27 October 2008

Graveyard of the Martyrs in Afghanistan

The Christian woman gunned down in the streets of Afghanistan for being a Christian has now been buried in a graveyard there alongside other martyrs sent to that land to die for the truth of the Gospel.

Gayle Williams psalm -
Psalm 84

'A completely defenceless young woman with a heart of love for the people of Afghanistan, was walking alone to work to care for the people who were defenceless here in this country. Two armed men gunned down a young defenceless girl.

'It is hard to see this as anything other than a cowardly act that brings shame on the people who carried out this murder. And it brings shame and guilt on those that inspired them to do it.'

Daily Mail:
Gayle Williams burial


RG said...


In the US, a Christian Organization is going before the UN to have Britain abstain from exporting a Muslim in Britain who converted to Christianity. They are trying to export him to Syria where he will be killed for being an apostate.

The British Government knows this but don't care.

I hope that someday freedom rings again in Britain.

I know the first part is a message from a movie about a scott, but now the British citizen and anyone who agrees with them has become the prey of the now perverse British government.

Anonymous said...

Going back to your arrest and the passing of your files to the "terrorist department" of the DPP.
Public outcry from yourself and many media outlets has caused the Labour Parety to adopt many of the policies of the opposition and even right-wing groups.
Talk of a "cap" on Uk population to 70 million by changing immigration rules, for instance.
then today comes the announcement from the Home Office, that they will draw up a list of those "preachers of hate," that you have been warning us about.
Except they are only talking about banning those that live abroad from coming into Britian.
This ruse leaves those that are in Britain to carry on as before.
I suspect that the next step will be to address the issue of these evil hate-mongering Muslim preachers like Omar Bahkri who will carry on transmitting their message of hate through the internet, un-phased by this news-puff concocted by yet another nanny-goat in the Home Office.
Yet there lies beneath this spurious ineffectual puff-pastry legislation.
Of course the outcry from the media will turn towards the internet and that will provide the perfect excuse for draconian measure to get ISP's to cut the links to ANYTHING that this government thinks disrupts their intention to enforce
their vision of multi-cultural Utopia.
In this new phase, it will be possible in their twisted thinking, to classify blogs like this one as on a par with "radical Islamic" blogs that openly encourage Jihadic thinking.
The reasoning being that they all encourage "religious or racial hatred," and push for disruption of social cohesion.
Of course this must be tested in the Courts of Law, and they will be looking for scapegoats.
It will be a little while before the minions of the Labour gagging-machine to draft legislation and stimulate the required level of public chatter, befoer they are able to embark on their next stage of the destruction of free-speech and expression.
It is possible they will be swept from office, but not guaranteed, now that creepy Gordon Brown has engineered his cunning plan to use the econmic crisis to assume the identity of "saviour of Britain,£" with his manouvering and sound-biting across the world-stage.
Time will tell if the work behind the scenes can drag this lack-lustre fool back onto his pedestal, from where he can survey his grovelling subjects, as they shower him with laurel wreaths and rose-petals. (so he dreams!)
Of course the engineer of all this is none other than "Lord" Petter Mandelson , fresh from his Transylvanian European lair, gorged on the blood of innocents, and lusting after the same seat that Gordon Brown so long envied of Tony Blair, who only vacated it when he could see the writing on the wall.
And so our poor Nation is prepared for sacrifice at the alter of Godless fools, and hate filled usurpers.
What cannot be prepared for, though, is the vagaries of Fate itself.
Remember the Ides of March.
It is all there, in the quill of the Bard's hand.