19 November 2008

Glen Jenvey & British Reporters threatened with beheading

Posted 09/01/09


Additional reading: Ummah.com is a front for Al Qaeda

Targeted with threats of beheading for reporting on the drawing up of a list of high profile British Jews for assassination over Israel's War with Hamas in Gaza on a British Moslem forum.

Taken from hard copy downloaded from Ummah.com forum:

I am 110% behind Ummah.com may the the **** spook mason who has infiltrated this forum answer to the Rub, the Exalted, Wise, Knower, Magificent, Most High, Most Merciful on the Day of Judgement - where will his *fkng* article be then?

Oh Allaah where is the Ameer of the Ummah, his head would have been removed in the Islamic State, and they call us terrorists - liars like this, they portray liars in TV and Newspapers 24/7

The Holy Quran says "Those who reject the signs of Allaah are liars"
How should ye not fight for the cause of Allah and of the feeble among men and of the women and the children who are crying: Our Lord! Bring us forth from out this town of which the people are oppressors! Oh, give us from thy presence some protecting friend! Oh, give us from Thy presence some defender! 4:75

Islam & The Big Fat Lie

Our Western leaders publicly state Islam is a ‘religion of peace’, the media stick to the same politically correct line which creates a perception in non-Moslem minds that Islam is a 'religion of peace' and that Islamic terror is anti-Islamic activity conducted by a small minority Moslems who have a distorted view of their religion that has no place in their religion even though it is all carried out in the name of Islam.

If it has no place in their religion then how comes millions of Moslems around the World base their Jihad (Holy War) and quest to destroy our Judeo/Christian Civilisation on the fundamental teachings and example of Mohamed that are contained in the Koran which is at the core of their religion?

Either there is justification for Islamic terror in the Koran or there is not, if there is then Islam is not a ‘religion of peace’ it is a ‘religion of war’.

Watch this film and decide: What the West needs to know

So if Islam is not a ‘religion of peace’ then all non-Moslems are being lied to on a daily basis by everyone who states that line, Moslem and non-Moslem alike.

Jihad comes in many forms, from an individual Moslems personal struggle within him/herself, to the corporate struggle of the Ummah to force people and lands to submit to Islamic rule under Sharia law.

Forcing lands and people by any means to submit to Islam is Holy War!

War is fought on many fronts, from active military campaigns on the battlefield, through to the propaganda front needed for support and public opinion.

If everyone perceived Islam to be a religion of War then Islam would never achieve its ultimate end goal because all non-Moslems would be aware of its benign intentions just like our forefathers where with the Nazis and they would then crush Islam before it had time to take a foot hold. So Islam has to walk a certain line with those it seeks to ultimately subdue by leading them into a false sense of security by creating the perception and belief in peoples minds that it is a ‘religion of peace’, then the uninformed masses are unaware of its true intentions while it grows in strength within their midst.

This is a military tactic of subversion through propaganda from within by a military force.

Propaganda is a War front for any military force, and within the Islamic religion Moslems are allowed to lie and deceive the infidels (you and me) while they conduct Jihad against us, thus creating a false reality and perception in our minds about them, their religion, and its intentions towards us. This religious justification to lie and deceive the infidel is called ‘Taqiyya’ which is nothing more than blatant propaganda in their Holy War.

Lead your enemy into a false sense of security until you are strong enough to take over.

If you look at all of the messages and information we receive about Islam through the media you will see there are the murderous terrorists on one end of the scale, and the moderates on the other. Both can justify their approach on the teachings in the Koran, both are brothers and sisters in the Ummah and both have the same agenda at the heart of their belief system which is Jihad and converting lands and people over to Islamic rule.

Who is right or wrong? Or are they both right and working together, lying and deceiving the infidels?

The Islamic religion is an expansionist ideology that calls its followers to force its ways upon all people across the World, and its followers (Moslems) are viewed as a religious spiritual military force for Allah called the Ummah, carrying out his will on Earth which is the mandate of the religion laid down in the Koran.

The only way Islam can grow in our midst because it is a minority grouping compared to the majority is by deceiving non-Moslems and creating the image and perception in their minds that it is a ‘religion of peace’ and that Islamic terrorists are a small minority that have nothing to do with their religion.

Have you ever heard of Christians basing terrorist acts on their religion, or having to defend themselves in the public arena from their brothers/sisters terrorist acts? It is all the art of deception.

The call for the Global Jihad (Holy War) against our Judeo/Christian Civilisation that is based upon the fundamentals of Islam has gone out, and Moslems from all around the World are arising answering that call, so is Islam a ‘religion of peace’ or a ‘religion of war’?

If it is a ‘religion of war’ then what does that mean to us individually and to our futures?

Watch this video and listen to their intentions towards us, how they view us and the way they lie about every thing they have said, to see the deception of the infidels at work.

