Muslim kids to not be radicalised.
They consist of things like "role-play" where kids are got to pretend they have heard of a terrorist radicaliser and shop him to the Feds.
Ha ha ha!

Anonymous said...

Seems it was a Reaper with three Hellfire missiles that did the trick.
Expensive yes, but what a return for the bucks.
This sends the message that they cannot hide forever, and not even in their safety zones.

Anonymous said...

Any luton connection to Mumbai?

Lionheart said...

I wouldnt be surprised all things considered.

RG said...


Up to 7 Islamic Mumbai attackers are from the same area as 7/7 attackers...


What this means is that while British authorities are busy arresting British Citizens who try to warn the world about Jihad activities in Britain, those same British authorities are allowing Jihads based in Britian to operate freely to commit terror around the world!

Anonymous said...

You Brits need to start reigning in the terrorists or Bradford or Leeds could be targeted in US air-strikes. Why do y'all allow the terrorists to attack India?
What the hell is wrong with you people? What happened to Britain?

Anonymous said...

Two things in news with relevance to Lionheart.
1. The terrible attacks by Pakistani backed Islamic terrorists in Bombay.
The Mumbai attackers launched their bloodlust orgy against innocents of all Nations and especially Americans, British and Jewish people.
Claims on Indian website show possible involvement with "British" muslims holding UK passports.
P.M. Gordon Brown laughably goes on national news to say that we should not jump to conclusions about British Muslim terrorists!
That's a confirmation then!!
If Lying Gordon says it ain't, then that means it almost certainly IS.

2. British Conservative shadow-cabinet minister held for 9 hours then released on bail WITHOUT charges.
His home was swarming with police, including NINE anti-terorist police.
His offices at the Houses of Parliament, first lady of Democracy, rifled and robbed by same police action.
His crime???????
To publish a "whistle-blowers" leaked documents that showed the Labour government ignored the fact that key Security jobs in Parliament and other government offices were given to UNVETTED ILLEGAL immigrants.
So this proves the many comments here and elsewhere, that we are moving towards an anti-democratic semi police state, with worse to follow, where anyone, from bloggers like Lionheart, to elected Parliamentarians are targeted for polictically motivated police action.
Zimbabwe here we come!
If this does not seal the fate of this corrupt and illegitimate govenment, then Britons deserve all they will get if they fail to get rid of this scum from our highest echelons of public office.
You are in good company Lionheart, along with elected M.P.'s who dare to expose the truth.
The self-serving twisters and two-face deceivers will be swept away in the tide of history.
God Bless you Lionheart and all flag-bearers of truth.
God Bless Great Britain, and deliver us from the evil and wickedness that has beset our homeland.

Anonymous said...

This is what we get for allowing UK Muslim terrorists to go unchecked about their daily lives, planning and facilitating terrorism in the disguise of charity and education.
You can belong to Hiz ut Tahir, a "charitable" muslim group with terrorist intentions, and be a policeman.
However, you cannot, in this upside down mess of deceit, be a policeman and join a legitimate patriotic British political Party.!
So much for your misguided vision of social cohesion, you laughing stock of mutant-brained political geniuses, who call themselves the Party of the People; "New Labour."
Old Communist autocrats, morelike.
Politburo Stalinists.
Neo-nazi-Nu-Labour anti-democrats that support terrorism through cowardice and deception.
Damn them all.

Anonymous said...


The Telegraph newspaper reports that the terrorists were trawling Northern British Urdu website for information about the outside world response to Mumbai terror attacks.
This is likely to indicate their connections to the same area of Britain as spawned the bombers that attacked the subways and buses of London.
This is the reward for pouring millions of pounds into areas like Bradford after they burned a large part of it in the "Bradford Riots."
Feed an Islamist with charity and money, and they will turn on you.
They see charity as weakness.
So we see the harvest of blood the foolish have sown with their ideas of integrating Islam into Europe.

Take a look at the many reports on this evil event and see that most victims were Indian, Sikh and many were Muslim as well.
This shows that Islam as preached closely to the Koran's own words, gives birth to a generation that sees even their own kind as canon-fodder to their "cause" of spreading undiluted Islam to all corners of the World.
They have the cheek to think they are saving our souls from Hell.
They will be burning now.
Their families here will no doubt say their sons were "good boys."
Perhaps they deserve to shoulder some of the blame for what has happened.

Anonymous said...

They get their ideas here, in Britain.
They go on British passports to "visit relatives," they get trained in Pakistan and Afghanistan, then they come home to Britain and lie in wait working in jobs or on the dole, until they get their instructions to act.
This is all known fact.
So why do we allow it to go on?
Just what is preventing this idiotic government from taking away their passports or expelling them?
Is it lack of will?
Or totally bumbling stupidity.
Time we elected a government who will take the necessary action.

