18 November 2008

Operation Cast Lead: An English view

posted January 09

In memory of Tsafrir Ronen a Jewish Warrior

Info courtesy of Children of Holocaust Survivors

Like the light that continues to travel from a star that has died -
long after it has gone.

We must continue in this light.

We shall see this through – with a sense of deep loss -
and carry on with the courage that Tsafrir had.

Tsafrir’s Ronens blog

Listen to Tsafrir Ronen: Interview

Video: The Palestinian bluff

Remembering Tsafrir Ronen

Learning of Tsafrir Ronens death has been the catalyst ive needed to write in support of Israel's War with Hamas in Gaza.

My view on ‘Operation Cast Lead’ from England is my small contribution to the media frenzy surrounding Israel’s military operation against Hamas in Gaza. It is in solidarity with the heart and vision of the deceased Tsafrir Ronen and all those Jewish people in Israel and from around the World who carry that same heart and vision for the Nation of Israel and its divine right to exist in the Holy Land.

I personally had dealings with Tsafrir when I was in the Holy Land after spending time with the extreme Left Wing Anarchist group the “International Solidarity Movement”, after a contact I was in communication with at the time from ACT put us in touch.

Tsafrir made arrangements for me to meet with a Jewish reporter who wrote in her own way in a Jewish newspaper about my time with the ISM in the West Bank, and from that article written about my experience in the Holy Land I have made good friends with several Jewish families in Israel, so Tsafrir’s memory will live on long after he has gone, and not just in Israel but around the World.

From what I can see, he was a voice and a builder for the Nation and people, not content with watching the World go by and leaving the work that needs to be done to others, someone who has left a legacy behind, and what he could personally envision about the present and future for the Nation of Israel and the wider World is what many others like myself can see too, and is the reason why the Israeli Government are now fighting a war to the end with Hamas.

We are all in this together!

May the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob bless the legacy of Tsafrir Ronen and the family and friends he has left behind.

Israel is the canary in the coal mine, on the frontline in the Islamic Worlds Jihad (Holy War) to destroy our Judeo/Christian Civilisation so that the Islamic texts can be fulfilled with Islam stretching from one end of the Earth to the other.

To our Judeo/Christian Civilisation, for the Nation of Israel to fall and be removed from the map which is the aim of all Islamic movements in that part of the World, and the wider global Islamic community would be like pulling the plug from an inflatable ball. Pull the plug and eventually the ball crumples in upon itself, no longer what it once was but a crumpled mess on the floor. The Nation of Israel being that plug.

What happens to the Nation of Israel has a direct bearing upon all Western Nations. The conflicts it faces with its neighbours like Hamas and Hezbollah are the exact same conflicts we now face with our neighbours in the form of the Islamist movements who are living amongst us and calling for our Nations to be turned into Islamic States so that the global Caliphate can be established.

You can deny it but pull back the curtains of reality and look at the facts and you will see the picture staring you in the face as clear as day.

For Israel to fall would be one of the greatest victories against our Judeo/Christian civilization for centuries, and would mark the beginning of the end of Civilisation as we know it, that is why now after 2000 years and its modern re-birth, the Nation of Israel will never fall no matter what the cost, because a future without it isn’t a future worth thinking about.

That’s why the Israeli’s have the Samson effect written into their military code, and they have the staunch backing of America, still the most powerful Nation on Earth, both defenders of our Judeo/Christian civilisation.

It is Hamas today, Hezbollah tomorrow and will be Iran will on the third day.

Operation ‘Cast Lead’ has been a long time coming and God bless the Israeli military as they seek to topple the Hamas government by all means necessary.

For those who do not know, Hamas is one of the world’s most extreme Islamist movements, it states in their charter that their mission is to drive Israel into the sea and remove it from the map. This mission is supported by all Islamist movements around the World and by all Moslems everywhere if they are good Moslems. If they do not agree with this and their perceived brothers/sisters plight in the Israeli occupied territories then they are not Moslem, they are Apostates and should be killed in an Islamic State.

Many reading this will never grasp the depth of reality of what we now face from the Islamic religion because they know absolutely nothing whatsoever about the fundamental teachings of the religion, or its religious purpose and mandate upon the Earth. Without knowing these things you know knowing about the religion or about how Moslems think and view the World around them and what their intent is.