Video: Undercover Mosque

I received a phone call late last night (7th) from my good friend Glen Jenvey who has been forced into a secret location for his safety because he and several reporters had run a story about credible threats aimed at high profile British Jews. An indirect threat of beheading, or encouragement to behead was posted by a Moslem aimed at them after the intelligence was gathered from one of the largest Moslem forums and then the story taken to print which made the front page of the Sun. Moslems on the forum were blatantly drawing up a list of high profile Jews living in Britain for attack over Israel’s war with Hamas in Gaza.

It seems Sir Alan Sugar tops the list.

Here is the article: High profile British Jews targeted

The Islamic forum where the intelligence was gathered is called Ummah.com and is the biggest of its kind for Moslems in Britain. Last year members of the forum took a vote to see how many Moslems agreed with the 7/7 bombings with the results showing that 1 in 4 believed they were justifiable. Moslems on this forum are now getting wise to the threat posed by intelligence gathering so are being a lot more careful in what they are saying, but if you know what you are looking at you can always read between the lines and see the real meaning behind what is being said, and sometime because of Moslem anger like this over Israel’s war against Hamas they just cannot hide their true selves and end up drawing a list of targets for potential assassination amongst themselves or. All members also know the concept of Taqiyya, the art of deception which is promoted on the site but with underlying meanings that only Moslems can understand and interpret amongst themselves.

This same forum was also one of the main organisers behind the riots in London aimed at the Israeli Embassy last week where several police officers were injured after having bricks etc thrown at them as the Islamic terrorist supporters sought to reach the Embassy.

Does this sound like a ‘religion of peace’?

Those high profile Jews like Sir Alan Sugar, Lord Levy and Mark Ronson to name a few or anyone else under fear of threat should take the threats against their lives very seriously because there are many many Moslems out there, and many many Al Qaeda trained ones who would find no greater ‘pleasure and purpose’ in this life than to murder someone, especially a Jew who they believe is an enemy of Allah as an act to show the world Britain’s Moslem populations support of the Islamist movement of Hamas in Gaza.

The Islamic world would perceive this murderer to be a hero just like the shoe thrower against President Bush.

In their reasoning they are pleasing Allah and there is nothing better for Moslems than to please Allah by murdering someone they perceive to be his enemy. They also know in the back of their mind that they are only going to end up with probably about 14 years in prison for it and will be out in 10 so there isn’t that much apprehension for Moslems to murder someone in modern Britain. The punishment for their murder is bearable, living amongst their brothers in a 5 star prison with bed, board, TV, and computer games, and when they are eventually released from prison and allowed to stay in our Country under Human Rights laws they will then be given all the benefits possible from the State.

Not much of a deterrent there for some murderous psychopathic Moslem who is in our Country on a mission from his god conducting Jihad (Holy War) and believes his rewards are in heaven is there?

Welcome to the 21st Century Islamic guerilla soldier on the streets of Britain that we now face!

In November 2004 the relative of the great painter Vincent Van Goth, Theo Van Goth was shot in broad daylight on the streets of Amsterdam with a note stabbed into his chest for making a film about the suppression of women in Islam. His co producer of the film Ayaan Hirsi Ali is now living in hiding under 24 hour protection with death threats against her life for the same film.

This is the reality of the hatred that we now have to face from Moslems who are living amongst us, and is the reason why nobody wants to say anything about Islam or Moslems because they fear the reprisals and now just being Jewish in Britain will put you on a list for murder at the hands of Moslems.

People find reality hard to believe; that this type of reality is not real out there in our society until one day the Country is awoken to a horrific act and someone is murdered never to return. Just like Theo Van Goth for example in Amsterdam. If you are a potential target for the Islamic militants and their supporters for whatever reason, then whose to say that it will not be your murder that the Country awakens too?

Think about it!

For the militants to find their target is not too difficult considering they have Moslem brothers and sisters working on the inside of many institutions that go towards the running of our Country. There was a case recently of Moslems in Britain aligned to Al Qaeda arrested with detailed information for targeting members of the Royal family, so if they can trace them they can trace you, and For Sir Alan Sugar he has had Moslems working for him who know some of his day to day business movements so his security is already breached, and for anyone else who is a potential target will have to look around them to see if their security is also breached. It might not be politically correct to think and say such things but isn’t it better to be safe than sorry?

Where is a Moslems loyalty, the infidel or the Ummah?

Could Moslems in Britain target a high profile person and murder them?

It hasn’t happened yet but that does not mean it cannot happen or will not happen. A group of militant Moslems were arrested recently for targeting the publisher of a book about Mohamed’s child bride so the examples and intent are there for us to learn from.

The IRA targeted and murdered Lord Mountbatten on his boat in Northern Ireland and it doesn’t get much higher profile than that, so never say that Al Qaeda will never carry out such a high profile assassination, it just hasn’t happened yet.

What is this World coming too? And what is our Country coming too with this (Islam) now in our midst?

This is the reality that many now face within Great Britain, from those high profile members of society like members of the Royal family who have found themselves on a Moslem hit list for assassination, down to us peasants now having to live our day to day lives around an Al Qaeda enclave in Britain.