Anonymous said...

you better elect a government who will do what's necessary in the very near future. Or else the UK as you know it and what people fought for will be gone. And it will happen much sooner rather than later. The muslim problem in the UK needs immediate action and attention...NOW.

No nation in the history of the world has just given their nation to another people, nation or religion....freely. All nations whether they won or lost, always fought to keep what they had. I believe the UK government is in deep denial and doesn't want to face the serious problem. And it's a sad state of affairs when the good people of UK recognize this threat and are demanding something is done about it before there's no return. I sure hope the UK learns this quickly and does something about this immenient threat looming over the very sovereignty of their existence.

Anonymous said...

One dowm a lot more to go and what about the weapons and explosives the bastards have already aquired and are just waiting to unleash on killing sprees in our english towns and citys just like mumbai.Well if the dhimmi police are to cowed by community cohesion issues to do nothing but stand by while day after day white laqds are beaten some to death by large gangs of predetory pakistani muslims what the hell hope have we of the dhimmi traitors protecting our innocent women and children,families doing their christmass shopping for example if they come under a Mumbai type attack.Dhimmi goverment grew and bred those octopuses with links to a failed state where non muslims do not have the same rights as a muslim,well lets see the uk state impose a tax on muslims and take away the rights they claim they are owed,after all that surely must be a good thing we would then be treating them equaly to the way they treat us.Oh yes and dont forget the rule about no new mosques to be built and what there are must not be allowed repair.Fairs fair my pakistanis how can you can complain at equal treatment.For St GEORGE and ENGLAND.

Anonymous said...

There is a significant resource in the hands of the stealth jihadis the ASSOCIATION OF MUSLIM DOCTORS AND DENTISTS.Go their website and have a good look at their charter and the objectives and principles it sets out,number one is the promotion of islam,further down the list is the objective to strive to ensure the good health and its maintainence of the MUSLIM POPULATION of the U.K nowhere does it mention the health of the non muslim patient.Therefore as we all know if the number one point is promotion of islam what does islamic medical ethics say about treatment of the kafir especially if the treatment would be carried out in the so called House of War,well it is certainly second class and if you look at islamic texts there is a lot more than that,unlike western medicine which has oaths to TRY TO ENSURE EQUAL TREATMENT REGARDLESS OF WHO A PERSON IS,islamic medicine makes a sharp distinction between believers of the religion of peace and the kafir or dhimmi.So we should with clear reason view the acts of members of the amdad as potentialy the same as enemy aliens working in vital industries of ours during time of war with great potential to cause damage.We all know how muslims treat oaths and that any they may have made to the BMA can not be trusted but we can be sure the oath they swear to islam and the association of muslim doctors and dentists will be treated by them as sealed unbreakable and sacred,this includes the objective of treating you the kafir as less than the muslims living in our country.If resources are short and rationing is in place for certain liFe giving and enchancing treatments as we know is the case in the national health system then who do think is going to be allocated those treatments on the patient lists of muslim doctors and dentists who have signed up to this OBSCENE charter.Shame on the BRITISH MEDICAL ASSOCIATION for allowing this group to dictate to it when it so blatently states that its overal concern is the promotion of islam and ensuring the good health and maintaining that health of the muslim population of the UNITED KINGDOM.You are entitled to the best treatment that a practitioners ability can provide you would not accept shoddy goods from a shop ,you would not accept a second class ticket if you have paid for first and just think of the type of first class tickets your forefathers had to purchase for their descendents,that is you true British people, to have a national health services and all the taxes you pay and have paid to maintain it only to have people working within it who see the needs of others as more important than yours.Those others who within them a huge percentage who would love to destroy our land and murder us imposing a barbaric code that masquerades as a law[SHARIA]exist.So if you think you are not being treated properly or being neglected then find out if your doctor or dentist is a member of the amdad and then it is up to you what to do.You can legitimately change your doctor or dentist if you are not happy with your treatment by them.Dont let yourself or others be given second class status tell others about this.Better still go to their website and read it for your self.

Anonymous said...

there are thousands of muslems who are members AMDAD practasing if you can call it that in the national health service of the UK if you are one of their patients I would suggest you ask some serious quetions on how they are ensuring your health is being treated in comparison to that of muslems,remember as good book following muslens they are entitled to lie to you in the furthering of the aims of islam which they tell you is their number one objective while malpractising in our country GREAT BRITAIN.Question their actions and their intentions its vital to you and your families good health that you gat the proper treatment and care not some less than second best that will do them theyre only infidel kafir