The Islamic religion has its mandate that was written into its pages by a 7th century warmongering paedophile, and all Moslems today are to follow that mandate and example that he set, and they are willing and wanting to die in the process of achieving it, because to die in achieving the ultimate goal for Islam is the highest death a Moslem can achieve in this mortal life.

Ultimately a global army of suicidal religious mass murderers who want to destroy our Judeo/Christian civilization so that their religion can be implemented across the Earth, and Hamas in Gaza who Israel face are part of that army.

Israel, India, America, Britain, Europe, China, Russia, Canada, all major Nations on Earth now have this religious force aimed at their destruction, from within and without.

But the gullible masses are told “Islam is a religion of peace”, and it’s a “small minority”, while all around they are being surrounded by them and their society and way of life being forced to change and fall in line with their Islamic way of life.

Israel as a Nation and its Jewish people have these extreme Islamist movements within their borders and surrounding their borders, movements that are suicidally intent on their complete annihilation and have no problem stating these aims and working towards these aims. Hezbollah in the North and Hamas in the South and both propped up and supported by the Islamic Nation of Iran and other groups like Al Qaeda.

The general public in Britain have absolutely no clue whatsoever about the reality of what the Jewish people living in Israel face on a daily basis. There is an almost complete media blackout concerning the reality of the Islamic religion and its core objectives, and the same goes when reporting on the situation the Jewish people in Israel face. We do not hear about the daily rocket bombardments on Israeli towns, the terror the Jewish people are forced to live in on a daily basis, all we see is the poor Palestinians suppressed by a big bad Israel.

An Islamic Palestinian militant jumps on a bus or walks into a café and kills scores of innocent Jewish men, women and children and our Left Wing media depicts him as a freedom fighter, fighting against big bad Israeli occupation and aggression.

So the Western mind who knows nothing about the Islamic religion or the aims of Islamist movements perceives it to be big bad Israel and poor little Palestinian fighting for a righteous cause, even though he has just murdered and maimed innocent people.

Moslems and their Dhimmi Intellectuals and Left Wing supporters then call for a boycott of Israel and the gullible masses follow because they have been duped to side with the poor Palestinians.

Don’t teach the people the truth about what they face then they will believe everything and anything they are shown.

Israel then builds a wall around its Nation to prevent these suicide bombers from entering its territory and killing its citizens and Israel then becomes an apartheid Nation in Western eyes because of the Left Wing media.

Before the wall there was wave after wave of continuous suicide bombings that killed hundreds of Jewish citizens, and since the wall there has been almost zero.

If you were Jewish living in Israel how would you feel about the wall?

The Lebanese Islamist movement Hezbollah on Israel’s northern border kidnaps and kills Israel soldiers and provokes Israel into a War. Israel uses its military might to crush its Islamic enemy who has provoked it into a War and we are shown on our TV screens an overwhelming force by an Israeli army against an Islamist movement, and the next thing you have marches through the streets of London by Moslems and doogooding Left Wing Liberals stating ‘We are all Hezbollah now’.

Big bad Israel against this small peaceful people the message is given to the gullible masses by Moslems in Britain and their Left Wing supporters. Little do they realise the true reality of who Hezbollah actually are and what they stand for, they just jump on the band wagon against the big bad Israelis.

Islamist movements from around the World using Western/British public opinion against Israel, they are what the text books call useful idiots, but useful idiots who are on the enemies side in this modern global conflict, traitors in fact.

A young Israeli soldier by the name of Gilad Shalit is kidnapped by Hamas gunmen and held without medical care or access to, and communication with the outside world, and has been like this for several years now and the World does nothing to pressure Hamas to release him. Instead the World pressurises Israel to sit down and negotiate with Hamas with no conditions set – And they do.

A Western journalist is kidnapped in Gaza and there is uproar around the World and he is released from his ordeal after a very short space of time.

How would you feel if you were Jewish, living in Israel when these types of situations and the double standards are played out before your very eyes?

Isnt any wonder that Jewish people everywhere support operation ‘Cast Lead’, no matter what international opinion is.

The British government does not care about the plight of Israel and its Jewish citizens, all they are concerned about are the poor Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza, Palestinians who have reaped what they have sown from Israel.

Be friendly to the Islamic militants in that part of the World, send them as much unconditional aid money as we can and then Moslems back home might not be too angry towards us and attack our streets.