This is reality although nobody seems to want to face it and do anything about it. Large scale terrorist attacks are not the only threat to our Nation, there is targeted murder's of the enemies of Islam and Moslems that do not get reported in the media, and there is the day to day street Jihad (military campaign) growing under the surface of reality, out of sight and mind, with all aspects of the Islamic Kingdom growing in strength and threatening and intimidating those around it.

Quote from the Koran: "Fight those who believe not in Allah nor the Last Day, nor hold that forbidden which hath been forbidden by Allah and His Apostle, nor acknowledge the religion of Truth [i.e. Islam] (even if they are) of the People of the Book, until they pay the Jizya with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued" (9:29).

Only one Kingdom will survive into the future now upon these Isles, the Queens Kingdom to which we and or children belong or the Islamic kingdom where all Moslems belong.

When will people wake up and realise that Islam is not a ‘religion of peace’ it is a ‘religion of war’ which is now 3 – 6 million strong in our Country and the perception that the uninformed masses are being given about Islam is nothing but a big fat lie.

So what does the future hold? Think about it!

This inadvertent call for the beheading of Glen Jenvey and the newspaper reporters who ran the story of high profile British Jews was aimed at the leader of the Ummah in Britain, who they call the Emir.

This is the Emir of the 7/7 bombings in London, who it is believed set up the attack and recruited Mohammed Siddque Khan the lead bomber. He is also believed to by the Emir of the ‘Fertiliser plot’ that was stopped under ‘Operation Crevice’ which was the largest anti-terror operation at that point in British history.

This is around the area where I live and this is my reality.

The Emir’s of the military wing of Islam are out there in our Country now, they are the leaders of the Islamic guerilla armies upon our streets who are linked to Al Qaeda and the Taliban in Afghanistan/Pakistan.

Glen Jenvey on Newsnight Part 1 of 2

Glen Jenvey on Newsnight Part 2 of 2


Anonymous said...

in Germany we have equal probs with our "politicans" and the Islammob!

We must fight together against the evil islam!

Lionheart said...

The Germans and British are United as brothers.

We are all in this together.

God bless you

Anonymous said...

I think for every such threat, WE the threatened (Jews, Christians, Hindus, or anyone who displeases the bloodthirsty, swaggering followers of Mohammed), should issue our own threats. Thus, if the barbaric modern day nazis carry out their threats....they should know what 'recompense'to expect from the communities of human beings they threaten or carry
out their threats.

A bas les sauvages....
Anonymous Lady

P.S. For at least 70 years the Arabs have been threatening Israel and the Jewish people as a whole (including those useful idiots who side with them against Israel, like
Loony Leftwingers & the Ultra-Orthodox sect Neturei Karta) that they would 'finish off what Hitler started.' They've certainly been trying very energetically to reach that goal, but meanwhile, their curses & genocidal-lusts are turning upon themselves.

They, & their allies, still don't get it & continue trying to reach their goals; but in the end there will remain only a REMNANT of them:
(1)"Draw near, O nations, and listen....For the Lord is enraged against ALL the nations & furious against all their host. He has doomed them & given them over for slaughter. Their slain shall be cast out and the stench of their
corpses shall rise & the mountains shall flow with their blood. For My sword has drunk its fill in the heavens, behold, it descends for judgement upon EDOM [the Middle East, esp. Arabia] upon the people I have doomed. For the Lord has a day of vengeance, a year of recompense for the CAUSE of ZION. And the streams of Edom shall be
turned into PITCH [black Oil] and
her soil into BRIMSTONE. Her land shall become BURNING PITCH. Night and day it shall not be quenched;
its smoke shall go up for ever. From generation to generation it shall lay waste. None shall pass through it for ever and ever. But the hawk & the porcupine shall possess it....He shall stretch the line of CONFUSION over it, and the plummet of CHAOS over its NOBLES. It shall be named NO KINGDOM THERE
& its PRINCES shall be as NOTHING. [Isaiah 34:1-12]
(2)"On that day I will give to Gog a place of burial in Israel...for there Gog & all his multitudes will
be buried...for 7 months the House of Israel will bury them....And I will show My glory among the nations" [Jeremiah 39:11-29]

Anonymous said...

The whole of Western and Northern Europe has been sold out by the EU to the Saudis. Just think,if they had the capabilities
(think Enola Gay)we have, we would have been annilated by now.

Anonymous said...

This is the price we shall have to pay for the European Socialist Experiment.
Sold in slavery to the Islamic mob.
I tell you this, after Obama has broken down Israel, on behalf of his real friends, the payment due from Europe will be the admittance of the new "Palestinian State" into European Union, following Turkey and Albania/Kosovo.

Anonymous said...

This is happening in Norway, Sweden and Denmark too, our politicians do nothing, they keep letting more in even though crime rates have risen 400% in thirty years and islamic youth gangs rule the streets and stab, rape, threaten and kill us citizens. What can we do, are we really doomed? I fear it is too late and we will have to wake up a lot of people who refuse to look at the facts, it is an impossible mission