This propaganda for the Palestinians is reflected in the media because the only side the British people are ever shown is the Palestinian side so a large part of public opinion is against Israel. With ‘Caste Lead’ our TV screens are filled with Israeli bombings and Palestinian deaths and casualties. Before this were our TV screens filled with images of Jewish women and children coming under continual daily rocket fire from Hamas?


We just see big bad Israel with tanks planes and helicopters bombing and killing poor Palestinians, the Left Wing coming out in defence of Hamas this extreme Islamist movement and condemning Israel, with the gullible masses then resenting Israel for its righteous actions.

For those watching who know the threat that we all face; is it any wonder things are so bad in Britain now in relation to the Islamic religion in our midst and the newly established Islamic State upon our isles when the line is not drawn on the right side of the conflict? Who are our friends and who are our enemies?

The Islamists in Britain who are ideologically aligned to Hamas are a law unto themselves now, who the authorities have absolutely no control over - Londonistan.

This current War with Hamas has been a long time coming, and as a supporter of Israel I hope and pray that the military will now crush the Hamas government and terrorist movement for the sake of the safety and security of their Nation and for the protection of its Jewish residents.

Hamas has continually been firing these rockets into Israel killing and injuring Israeli citizens throughout what was claimed to be a cease fire. Hamas declared an end to the cease fire last week and fired 80 rockets into Israel on that same day.

What was Israel’s response?

’Operation Cast Lead’ and all out War with Hamas until the movement has been defeated, and if you were living in Israel what would you expect your government to do?

We are not and our government is supporting Hamas and telling Israel to stop its operation.

Know your friends and enemies!

Hamas have now received everything they wanted from the Israeli government, they provoked them into this War and are now playing the media game for propaganda purposes to garner international support for themselves and to demonise Israel in the worlds eyes.

The Palestinian people democratically elected this terror group into power so are responsible for every bit of terror carried out by them.

Israel as a Nation ‘is’ the canary in the coal mine who knows better than anyone about the threat posed to the entire World by the military wing of the Islamic religion because they face its hatred and murder on a daily basis, it is a reality to them. Isn’t it time they themselves fought back by proxy against the Islamists and their Left Wing supporters, and put across the proper picture of current events.

There is much worse on the horizon for the Nation of Israel, Hamas today, Hezbollah tomorrow and Iran on the third day. Israel must secure her borders before taking on Iran and destroying its Nuclear infrastructure which will bring about an all out war in that part of the world.

Israel is now under siege from all sides with a Nuclear Nation arising in the background that is declaring its coming annihilation.

Operation 'Cast lead' and War in Gaza is the first step in a major War for the preservation of the Nation of Israel.

In War its 'them or us' no middle ground remember that!

May God continue to bless and protect them, the apple of His eye.

At the time of posting this I have read that the British government have vetoed with America for Israel not to stop its military campaign on Hamas in Gaza because Hamas will not agree to stop firing rockets.

A bit of common sense it seems because why should Israel stop bombing Hamas if they do not agree to stop firing rockets into Israel.

President Bush and the incoming President of the EU are the only World leaders up until this point who have supported Israels right to self defence and blamed Hamas for the current War in Gaza.

Maybe the British government are starting to come to their senses and realising the reality of what the whole world now faces in relation to all Islamist movements around the World who are hell bent on destroying Israel, America, Britain and the West.

Yesterday it was Mumbai, Today it is Israel, and Tomorrow it could be anywhere.


Anonymous said...

Happy New year! I just wanted to share a clip with you.It comes from here in Florida. it is one of many and there will be more to come. https://www.watchobsession.org/

Anonymous said...

We also were acquainted with Ronen. What a wonderful person he was. An intelligent, far-seeing leftwing Zionist, who saw, like the defamed Right, what Oslo would bring upon Israel, and yes, even upon the decent, moderate Arabs in our land whose only grievance against Israel was that it left the reconquered territories for 'peace' and let in the forces of satan led by his spawn Arafat & his terrorist forces.

A great loss for Israel and for all who see, and seek, the truth.

Anonymous Lady

Findalis said...

What was true before Oslo is true today. There can be no peace with Hamas or the PA. For the Muslims don't want peace.

Anonymous said...

In the American media some reporters aren't even calling the palestinians...palestinian. but instead calling the gazans which is more suitable I think.

Israel has to stay steady and finally do what is necessary. And not go to a cease fire like they usually do. And then begin to send in supply and aid. Or else Israel is just going around the same old cicle achieving nothing.

This time they are in a perfect position to send in ground troops for a ground offensive and take back Gaza. The Fatwa party would might say stuff publicly when behind the scenes they would be so happy Israel takes back Gaza. The West Bank and Gaza are under two totally different governments. And Abbas is more than fine with Israel doing the dirty work for him and his Fatwa Party.

So lets hope that Israel goes all the way this time. And removes Hamas and it's supports from Israel once and for all. And it can be done too. I believe Israel is sick and tired of Hamas and has had enough of the BS. Time to take care of business.

Happy Healthy and a Prosperous New Year to your family....Paul.

Anonymous said...

A truly heart-spoken commentary on Israel's plight.
Well done for setting it straight.
No doubt most of the European Union's socialista M.P's would be happy if Israel would just roll over and give up.
Then these cowards could continue to accommodate the rest of the Islamic Middle east and let them into the EU.
Israel is not going to roll-over, and the testing time is ahead, and it will be very interesting to see how the new US President sizes up.
I don't yet expect much from him, but then we shall see his true colours in this matter.
God Bless Israel and her People.
Thanks for letting us know about this man Ronen, his blog seems well worth studying.

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year, Lionheart, and all your readers.
We shall meet again, for the sake of auld lang sine.
May this year of 2009 see the truth emerging ever-clearer.
Like the pangs of birth, it will not be easy for many people to take on board the horrors that await us should we fail to halt the march of the jihad.
A fruitful and prosperous New Year to our growing community of aware and concerned citizenry.
It is all here on Lionheart's pages. It is all reflected on the pages of so many others, it cannot be denied.
Little by little, our Nations are waking up.
Every day the power of the dictator's and those that would enslave us is reaching it's peak.
It will all be downhill for them after that.
When we realise what freedom is, and how precious it is, and what sacrifices have been made to get near it,.. we will never let it go.
Let's be optimistic, and have good cheer. Let's have faith that we shall persevere.
Let's drink a cup of cheer, dear friends.

Anonymous said...

Watching the demo in Fort Lauderdale on You Tube and hearing the young muslim woman yelling "go back to the ovens" to the Jewish group on the other side of the road made me weep.

I wept with anger, frustration and horror that this could be openly yelled without anybody, seemingly, turning a hair. How can this be?

In return a young Jewish woman asks "Why are they so violent?".

Why is the world tolerating this hatred? Why are people in the entertainment world supporting this hatred?

What is going to happen to our world?

Anonymous said...

Well said Lionheart, well said.

R.I.P. Ronen

(from pip)

Anonymous said...

just wait till that palistinian backed manchurian candidate comes into office and you will see his hatred for Israel AND LOVE OF THE MUSLIM BEAST manifest itself.He was sponsered into college by an islamic extremist and his true colours will start to show as in his position of incredible power he works to undermine the west in the war against the beast.Obama you are a mask moslem and we all know you will act as such,a few red herrings here and there to make it look like you support the fight against the moor and the creep of sharia into the civilised world but in the end your loyalty to the barbarian moor will show through,you will be unable to support Israel against terror as deep down you follow the command of the koran not to rest till ther are no mre jews left alive.So all praise to Isreal in taking action against the liars of hamas and to George Bush on his worthy stance on the conflict

Anonymous said...

Most of the non-moonbat UK blogosphere has been positive to the conflict in Gaza but of course there has been numerous anti-Semitic posts as well trying to defend the terrorists.

Reading these and having spent a few times in that unholy snake- pit, the Guardians commentisfree site, I can't help but feel that here in the UK, there is a closet love for Islam with the nations intellectual elite akin to that of the Nazi sympathisers in 1930's British aristocracy.

Like their 1930's counterparts, they see Islam as a way of controlling the lower orders, whom they fear as every elite does who by nature want to keep hold of power, through divide and conquer tactics as detailed in LH's blog. They look on Moslems with envy as they are easily controlled by their community leaders and wish they could do the same.

They curry favour with them by throwing them a few bones by showing their anti-Semitism which they usually keeps hidden and support their causes in the Middle East.

Our elite need to beware, the Moslems have their own agenda and will bite the hand that feeds it.

Ana Rebecca1027 said...

Thank you for another informative and interesting post, your words resonate so well. I was very moved to read of Tsafir Ronen. I shall not forget him. An important warrior and crusader to Israel. I will pass along his story and I would like my friends to read about him. Thank you Paul.
Your friend from across the Pond,